• Olbermann Lets Loose On The Yankees

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    1. rankdog
      December 6th, 2013 | 3:40 am

      He makes a lot of valid points. My perspective, so long as ownership is willing to bust the budget, I don’t care if they overpay for non elite players.

      If they go out and get some starting pitching (Feldman, Kuroda please)and lock up Cano, they have decent shot to contend.

      If you are going to do a budget, clear the slate. Rebuild your scouting department starting at the top. Hire a GM who is has a knack for talent development. Clear the roster at the top of medicore/aging talent. Build a core through the draft then augment it with FA signings, international signings, and key trades to address weak areas from your depth.

      Its ludicrous to try and rely on a farm system when your organization is piss poor at developing talent or procuring draft picks because you are constantly signing Type A free agents.

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