• Carsten “Chumley” Sabathia?

    Posted by on December 27th, 2013 · Comments (0)

    I recently had a chance to speak with a current major league (right-handed) hitter. He offered that the two toughest pitchers he had to face were Justin Masterson and CC Sabathia. On Masterson, he said that his stuff was filthy and his arm angle and release point were pure misery. On Sabathia, he made an uncomfortable face and shared, “When he’s out there on the mound, he’s just so big, it’s like a walrus is throwing the ball at you.”

    Yes, Maddog. It’s a true story.

    Hmmm…maybe CC should put the weight back on?

    And, for the kiddie’s, here’s a clip starring Brian Cashman as Mr. Whoopee…

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