• Gleyber Torres, Second Baseman?

    Posted by on December 7th, 2016 · Comments (1)

    Reportedly, a lot of scouts who watched the AFL this year feel that, in the long-term, Gleyber Torres will end up as a second baseman.

    This is interesting.

    The Yankees already moved Jorge Mateo towards second. Maybe he could end up as an outfielder with his speed?

    But, what about the Yankees future shortstop? They’ve already moved Tyler Wade into a utility type role. Kyle Holder, while 22, has yet to prove that he can even hit Double-A pitching.

    And, what about Nick Solak? Granted, he’s also far, far, away. But, does this push him to third?

    Of course, you still have Didi Gregorius for another three years. But, he’s yet to post a major league season with an OPS+ better than 97. And, the sabermetric stats tell us that he was not a great fielding SS last season. Don’t be shocked if he plays himself out of town next season or the one after.

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    1. Greg H.
      December 7th, 2016 | 12:33 pm

      They have a lot of young guys that might be able to move through the system quickly. Makes sense to see what they have before committing to a certain position(s)? The SS situation is interesting. Maybe they see Mateo more of a SS or OF because of his athleticism, and Gleyber has the better bat. Didi works out as the perfect placeholder, especially if he keeps progressing.

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