• Who Had A Better “Yankees” Career, A-Rod Or Willie Randolph?

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    Rk Player WAR/pos From To Age G PA R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SH SF SB BA OBP SLG
    8 Alex Rodriguez 54.2 2004 2016 28-40 1509 6520 1012 1580 263 9 351 1096 779 0 60 152 .283 .378 .523
    9 Willie Randolph 53.7 1976 1988 21-33 1694 7464 1027 1731 259 58 48 549 1005 75 54 251 .275 .374 .357
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    Retire #30 before even thinking about #13!

    Comments on Who Had A Better “Yankees” Career, A-Rod Or Willie Randolph?

    1. Evan3457
      January 7th, 2017 | 8:36 pm

      Well, Rodriguez’ 13 years includes his decline; Randolph’s doesn’t.
      It it includes two MVP Awards and 2.07 MVP shares. Randolph has just 0.04 shares.
      It includes 7 All-Star selections to Randolph’s 4.
      It includes 1 season in which Randolph led the Yanks in bWAR. Rodriguez had 4.

      So, really, Rodriguez was more valuable on the field.

      I don’t think we have to worry about the Yanks retiring either of their numbers for a long while to come.

    2. KPOcala
      January 13th, 2017 | 6:07 am

      Bill James has long argued that Randolph, and definitely Bobby Grich were so valuable that the HOF was probably justifiable (moreso with Grich). He really had a great career, without some of the sexy numbers associated with the HOF. I have to say that SABR really brought players such as Grich, Randolph, Ted Simmons, Dwight Evans, Trammel and Whitaker, and many other players who “shoulda/coulda” made the Hall. Posada, who looks to fall off the ballot shows how stupid the sportswriters are, well HAVE been. And if Bonds and ARod gets in, then why not Palmero, and pals? He also had the “numbers”, and was a terrific first baseman for most of his career. And why not just drag Joe Jackson out of the Box, and Pete Rose? Meanwhile, Raines has been held off because of some cocaine issues during part of his career. What a joke……………..

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