• Pin The Tail On The Pineda

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    Over his last 158 regular season innings, Michael Pineda has an ERA of 5.47 (in 28 games).

    The guy is not good.

    Goodness, if you are not going to send him down, at the least, make him wear his cap correctly.

    Starlin Castro, Cooling Off

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    April/March 22 87 82 4 25 4 3 12 5 11 .305 .345 .488 40
    May 14 58 55 7 13 4 1 3 2 10 .236 .276 .364 20
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    Generated 5/17/2016.


    Same thing happened last year:

    April/March 20 20 86 83 9 27 1 2 12 3 13 .325 .349 .410
    May 28 28 121 113 8 25 3 1 12 6 24 .221 .264 .274
    June 26 25 109 102 8 25 2 2 11 4 13 .245 .284 .343
    July 25 24 98 94 7 16 3 0 9 3 21 .170 .194 .202
    August 25 16 73 71 6 21 7 1 4 2 7 .296 .315 .437
    Sept/Oct 27 20 91 84 14 31 7 5 21 3 13 .369 .400 .655
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 5/17/2016.



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    No, it’s not “What four people have never been in my kitchen?”

    It’s the Yankees pitchers used in a game on May 16th 2016.

    Seriously. Those four names. Half way into the second month of the season. Ouch.

    The Last 10 Games

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    7-3, can’t ask for more than that, right? And, it’s against good teams (this year): Red Sox, Royals and White Sox.

    What’s the secret? Well, the bullpen has been a huge help. And, in their last 10 games, the Yankees have allowed ZERO unearned runs. So, the defense has a big hand here as well. Lastly, believe it or not, Chase Headley has been a huge part of it. In this run, his OPS is close to 1.000, and, that’s amazing. Ditto Aaron Hicks. Throw in a bunch of walks for Gardner, a lot of RBI for McCann and Didi, and some homers from Beltran.

    Can they keep it up? Time will tell.

    The State Of The 2016 Yankees Starting Pitching Staff

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    Dung Heap

    On The Mark?

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    Mark Teixeira has 3 homeruns in his first 30 games for the Yankees this season.

    My 12-year old son has 3 homeruns in his first 8 games of his Little League season this year.

    Tex has 123 PA in his first 30 games. My son has 30 PA in his first 8 games.

    I’m just saying…

    Which Will Come First?

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    The Yankees 10th win this season or their 20th loss of the year?  Which will come first?

    One win needed.  Three losses to go.

    They almost have to win ten before they lose twenty, right?

    A-Rod’s New Number: .242

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    Yes, in his last 790 big league At Bats, Alex Rodriguez has a batting average of .242.

    That’s his new benchmark. Nearly 800 ABs is a fair sample size.

    That’s the best you can expect from A-Rod these days. He’s a two-forty hitter.

    Why the Yankees don’t bat him lower in the line-up is because they have so many other guys who stink. But, in reality, on a good team, he should be batting 7th in the line-up (and not batting 3rd or 5th, where they usually have him hit).

    Of course, it’s all moot now since he’s disabled.

    Cash Babbles, Takes No Responsibility For Yanks Start

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    Via the Post:

    “We urgently need to stop the bleeding now,” [Yankees GM Brian] Cashman said Monday in a telephone interview. “We’ve been saying that. We’re working towards that.”

    “We’ll continue to do the work necessary to put ourselves in position to succeed, and eventually that worm will turn. In the event things don’t turn, I’m going to have to make it turn and be forced to do things that weren’t part of the game plan, whatever that would be,” Cashman said. “The best answer would come from this mix of players.”

    This mix of players has largely been terrible, as Cashman acknowledged.

    “It was a horrific month of April,” he said. “In almost every category, we underperformed individually and collectively. Most of the players have not reached their expectations. That’s why our record is one of the worst in the game.”

    The players are failing. Yet, Cashman takes no ownership on being the one who chose these players. The game plan has failed. Yet, Cashman doesn’t take ownership for being the craftsman of that game plan. All Cashman does is point fingers and make excuses. The Teflon GM strikes again.

    The Yankees Have Lost 13 Of 17

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    They currently rank next to last in wins for the American League – and they are only 1 win above being last.

