• A-Rod’s Publicist Now In The Spotlight

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    Via TMZ

    Alex Rodriguez’ expensive publicist is sneakily trying to torpedo MLB’s case to suspend A-Rod over his alleged steroid usage … so says MLB … and now the league wants the court to hold the publicist in contempt.

    MLB just filed legal docs in A-Rod’s ongoing appeal of his 211-game suspension for using banned substances, claiming the Yankees star’s publicist is refusing to fly from L.A. to New York to testify in the case … despite a subpoena ordering him to do so.

    According to the docs, Michael Sitrick doesn’t want to fly 2,400 miles because it would be “overly burdensome and unfair” … even though Sitrick’s PR company has an office there.

    Sitrick’s people have offered to make him available via video chat, but MLB is demanding he appear in person.

    A judge has since ruled that Sitrick MUST comply with the subpoena … so Sitrick has filed an appeal of his own in federal court, asking to be excused from flying to NYC. Now, MLB wants a judge to hold Sitrick in contempt and fine him for every day he refuses to show up.

    The arbitrator in A-Rod’s appeal must make a decision ASAP — whether to uphold, overturn, or reduce his suspension — but MLB officials think Sitrick is trying to run down the clock … in order to force the arbitrator to make a ruling without his testimony.

    Although Sitrick said he’d appear by video chat … ya gotta think he knew MLB lawyers would never accept that — so he gets to look like the good guy, while effectively stalling.

    As a publicist, Sitrick has a lot to lose by testifying — if other clients start to think he’s a blabbermouth, his business could take a major hit.

    Oy vey.

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