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    He is excited about the team even though they are facing some adversity due to injuries. He said there are no plans or thoughts or discussion about selling the Yankees. He said the deal with FOX on YES is going to bring good things to YES – and that Goldman wanted to get out. So, it made sense. They still have control on the broadcast.

    Hal said that they are committed as a family to own the Yankees for a the long-term.

    He said the A-Rod investigation is not theirs, it’s MLB, and he’s wait and see like everyone else.

    Regarding Cano, he said the weeks ahead will determine how the talks go with Boras.

    About getting under the luxury tax bar, Hal said that there are several reasons to get under it for 2014 – most importantly that you don’t need a $200 million payroll to win a championship. The goal is to be under $189 million – but, it doesn’t trump the goal to be a championship caliber goal. Yet, he noted that every other team can win a ring and be under $200 million.

    Back to this season, he said the free agent market was not great this year. So, they focused on pitching and getting Pettitte, Kuroda and Rivera back.

    Hal said that they expect Vernon Wells to have a bounce back year and be a good player for the Yankees.

    On tickets, Steinbrenner said that ticket sales are coming around. And, they are trying to keep their season ticket holders happy. He said they have given the secondary ticket market a lot of thought and that’s why they created the Ticket Exchange – to help fans sell their tickets safely and for less, if they want.

    Talking about the Yankees farm system, he said that the pitching pipeline has been good. And, the next couple of years for position players will be tricky…but they will have to deal with it.

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