• Cashman’s State Of The 2013 Yankees Press Conference

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    1. Kamieniecki
      October 1st, 2013 | 4:01 pm

      “Cashman: ‘We have a lot of problems we need to attack.’ Mentioned starting rotation specifically, then left side of infield.”

      What’s the problem with the starting rotation? 2/5ths of it are already set, and Bartolo Colon is once again available as a free agent. And the left side of the infield has 39 years of Major League baseball experience – the most experience of any infield left side in the past century.

      “Cash: Tex will be back, will have to knock some serious rust off in ST but he should be fine”

      Good news: hopefully Tex’s four-year decline will pick up right where it left off…

      “Hiroki Kuroda is a free agent, but Cashman said the Yankees would love to have him back.”

      Is there a chance Kuroda can convince Igawa to come back too?

      “Cashman: Michael Pineda finished the year healthy. Will compete for a job next spring, has minor league options remaining.”

      If he’s not incarcerated. Compete with what competition, and for what job?

      “Cashman: an 85 win team is not Yankee standards”

      The Yankees had better: 1. get a new G.M. or prepare to spend more than $236.5 million in payroll per season; or 2. adopt new standards.

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