• If Cano Wants The Money, Seattle Is Offering

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    Via Jon Heyman

    According to a source, the Mariners may be about to offer a $225-million, nine-year deal to superstar Robinson Cano in their strong effort to lure the longtime Yankee away from New York.

    The Yankees are said to be willing to go to $175 million, if they’re not there yet, and Yankees people have suggested many times they have no plans to top $200 million. So Seattle is giving it a good shot.

    The Mariners were said by a source to have “bumped” a first bid of around $200 million, and one person familiar with the talks said they intended to be $50 million above the Yankees, who are known to be drawing the line at around $175 million.

    Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes reported the Mariners were willing to go to $230 million or even $240 million, so perhaps they would boost their $225-million idea. The Mariners understand they have to be well above the Yankees to get him to move nearly 3,000 miles, but they are said to have some limits, so they aren’t expected to hit the $260-million figure Cano asked of the Yankees.

    Still, $225 million is a big deal, with an AAV above Albert Pujols’ $24-million Angels salary, and among the very top in baseball history.

    “I think they’ve got to blow him away,” one connected Mariners person said. “They’ve got to make an offer he can’t refuse.”

    Cano is reportedly on his way to Seattle to meet with the Mariners after letting his agents, including Brodie Van Wagenen, handle the first meeting, according to Rojas and Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports.com. That could be a good sign for Seattle.

    Interesting situation for Cano and Jay-Z, eh?

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