    They have 15 losses in their first 23 games this season. Since 1913, only three Yankees teams have gotten off to worst starts than this year’s squad: 1913, 1991 and 1966.

    In 1913, they lost 94 games. In 1991, they lost 91 games. In 1966, they lost 89 games.

    It’s math folks. The Yankees would have to WIN SEVEN GAMES IN A ROW NOW – just to get to .500!

    Even if they played great baseball from this point out, it’s going to be a struggle to win 85 games this season.

    What a mess. Remind me again, who constructed this team? Who is responsible for ensuring that things cycle correctly to avoid situations were you have a turd like this year?


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    Hard to believe this will be ten years old on June 6th.

    3 In The Last Quarter Century

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    The Yankees have had 3 different managers in the last 25 years. How many other teams can say that?

    Can (Or Will?) The Yankees Lose 90 Games In 2016?

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    I’m starting to think it’s possible.

    The last time that happened was 1991.


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    The Yankees are 1-7 in the 8 games started by Michael Pineda and Luis Severino this season.

    It’s Time To Pull The Plug On Pineda

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    Over his last 20 starts of 2015, Michael Pineda’s ERA was 5.04 (in 114.3 IP). This season, in his first 4 starts, his ERA is 6.95 (in 22 IP).

    How much more do we need to see before people figure out that he’s not good?

    Who Is This Year’s Wang & Cano?

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    The Yankees have lost 9 of their first 14 games this season. The last time they had a start this bad was 2005 – when they also started the year at 5-9.

    That season, on April 30th 2005, Chien-Ming Wang made his big league debut. And, on May 3rd 2005, he was followed by Robinson Cano (when he got into his first major league game). That boost turned it around for the Yankees and they went on to win 95 games in 2005.

    How are the Yankees going to call up this year to give the team a much needed spark?  Anthony Swarzak and Nick Swisher? And, yes, I am kidding.

    The Worst Start Of A Girardi Yankees Team

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    Yes, 2016 is worse than last year. It’s worse than 2008. It’s worse by far than the slow start those years. In fact, it’s the only time a Girardi Yankees team has had a losing record at this point, starting the season.

    Now, it’s not his fault. Girardi didn’t build this team. However, we all know the person who constructed this roster will never be held accountable for this mess. He’s never had his feet held to the fire – albeit longer overdue.

    So, here’s the question: If it’s Memorial Day and this thing hasn’t turned around, will the Yankees lame blame and give General Joe his walking papers? He’s only got one year left on his contract after this season.

    Ben Gamel

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    At this point, I would call up Ben Gamel, cut Dustin Ackley – who serves no purpose, and have Gamel play right, move Beltran to DH and bench A-Rod.

    Face It, A-Rod Is D-O-N-E!

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    In August 2015, A-Rod batted .153 in 99 PA. In September last year, he batted .224 in 114 PA.

    This season, in the Yankees first 10 games, he’s batting .100 (in 35 PA and 8 games played).

    They only thing that can save A-Rod now whomever’s next after Anthony Galea and Anthony Bosch.

    How Bad Will This Year’s Limp Home Be?

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    In their last 99 games of 2013, the Yankees went 48-51.

    In their last 108 games of 2014, the Yankees went 55-53.

    In their last 63 games of 2015, the Yankees went 30-33.

    It’s a fact that the Yankees have not finished strong in the last 3 years. And, we’re not talking about a week or a month here. It’s more like the last 2-3 months of the season.

    Why will this year be any different? You tell me.

    Hicks, Headley & A-Rod

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    Yeah, it’s early.  But, concerning nonetheless.

    Why Do They Make It So Hard To Be A Yankees Fan?

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    Someone I know – who doesn’t follow the Yankees at all – asked me to explain the Mutant Ninja Turtles at the game thing (yesterday). So, I started with John Oliver and worked my way backwards to the “no print at home” ground zero…including the Lonn Trost on Boomer and Carton mess. In addition to the surface facts, I explained the veiled realities of what was the truth.

    The more I got into it, the wider their mouth dropped. At each disclosure and turn, I got a “Are you kidding me?”

    Once done, their reaction was “What a joke. The Yankees deserve to get fried for this. What an embarrassment.”

    As a Yankees fan, it was impossible to defend the Yankees here. Granted, it’s the suits and not the players. But, to the man in the street, there’s no separation between the two.

