• Keri: Yanks To Go 84-78

    Posted by on March 31st, 2014 · Comments (2)

    Read all about it.

    Every where you turn, folks are predicting the Yankees to be around an 86-win team this year. The whole world can’t be wrong, can they?

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    1. The Sandman
      March 31st, 2014 | 4:51 pm
    2. Evan3457
      April 1st, 2014 | 2:38 am

      For an opposing point of view (from John Harper’s column Monday evening in the Daily News):

      With that in mind, I asked three major-league scouts before spring training for their range of prospective victories for this team, low end to high end. The lows were 81, 82, and 84; the highs were 89, 92, and 93, respectively.

      At the end of spring training, after each of those scouts had seen quite a bit of the Yankees, their ranges changed somewhat. The revised lows are 84, 84, and 85; the highs are 92, 94, and 95.

      Avg of the 3 scouts, before spring training
      Low: 82.3 High: 91.3 Avg: 86.8

      After spring training
      Low: 84.3 High: 93.7 Avg: 89.

      The three scouts think the Yanks look like an 87-90 win team. So do I.
      We’ll see.

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