• A-Rod Not Out Of The Woods Yet, Buyout Coming?

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    So says Bill Madden

    And then there’s A-Rod (“It was disgusting. . . . the fact that the man from Milwaukee that put this suspension on me without one bit of evidence, something I didn’t do.”), who now proclaims to be looking at his year-long suspension as a “favor” from MLB, affording him a welcome vacation from the 20-year “grind” of mental and physical preparation that included an extensive regimen of testosterone and HGH injections. At a promotional appearance last week for a gym he supports in Mexico, A-Rod said he was looking forward to returning in 2015 and hoped “to play very well and finish my career in New York.” Just like he knew he had cheated, knew baseball, in fact, had the evidence against him, A-Rod knows playing baseball again for the Yankees — or anyone else — is pure fantasy on his part. His skills have eroded, and his body in the last couple of years was betraying him with the drugs. What does he expect to be after a year without them?

    And make no mistake, MLB is not done with him yet. While he’s mentally and physically resting, he can expect frequent visits from the MLB drug-sample collectors. And, just in case he still hasn’t read the Joint Drug Agreement provisions, if he should fail a drug test, that’ll be grounds for permanent expulsion from the game. When Selig last summer threatened to take matters into his own hands and suspend A-Rod for life for conduct detrimental to baseball, he believed he had sufficient evidence to do so. But his advisers talked him out of it for fear it would rile up the Players’ Association and upset the delicate spirit of cooperation between MLB and the union on the drug issue. But that was before A-Rod decided to sue the union, too. What kind of support do you think he can expect from the union now on any grievance issue?

    And speaking of that, MLB and the Yankees are looking into a reported advertisement for that gym in Mexico in which A-Rod is said to be wearing a Yankee cap. If so, he neglected to get permission from either the Yankees or MLB Licensing and will be subject to a substantial fine.

    Meanwhile, Hal Steinbrenner called A-Rod “a great player” and “obviously an asset” last week when asked about his disgraced, fallen star’s future with the Yankees. These are the kind of disingenuous things you have to say in the face of more potential litigation from A-Rod and his handlers at even a hint the Yankees might be looking for a way out of his contract. Ultimately, there will be a buyout because A-Rod knows he won’t be able to play, especially without his regimen.

    I wonder how often they will test A-Rod now? Then again, the tests don’t do a great job at catching these guys.

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    1. Mr. October
      January 20th, 2014 | 3:55 pm

      I went to graduate school with a gentleman who was a senior testing manager with the Association of National Anti-Doping Organizations, and he had a lot to say about the ridiculous “he/she never failed a test” argument, the difficulty in catching these guys, and the challenges on the horizon with new generations of these drugs coming into existence…

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