• USS Mariner: The Yankees And Lying And The Yankees Lying

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    From the USS Mariner WRT the Yanks as related to the Washburn trade. Granted, the authors have an anti-Yankee slant, which goes back to before 1995 (and was cemented after the Nelson/Martinez salary dump deal after that season) but the article still is worth a read.

    USS Mariner linky

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    RHP IPK making progress in Tampa

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    Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

    The right-hander, who underwent surgery on May 12 to remove an aneurysm from beneath his right biceps, made 50 throws at 90 feet to minor league coach Dan Borrell on Friday.

    I don’t think he’ll come back as quickly as Cone did in 1996, but at least he’s that much closer to returning.

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