• August 7th Vs. The Red Sox

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    CC Sabathia was fantastic in this one. Aside from the 2nd inning where the heart of Boston’s order tagged CC for 3 straight extra base hits, the Red Sox couldn’t do much  to support their cause against the big man. It was Sabathia’s 150th win of his career. Does he have a legitimate shot at 300? If he maintains the same pace of wins over the next 10 years (which would make him 39 years old), he’d have it. I wouldn’t bet on it, but I certainly think it’s possible. And they said that nobody would even approach 300 wins after Johnson got it.

    I’m not sure if Posada’s body is barking or if he’s just in the midst of a slump. Ribbie single in this game aside, he’s not getting it done at the plate lately. In his last 36 plate appearances, spanning 10 games, Posada is hitting only .176/.222/.206 with 1 extra base hit. Unfortunately, the guy who could take Posada’s spot, Berkman, is also in the midst of a tough transition to the AL East. Luckily, Cano doesn’t seem to need the protection as he’s had his second multi-hit game in a row (6 for his last 12 overall).

    Speaking of Berkman, save the hot shots for the game, OK? That had to have been the hardest he’s hit the ball in pinstripes and it happens to find A-Rod. At least it appears that A-Rod is fine.

    Boston’s prize offseason pitching acquisition is having a season much like Cashman’s offseason pitching acquisition, huh? Cashman is the teflon GM, but Epstein is the model for what GM’s should try to be. Not sure how that works (especially considering the contract Lackey is signed to vs. what we’re on the hook for with Vazquez).

    I wonder if the current PED testing SOP was around for Rivera’s entire career, if his numbers would look like this year in and year out. He can’t be getting better, it just goes against nature. Regardless, Rivera tossed another perfect inning bringing his season ERA down to 0.89(!!) and his WHIP down to 0.615(!!!!). He’s so good that when he retires, mlb should retire the song “Enter Sandman”. Noone puts ’em to sleep like Mo.

    August 6th Vs. The Red Sox

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    Not much went the Yankees way after the Teixeira homer. Cervelli booted an easy pop up which lead to multiple unearned runs, the Yankees couldn’t hit with men in scoring position, and then the Red Sox bullpen shut the door.

    Not sure what to make of Vazquez’s night. On the one hand, he did still let the runs score after the Cervelli error despite them being unearned. Yet, he seemed to have recovered after that to pitch pretty well up until the the Red Sox rookie Kalish’s first home run. I saw some things that I liked from Vazquez, such as how good his change-up was. The problem was that he started to over use the change-up after Ortiz absolutely crushed a fastball. He did crack out a few Vicente Padilla-esque curve balls against Adrian Beltre that made him look silly. Beltre’s swings were of the Loony Tunes helicopter variety.

    Except for the broken bat single, everytime the Red Sox put the bat on Kerry Wood’s offering, they hit it hard last night. The balls just happened to find gloves. As long as Girardi uses Wood in Chan Ho Park situations, I’m fine with it. I wouldn’t put him in the game with the game on the line, however. You can’ discount his ability to miss bats, but you also have to factor in the fact that when he does get hit, he gets hit hard.

    As far as the offense goes, Tex continued his power surge with a 2 run homer, his 4th in the last 6 games. Berkman continued to struggle as a Yankee (although he did get robbed of a hit by an outstanding play but Ellsbury). Cano had another multi-hit game, his 41st of the year. Hopefully Cano is about to go on another tear as he had been 1 for his last 15 prior to this game. All of his knocks were hard hit.

    I know A-Rod is Kevin Long’s most notable student (he is on the cover of his dvd after all) but I think he’s done his best work with Nick Swisher. Swisher is having without a doubt his best season in the bigs. And I think you can credit his new (new for his career) swing. When it’s all said and done, I believe Swisher will get a few MVP votes this year. The Yankees wouldn’t be where they are without him.

    July 29th @ The Indians

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    Yeah, I’m an idiot. I do this a lot, but I had typed out a recap of last night’s game in the browser and fire fox crashed. Anyway, here’s some notes of what I wrote:

    • – Payback for Swisher’s celebration when he struck a batter out? Must not feel good to strike out against a position player, huh Nick?
    • – The Yanks sure did take their time breaking this one open despite the Indians using 7 pitchers (including the aforementioned position player).
    • – A-Rod continued his hot hotting with RISP despite the pressure of the looming 600th home run.
    • – Another homer by Cano, he’s showing more power than I thought he had to be honest.
    • – Granderson continued hit hot hitting since the All Star Break.
    • – Thames should never played 3rd, ever again…ever.
    • – Good start by Mosely, but it would be foolish to think that he can continue it against a team that actually shows up to play. Get well soon Andy, we’ll take these wins when we can in your absence.
    • – I refuse to watch Chan Ho Park pitch anymore. I’d rather see Igawa get lit up in those situations at this point. (And I’m not saying I want to see Igawa pitch.)

