• Will Tanaka Choose The Desert Over Gotham?

    Posted by on December 11th, 2013 · Comments (3)

    If Masahiro Tanaka gets posted, where will he go?

    Supposedly, under the new rules, the Japanese team posting a free agent will be able to name a posting fee up to $20 million. At that point, all interested teams will agree to the posting fee, and the free agent in question will then be allowed to negotiate with the teams that have consented to the specific fee. (However, only the team that signs the free agent will owe the posting fee to the player’s former NBP club.)

    So, it’s a bidding war with the player, if you’re willing to ante up $20 million to play.

    The Diamondbacks are reportedly hot for Tanaka. Ditto the Yankees, who have payroll issues.

    This could be interesting.

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    1. ahrmon
      December 11th, 2013 | 8:44 pm

      Would the Yankees offer him 6 years/100 million? And if so, would that even be enough to get it done?

      Now excuse me, I have Kei Igawa and Hideki Irabu highlights to watch (it’s a 12 second long YouTube video).

    2. Mr. October
      December 11th, 2013 | 9:32 pm

      ahrmon wrote:

      Would the Yankees offer him 6 years/100 million?

      The organization is essentially at the $189 million luxury tax threshold, and would only be able to pay Tanaka 6 years/$100 million and remain under it with Rodriguez’s suspension upheld for at least 150 games in 2014.

      In other words, there was no way it was ever going to put a “championship-caliber” team on the field without a contract like Rodriguez’s coming off the books – it might not be a championship-caliber team with Tanaka.

    3. Mr. October
      December 12th, 2013 | 10:28 pm

      “… As for the holes in their rotation, it might be Tanaka or bust…

      … M.L.B. and Nippon Professional Baseball have not finalized an agreement on the posting system [and] the president of Tanaka’s current team said Tuesday that it was no certainty the club would post Tanaka…

      That would leave [Cashman] searching for another arm…. ‘I’d like to climb as high on the board as I can get, but that’s unrealistic,’ Cashman said. ‘I just may have to settle for something better than what I’ve got, and that may not be realistic. We’re just going through the motions, trying to figure it out…’

      If Cashman is unable to find the right arm to fill out his rotation, he might be forced to sort through the free-agent scrap heap again…”


      Unbelievable. This is how you build “championship caliber” teams: by going through the motions of trying to figure out how to fill out your rotation, and sorting through a scrap heap, if necessary.

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