• Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente And…

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    …you tell me.

    Who was the first great player from the Dominican Republic who opened to doors for talent from that country the way that Jackie did for his race and Roberto did for players from Puerto Rico?

    Was it Felipe Alou, Juan Marichal, Rico Carty or Cesar Cedeno?

    Or, was it someone like Pedro Guerrero in the late ’70’s or Julio Franco in the late ’80s – because then, after them, you really started to see a lot of players from the D.R. showing up in the majors?

    What do you think?

    I would guess, without seeing the data, that at least 10% of the players in the majors today are from the Dominican Republic.  And, I seem to recall once hearing that 25% of the players in the minor leagues are from there as well.

    Do you think we’ll ever see a day where more than 25% of the players in  the big leagues were from the D.R.?  And, when that happens, how will it impact the game?

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    1. Raf
      March 19th, 2013 | 2:24 pm

      I would’ve thought that it would be a shortstop (from San Pedro de Macoris, of course), if not a relief pitcher with a strong arm, but scattershot control. 😛

      And Jheri curls.

      IIRC, it seemed that Toronto had a lot of players from the DR in their system, if not on the roster.

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