• Report: A-Rod Asked Bosch For Help During ALCS

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    Via ESPN

    A previously elusive figure in the Biogenesis performance-enhancing drug scandal has spoken out, saying clinic founder Anthony Bosch paid a visit to Alex Rodriguez during last year’s ALCS after the New York Yankees slugger sought his help amid a 1-for-9 slump.

    Porter Fischer, who was been described in some clinic documents as being a marketing director before having an apparent falling out with Bosch last year, also told the Miami New Times in a story published on the weekly newspaper’s website that MLB paid him $5,000 for clinic records he turned over to the league in their investigation of the clinic’s South Florida reach.

    Sources have told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that Fischer left Biogenesis of America in September. Fischer, two sources said, had invested $20,000 in the company, but grew disenchanted with Bosch and demanded his money. The sources said Bosch eventually paid Fischer the $20,000, but refused to pay an additional $4,000 that Fischer said he was owed.

    Bosch informed Rodriguez that Fischer was threatening to expose the operation, and Rodriguez gave Bosch at least $4,000 “to make it go away,” the sources said.

    MLB investigators have found some of Fischer’s information as it relates to Rodriguez credible, sources have told ESPN.

    According to the New Times report, Fischer also said he took Biogenesis documents and in January supplied them to the New Times — which later broke the Biogenesis story — to spite Bosch over the money he felt he was owed. Fischer also said an MLB investigator offered him $10,000 more if he handed over the remaining documents he says he had taken from the clinic.

    “My safety is worth $15,000?” Fischer asked the MLB investigator before refusing, according to the report. He also declined further offers he said, including a weekly $1,000 for playing a role as a “consultant” for a year and a final solicitation of $125,000 to sign an affidavit and supply the rest of the documents in his possession.

    Fischer said he was also told MLB was going to sue Bosch and his former associates for “tortious interference” involving the league’s collective bargaining agreement in place with the players’ union. Major League Baseball filed that lawsuit in March and have has secured a cooperative agreement with Bosch, in return for which he will not be targeted in the legal action.

    The Yankees, meanwhile, when contacted by the New York Daily News, say they had no knowledge of Bosch’s presence in Detroit at the American League Championship Series.

    Remind me again, which one was A-Rod?

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    1. Ricketson
      June 19th, 2013 | 12:30 pm

      Steve L. wrote:

      Remind me again, which one was A-Rod?

      In Game 1, A-Rod was the one batting after the 39-year old D.H. that hit 2 homeruns in a 3-2 win (Game 3) of the preceding 5-game A.L.D.S series, and before the right-fielder Cashman picked up in a salary dump trade that completed his 4-year tenure with the team with the lowest-career postseason batting avg. in franchise history.

      He was also the one who passed a note to a model in the stands after his removal from the lineup in the 8th inning dating Torrie Wilson at the time.

      In Game 2, A-Rod was the one batting after the catcher who hit .211 for the season and .143 in the series, and before the center-fielder who hit .232 for the season, and struck out a franchise-record 195 times in the same season, and .000 in the series.

      In Games 3 and 4, A-Rod and the aforementioned center-fielder were not in the starting line-up.

      There was no Game 5.

    2. June 19th, 2013 | 12:33 pm

      @ Ricketson:

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