• What’s The Big Deal About Interlague Play In 2013?

    Posted by on February 18th, 2013 · Comments (0)

    With the Astros moving to the A.L. this season, every team in the major leagues will now play 76 games against division rivals, 66 against non-division league teams and 20 inter-league games in 2013.

    Those 20 inter-league games will be played in eight series: four at home and four on the road. Inter-league series featuring “natural rivals” (like the Yankees and the Mets) will include back-to-back two-game series spanning both cities/parks.

    Therefore, this season, every team in the majors will have 10 somewhat atypical games for them this year where they will have to play without their D.H. (if they are an American League team) or where their pitcher will have to face a D.H. (if they are a National League team). And, some people are freaked over this notion. But, why?

    Before 2013, teams woulds visit teams from the other league about 9 times a year. And, no one was adversely impacted by that schedule. So, what’s the big deal that it will now happen one more time in 2013?

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