• Cashman Needs To Keep Winning

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    The bigger question is why he’s not on the hot seat yet.

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    1. Mr. October
      January 20th, 2014 | 3:48 pm

      Cashman belongs in several GM Job Security Tiers:

      Ain’t Gettin’ Fired
      “Three-fold blend of long-running success, soundness of process and relationship with ownership that either has or could lead to club President status.”
      Cashman ain’t gettin’ fired – he has a relationship with Hal Steinbrenner and his family that goes back years. He’ll be promoted, or assigned a different position, but he ain’t gettin’ fired… And any blend of long-running success and soundess of process is a different story, and totally inapplicable.

      Safe, But Not Contending
      “Has a strong track record/reputation that took on a rebuild and/or have a strong relationship with ownership.”
      Cashman ain’t gettin’ fired, and the Yankees don’t have the pitching to contend for an AL Championship.

      Needs A Strong Year
      “If they have a season that doesn’t meet expectations, then they could end up on the hot seat, but have accumulated the talent and/or loyalty from ownership to buy some time. This also ended up as the landing spot for guys with some disagreement in the industry about their job security.”
      This team might not get to the post-season for the 2nd straight year; if it does, it doesn’t have the pitching to meet any expectations of winning in the post-season. Cashman will receive more criticism in the media, but he ain’t gettin’ fired.

      On The Hot Seat
      “This isn’t as ominous of a term as it is with football coaches, but these GMs need to beat expectations this year to ensure they’re still running the club in 2015.”
      With $655 mil. spent from 2012-14, he SHOULD be on the hotseat to field a team that improves on a .490 post-season WPCT. from 2005-13 in 2014, or a team that wins at least an LDS, but he won’t be on one with Hal if this team doesn’t win anything in 2014, as long as it gets close to 90 wins.

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