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    Posted by on October 11th, 2012 · Comments (0)

    Lost in the shadow of what happened in Yankee Stadium last night, the Oakland A’s had a super game on the west coast.

    So, along with the Giants & Reds, the A’s and Tigers are going to Game 5.

    And, I would love to see the Nationals win today as well – and force a Game 5 with St. Louis.

    Why? If the Yankees should lose today, and the Nats win, that means the Yankees game will be at 5 PM on Friday. And, since I have tickets, it would be nice to see the game and not get home in the early hours of Saturday morning. Plus, how cool would it be if all four LDS series went five games?

    But, that said, as a Yankees fan, I would rather see them win in four games than go there tomorrow. It’s better for the team – because then Sabathia can start Game 1 of the ALCS. And, besides, in a Game 5, anything can happen. It’s no different than the one-game wildcard playoff situation. And, who wants that?

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