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    Posted by on September 29th, 2013 · Comments (4)

    Somebody is going to get him – and, he’s a good GM.

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    1. Corey
      September 29th, 2013 | 9:14 am

      What makes you say hes a good gm? Trading miguel cabrera for nothing? Trading hanley for nothing?

    2. Evan3457
      September 29th, 2013 | 10:50 am

      Well, first of all, Nathan Eovaldi looks like he’s going to be a pretty good pitcher, so he didn’t trade Hanley for nothing, if that turns out to be the case. Hanley was a “team cancer” dump deal, coming off the worst season of his career and in the middle of another bad one and feuding with his manager at the same time, so it’s not surprsing Beinfest couldn’t get a ton for him.

      The trade for Miguel Cabrera is a different issue. That’s one a salary dump; that is, Loria simply isn’t going to pay any player the big money (unless he does it for Stanton to “prove everyone wrong” as he did before 2012 signing Reyes, Heath Bell, and Buerhle; which lasted all of a year). In the trade, Beinfest got the Tigers’ two best prospects, and two players rated in the top 10 of Baseball America’s top 100 prospects in the off-season of 2006-7. Maybin was in the top 10 three years’ running, in fact. But the development on the two was not nearly complete at the time of the trade, and sometimes, even good prospects don’t develop.

      Beinfest, in my opinion, has a decent record as a GM, especially considering he’s had no money to work with. If the Yankees are intent on firing Cashman, or bumping him upstairs or sideways or just out of the way, they could do a lot worse than Beinfest. Leaving Levine in charge, for example.

    3. Corey
      September 29th, 2013 | 11:25 am

      @ Evan3457:
      So you want to give him money so he can sign Buerhle, Reyes, Bell and trade for Ozzie and the big Z?

    4. Evan3457
      September 30th, 2013 | 1:50 pm

      Corey wrote:

      @ Evan3457:
      So you want to give him money so he can sign Buerhle, Reyes, Bell and trade for Ozzie and the big Z?

      I would think that those were Loria-directed moves, inasmuch as Beinfest never did anything like that before, and Loria has assumed greater and greater control over player personnel the last couple of seasons.

      He’ll meet the same fate that most meddling owners meet.

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