    July 25th Vs. The Royals

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    Curtis Granderson showed up!

    Yesterday (before the hurricane hit the stadium),  Hughes put in a serviceable performance. He wasn’t horrible, but he wasn’t great either. Some may want to point to the near quality start that was shortened by rain and say that he pitched pretty well. Anytime Scott Podsednik hits a homer off a pitcher, I can’t say it was a good performance. (And somehow he hit 2 homers this game, the other off Joba)

    BS call by the umpires that allowed one of Hughes’ Park’s run to score, though. The ball was in the dirt, and Jorge threw his mask to the side to look for it. The ball then proceeded to roll right underneath the mask, accidentally. The runner was then permitted to score by the umps, as it states in the rules that the catchers mask cannot touch the ball. Odd scoring on that, as Posada got an error but Hughes was still given an earned run. Not sure how that works out. (My bad, in my mind I remembered it happening in the beginning of the game. Beers and a rain delay’ll do that to ya)

    If anyone missed it, I just want to take a second and say WOW to Ankiel’s homer off of Hughes. It hit off the facing of the upper deck. That was a moonshot, and he was the closest to a right field upper deck shot that we’ve had.

    I can’t lie, when the ball hit Rodriguez, I thought it hit his hand and that he’d be out till the playoffs with a broken hand. Thank goodness it just looked worse than it was. Prior to that, A-Rod went for 600 with a few swings yesterday but overall he has kept his swing tight in an effort to avoid going into a slump while he goes for 600. Much different than when he went for 500.

    Is it really possible that Joba is worse than Chan Ho Park at this moment in time?

    July 24th Vs. The Royals

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    Ok, some may want to point out that Posada’s miscatch in the 1st of A-Rod’s throw home led to the first 2 unearned runs. Some of those same people also think that Mitre starting off on the wrong foot could’ve lead to all the runs. Not me. Mitre stinks. But, since he’s effectively our 5th starter at the moment, you really can’t complain too much about him as long as the rest of the staff picks up the slack in Pettitte’s absence.

    For those in the other camp, don’t get your heart set on Dan Haren, though. I really doubt the Yankees go get another starter. There’s not much of a point since Andy keeps saying he’s ready to roll.

    If A-Rod had come up in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded, I just had that feeling like he’d get the walk off. It just had baseball magic moment written all over it. It’s too bad the ump blew the call (it was extremely close, so I can’t really fault him on this one).

    Don’t look now, but with another double dip in the home run department yesterday Tex is on pace for 33 homers. It was not even 2 months ago where we all thought there was a slight chance he might hit .270. He’s already at .261. The guy’s slugging over .800 for the month.

    July 23rd Vs. The Royals

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    I missed much of this one as I was at my friend who’s moving to California’s going away party, but here’s a few notes:

    – Burnett was throwing the ball well up until the rain delay forced him out. Very economical, 58 pitches through 5. Too bad, he might have gone the distance in this one.

    – Not that Cano cooled off too much, but it appears he’s starting to get hot again. He’s hitting .353/.500/.706 over his last 22 PA with half of his hits going for extra bases.

    – As hot as Cano has been over the last few games, it still makes me nuts that he got Jeff Nelson’ed (Fake to 3rd, throw to first).

    – Tex was kept hitless for a rare time during this torrid July for him, despite drawing 2 walks. He’s hitting .388/.494/.746 in his last 83 PA with 14 XBH.

    – While it didn’t come tonight, ya gotta give A-Rod credit, he doesn’t appear to be pressing for 600.

    – Congrats to Jorge Posada on his 1000th RBI.

    – Tampa lost and Boston won resulting in the Yankee lead in the AL East improving to 4 games.

    July 10th @ The Mariners

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    This was a tough loss.

    When did we resign Jose Veras? Seriously, it’s time to either call somebody up from AAA or heck, why not call up a guy like Evan Meek from AAAA? Anything is better than what we have to trot out there at this point. When you’re beating King Felix 1-0 going into the 8th, I believe that that’s a game you should win.

    It wasn’t all bad as Javier Vazquez tossed another gem. I can’t say it enough times, bullpen aside, we can win with the team we have. Yankee fans are so eager to trade away Vazquez when the guy has been the best starter we have since May 12. You can’t claim this guy folds under pressure, either. He came back to NY where he’s vilified. He started extremely poorly out of the gate and everyone questioned whether he was good enough to even pitch in NY. Yet despite all that pressure placed on him to perform each outing, he persevered. I think he can handle the heat.

