• Dunn & Granderson Look To Make MLB History

    Posted by on September 28th, 2012 · Comments (2)

    In the history of big league baseball, there’s never been a player with 40+ homeruns in a season who had a batting average below .230.

    But, if Curtis Granderson and Adam Dunn keep up their pace this season, they will become the first two players to ever go 40+/and below two-thirty:

    Rk Player SO HR BA Year Age Tm G PA BB OBP SLG
    1 Adam Dunn 212 41 .208 2012 32 CHW 146 628 103 .338 .481
    2 Curtis Granderson 189 40 .227 2012 31 NYY 154 656 72 .316 .481
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    Comments on Dunn & Granderson Look To Make MLB History

    1. EHawk
      September 28th, 2012 | 10:44 am

      Its crazy to see how low Grandy’s BA is this year. I mean with Dunn you figure it cause he is slow but Dunn actually has a decent OBP considering how low his average is. YOu’d think with Granderson’s speed he’d have to have a higher average!

    2. Raf
      September 29th, 2012 | 9:59 am

      @ EHawk:
      With both batters, they don’t make much contact, but when they hit the ball, it stays hit.

      Don’t know what happened to Dunn, at least he’d work out a walk every so often.

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