• Would Girardi Ever Bench A-Rod & Tex, Start Chavez & Ibanez?

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    It’s the “ez” question…

    Say the Yankees get into a post-season series this year and it’s down to the last, sudden death, game.  And, suppose that Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira were brutal in the series up to that point.  Make it really bad where they both are hitting under .150 in the series with six strikeouts each and a couple of GIDPs a piece.

    O.K., got that?  And, now, let’s say the team the Yankees are facing in that final game is starting a right-handed pitcher.

    Given this scenario, would Joe Girardi bench A-Rod and Tex, have Nick Swisher play first base and Eric Chavez play third base, and start an outfield of Raul Ibanez, Curtis Granderson and Ichiro Suzuki? (And, yes, I know, you would still have to D.H. somebody else that day.)

    You know that Billy Martin would have made a move like this – see Reggie Jackson in the 1977 ALCS. And, we know that Joe Torre would make a move like this – see Wade Boggs and Tino Martinez in the 1996 World Series. But, would Joe Girardi make a move like this?

    I doubt it. But, if the circumstances were as pitched, and he did it, I would not question it. And, I probably would applaud it.

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    1. redbug
      October 3rd, 2012 | 6:07 pm

      He should do this tonight. But he won’t.

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