    July 10th @ The Mariners

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    This was a ‘classic’ Yankees win. What do I mean by that? Well the Yankees, knowing that David Pauley wouldn’t be able to throw 100 pitches because he hadn’t started in a couple of weeks, waited him out then took advantage of a weak bullpen. They got a strong bounce back start from their young all-star Phil Hughes, who went 7 strong innings and did not issue a walk (my favorite part of Phil’s line).

    All sounds great, right? Well, you do have to take this win with a grain of salt. Not only did they trade away my pick for the 2010 AL Cy Young award who was scheduled to start in Cliff Lee, the Mariners are the worst hitting team in the league. Still, you are supposed to beat up on teams like this so I can’t complain too much.

    There are two things I can complain about though. How many more times do we have to see Chan Ho Park go out there? I’ve read stories about how Park needs to go only 1 inning to remain effective. Nonsense. On the year, Park has just 5 clean outings out of 21 appearances. He has gone from the 7th inning man, to the mop up man. Every time he comes to the mound, I want to hurl.

    The insane part is, David Robertson has been worse! While he may not have let up as many runs as Park, Robertson has just 4 clean outings out of 31. Robertson has a 1.787 WHIP! Why are we not optioning him down to AAA at this point? Let him work it out in AAA, while we at the very worst see someone else get shelled. I can’t see it happen to Robertson or Park anymore. I just can’t.

    It was a victory after all, and I have to go out on a good note. This is why I saved Tex for last. With his 2 homers last night, Teixeira is 10 for his last 27 (.379/.438/.963) with 4 homers and 10 RBI. Overall, he is 34 for his last 110 since June 8th (.309/.408/.636) with 9 homers, 9 doubles and 25 RBI. While A-Rod’s power numbers have come into play in that stretch, he hasn’t really caught fire like Tex has and Cano has been struggling with the bat recently. If they could get those 2 to get hot with Tex, it’d be hard for the Yankees to lose.

    An All Star Manager Indeed

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    Sunday when the all stars were announced I was sitting in my seat at the Stadium. I was shocked that Girardi would go with Sabathia over Pettitte. I mean Pettitte has not only pitched better throughout the season, but he’s getting up there in age. Sabathia will have plenty of opportunities to make future all star teams.  This might be the last time for Pettitte, and we all read the stories about how his kids really wanted him to make the all star team. I couldn’t make any sense of it.

    Then I read that Andy would take Buckholz place on the roster, and it got me thinking. I wonder if there was a back room meeting between Girardi and Andy. Basically Girardi saying to Andy, whom he’s known for years, hey look you’ll be an all star when Buckholz goes on the DL, let me give the nod to CC in the beginning. What motivation would the manager have in naming Sabathia over Pettitte to start with? Well, CC Sabathia has an opt out clause that goes into effect at the end of next year, and perhaps this is Girardi’s way of playing into that decision down the line. Gotta keep big CC happy.

    If that’s the case, Girardi truly is an all star manager.

    July 4th Vs. The Blue Jays

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    Man was it hot. So hot, I literally got a sun burn in the shade. So hot, that I knew there’d be extra innings when I first got to the park.

    Hughes absolutely stunk. I don’t even want to talk about him.

    Loved how there was Send Swisher logos in any direction that you looked. They really are pushing hard for him to make the team, which is great. Must be really hard to watch though if your name is Brett Gardner. He deserves it every bit as much as Swisher does, if not more.

    Speaking of Gardner, this game was a gift. That “inside-the-park” home run for Gardner was a routine fly ball to center that was booted. I’m not quite sure how they don’t call that an error. For all those detractors, Tex has finally heated up. Since June 18, he’s hitting .328/.394/.586 in 66 PA with 9 XBH and 15 RBI. This is just in the nick of time as it counters Cano’s poor performance during that stretch.

    Lastly, I’m starting to grow bored with the pie in the face routine after walk offs. Every team is doing it this year, we did it last year, it’s time to let it go.

    July 3rd Vs. The Blue Jays

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    Happy 4th to everyone!

    I don’t have time to write a game recap at the moment (I always do the game recaps for Saturdays games at this time on Sunday), as I just got a call from a buddy at work that has an extra ticket to todays game. I will talk about it in the recap for today’s game though.

    Feel free to use this as your space to reflect upon the third inning bludgeoning the Yanks gave the Jays. Also, feel free to pray that this start by Hughes doesn’t end up like the last time I was in the house for a Hughes start.

