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    Meet Mike Fish. The former Siena College star outfielder signed a contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim just days after he was drafted by the team in the 32nd round last year. (Yes, there was talk of the Angles someday having Fish and Trout in the same outfield!) As a senior in college, he was the MAAC Player of the Year. In the minors this season, he tore apart the Rookie League.

    Here’s some more about him:

    You know, it’s not impossible for a 32rd round draft pick to make the majors. Joey Gathright did it. But, it’s extremely rare.

    This stuff always amazes me. You can get a guy like Fish who can dominate at the D-I level in college and excel at the introductory level of professional baseball. Yet, there are so many ahead of him in terms of how teams view prospects. The lesson? The guys who make it to the majors are really, really, good.

    That said, I will be rooting for Fish. If he makes it, what a wonderful story it would be…

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