    How can someone walk down the street wearing a Yankees cap with pride when these bozos are always mucking it up?

    Yeah, I know what some are going to say “Dude, do you remember some of the stuff Big Stein did?” Well…of course…however, at that time, at least people pushed back. Steinbrenner was booed at Yankee Stadium in every decade of the last Yankee Stadium. While he may have done something stupid at times, at least the public perception was that Yankees fans were not in line with him when he was an embarrassment.

    That really doesn’t happen today. For some reason, the suits seem to get a buddy-pass in public. (The media tries to fillet them. But, it never creates a groundswell like in the days of “The Boss.”) And, it really makes it hard to be a Yankees fan these days.

    Who Is Your Current Favorite Yankee?

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    My soon-to-be 14-year old daughter asked me that the other morning.

    And, for the first time in my entire life, I stalled.

    “THAT’S a GOOD question! Honestly, I do not know. Usually, I don’t even have to think about it! I really don’t have an answer for you now.”

    I guess it would be Andrew Miller. Mostly because he seems to have a great attitude.

    This used to be so easy.

    • From 1973 through 1979, it was Thurman Munson.
    • It was no one special from 1980 through 1982. But, there were many who I liked a lot.
    • From 1983 through 1995, it was Don Mattingly.
    • From 1996 through 2001, it was Paul O’Neill.
    • From 2002 through recently, I had Andy Pettitte, Mo Rivera and Derek Jeter.
    • Heck, even last year, I rooted for John Ryan Murphy.

    This year…I dunno?  Miller, for now…I guess?

    Who Are These Guys?

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    Johnny Barbato? Luis Cessa? Kirby Yates? Ronald Torreyes?

    Talk about being cheap.

    And, what are the odds that Hicks, Ackley and Romine do anything positive this year?

    Pull That Peach!

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    A-Rod is slugging .394 so far this spring.

    Yeah, it’s only Spring Training. But, in the same Spring Training, Aaron Hicks is slugging .500. And, Brian McCann is slugging .484. Starlin Castro is at .657 as of this morning. Heck, even Austin Romine is higher than A-Rod, albeit barely, at .400.

    Oh, and, let’s not forget this is the A-Rod who slugged .383 in his last 227 PA of 2015.

    A-Rod has one job on this team: To Slug. He doesn’t play the field…at all.

    It’s sort of a wasted roster spot to have a guy who is only there to hit, and not field whatsoever, if the guy doesn’t hit, right?

    So, if it’s May 30th 2016 and A-Rod is slugging a sub four hundred, will the Yankees pluck him from the roster and say “Bye, bye!” to Mr. Rodriguez? After all, it’s about winning, no? And, you can’t carry dead weight on your roster and win.

    Los Yanquis?

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    I just read that, over the calendar year of 2015, the Yankees signed more talent from outside the United States — 57 players in all — than any team in baseball.

    I assume most of them were from Latin American countries.

    Pulse Check

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    Opening Day is not far away.  Are you excited?

    No, I don’t mean are you excited for baseball.  What I mean is…are you excited for YANKEES baseball?

    Does this current Yankees team and/or their chances thrill you?  Be honest.

    2016 James P. Dawson Award

    Posted by on March 16th, 2016 · Comments (5)

    Looks like no one wants this year, huh?

    Chase Headley

    Posted by on March 8th, 2016 · Comments (12)

    Nice guy.  Hard worker.  Bad fielder.  Not much power – in reality.  Under contract for 2 more years after 2016.

    Happy with this, Yankees fans?

    2015 Was The First Time In Over 20 Years Where I Did Not Attend A Yankees Game

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    This morning, I just realized it.

    I had season tickets from 2001 through 2014.  So, if I was to go last year, I would have needed to buy a single game on its own.

    In any event, this morning, I was trying to remember the last time I did not make a trip to Yankee Stadium during the season.   And, I can remember being there for particular games – for sure – prior to being a season ticket holder.  Recalling those, I suspect that it was probably the early 90′s where I went a full season and never got to a game.  Maybe it was 1994?  If not, it was around that time…at least 20 years ago, maybe more?

    The better question may be:  When will I attend a Yankees game in person again?


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