• MLB Down In Miami Checking Out Bosch Notes

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    Via Tom Verducci today –

    The notebooks reported to belong to Florida wellness clinician Tony Bosch connect New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez to a staggering array of drugs and supplements to be used literally morning, noon and night and through multiple delivery systems, including lozenges, creams and injections. Those notes, parts of which the Miami New Times have published online, provide the road map Major League Baseball investigators have begun to follow.

    A contingent of MLB officials met in Miami on Monday with New Times staff members to learn more about the notebooks, how they were acquired, the names of other players not named in the report and the possibility of the New Times turning over those documents.

    Investigators also intend to follow Bosch’s notes to see if they lead to corroborating evidence, such as receipts for plane trips and overnight packages, according to a source close to the investigation. The source said investigators also are tracking packages tied to Juan Nunez, a player confidante who formerly worked for agents Sam and Seth Levinson and who was a co-conspirator with Melky Cabrera of a web site scam staged after a failed drug test by Cabrera last year.

    New Times editor Chuck Strouse confirmed MLB officials asked for the notebooks and logs but that the publication had not yet decided about how to respond to the request. “We are deliberating,” he said.

    Strouse said the publication has received only one response from legal representatives of any of the named persons in the report — and that was what he termed an “aggressive letter” questioning whether the report violated federal HIPAA laws, which are designed to protect patient privacy under care of health care providers.

    The notebooks contain a trove of information from 2009-12, especially about Rodriguez and a suggested volume of doping almost unheard of in baseball. The documents released by the New Times connect Rodriguez to at least 19 drugs and supplements, including the banned substances testosterone, HGH and IGF-1, and define one doping regimen that includes as many 19 injections: four subcutaneous injections of IGF-1, nine shots of CJC (a growth hormone releasing hormone) and GHRP (growth hormone releasing peptide), and six shots of HGH at 2.5 international units.

    Rodriguez, through a statement, has denied being treated by Bosch and characterized the documents as “not legitimate.” Bosch has issued a statement denying an association with the named players.

    If baseball is smart, they won’t let this drag out. Better to get it done, and over, as fast as possible. And, then, let the play on the field be the stories that you read about – as far as baseball is concerned.

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    1. Raf
      February 6th, 2013 | 6:52 pm

      Honestly, I’m a bit surprised more reporters aren’t looking into this. Or maybe they are and I haven’t been paying attention?

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