• Moose

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    Mike Mussina pitched in 537 big league games – all but one as a starter. 157 were in Camden Yards. 136 were in Yankee Stadium. 27 were Fenway Park. 23 were in Toronto. 18 were in the old Homerdome in Minny. And, 10 were in old Tiger Stadium. That’s 69% of his games pitching in parks that were hitter friendly. Oh, and, his also had two games in Coors Field, and, 6 in the old Kingdome, for what it’s worth. That would push the number to 70% of his career total in hitter’s parks. Lastly, he pitched from 1991 through 2008. That’s 14 of 18 years where it was PED city in MLB without a policy against it. That’s why his ERA was 3.68 for his career. There’s no question that he deserved to be in Cooperstown.

    Chase Utley

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    Last year, Chase played for LA for a whopping total of $2 million bucks. Granted, he’s a SoCal guy and this was in his backyard. But, man, that was cheap.

    By most reports, the dude is a pro’s pro and a leader in the clubhouse. Sure, he is old. But, he’s got a Yankee Stadium swing and could be an excellent piece for the Yankees at 2B in terms of transitioning someone in.

    I would love to see it happen. But, I am the only one thinking about it.

    And, Here Comes Gardner

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    There’s a very good chance that Brett Gardner could someday bump Donnie Baseball out of the Top 25 Yankees team picture. Crazy…I know. (Thanks to Baseball-Reference.com for the mugshots.)