    July 2nd Vs. The Blue Jays

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    I had all intentions of watching this one when I got home from work. That is, up until the top of the 11th inning. I couldn’t sit there and watch 10 innings of 1-1 baseball knowing Robertson and Park were gonna spit the bit in the 11th. If I were Dustin Moseley, I would be ready to take this opportunity by the throat, because there’s no non-Mo reliever who’s pitching well right now, and he could end up in a prime spot if he does well.

    Anyway, here’s your thread to talk about yesterday afternoons tragedy. Try not to jump off a cliff because the Red Sox are only half a game back.

    June 27th @ The Dodgers

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    5 innings, down 5-0, on ESPN, I said alright I’ve seen enough I’m going to bed. Well you know the rest. Lesson learned. Use this as your post-game thread as I didn’t see enough of the good stuff to write a true recap.

    June 26 @ The Dodgers

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    This was a hard one to watch. It looked like for a second, in the beginning of the game, that Tex and A-Rod were continuing their hot streaks and were going to take the game over. But, Burnett just didn’t let that happen. He’s just been dreadful. So bad in fact, that I can’t even bare to talk about him until his next start.

    How much longer is Chan Ho Park going to be on this team? I’d much rather see Melancon go out there in no pressure situations than him. Heck I’d rather see anyone out there than him, right now. Mo aside, this bullpen is in pitching terribly as a whole right now. Something has to give. Heck, Robertson has only had 3 clean outings this entire season (26 games).

    And it’s not like the Yankees didn’t have oppurtunities in this game. They had men on base in every inning except for the 2nd and 7th. They just couldn’t do anything with it. It was unbearable.

    One good thing aside from our middle of the order hitters extending their hitting streaks, was the Swisher double off of Weaver. I hate Jeff Weaver.

    June 25th @ The Dodgers

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    Yesterday when A-Rod said that this game would be business as usual, he never spoke truer words.

    You see, this was a game that had a very business as usual feel to it. The Yankees won. Cano extended a hitting streak, and continued his hot hitting. Tex extended his hitting streak and continued his hot hitting since the 8th of June. A-Rod continued his hot hitting of the past few games by belting a no doubter homer to go with a double. Sabathia continued to look great this month with another dominating outing. Mo was Mo, and Manny was Manny. Add to that the fact the Sabathia drilled Padilla in the leg with a fastball, and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable game.

    The most important part of this game, however, is the fact that it looks like A-Rod and Tex are starting to heat up at the same time. If they can put a solid run together, this team is going to be unstoppable with the pitching performances they’ve been getting.

    One thing that was interesting, I couldn’t believe how mad Torre and Mattingly got with the umpires borderline calls (the high strike was high though) when Rivera was toeing the rubber. They both received them when they were coaching the Yankees, so I’m not quite sure why they would get so angry. Only guess I could have is that they really do harbor ill will toward the Yankees and really wanted to beat them.

    June 20th Vs. The Mets

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    The General Manager of the Yankees must have had a pretty big grin on his face after this one. A couple of years ago when Brian Cashman was pondering the decision to trade for Johan Santana, he had to consider this game as the best case scenario argument against doing so. Think about it, Cashman decided to hold on to Hughes and go after Sabathia in the 2008-2009 offseason. The fruit of this decision could not have been more realized than this season to this game.

    Hughes, the prize of the package that would have been sent to the Twins, is pitching like an all star, an ace even. And this game featured the pony that Cashman decided to put his money on, and that horse went 8 full shutout innings. To make it sweeter, they beat Santana. And to make it even sweeter, it was against the crosstown rival Mets. Ok, you want to sweeten the pot even more? The Yankees now have sole possession of 1st place. Add that to the World Series championship last year, and I’d say Cashman made some smart moves and non-moves.

    On another note, is it just me, or is the ball not flying at all to left field? When Tex crushed that grand slam, I thought it was going to at least be 10 rows back yet it barely went out as it hit the top of the ball and bounced over. Either way, I’m sure Teixeira will take it.

    Lastly, I feel like I say this every year but, Mariano Rivera might be having his best season. The last time Mo gave up an earned run was against these very same Mets, on May 21. That’s right, an entire calendar month without an ER. In that stretch, hitters could only produce the following slash rates : .030/.111/.030. It will truly be a sad day when “Enter Sandman” is no longer played in the 9th.

    Don’t Give Up On Tex Yet

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    So I took a look at the numbers, and while Teixeira may be having a subpar season so far, there is still a chance he can turn it around. If Tex goes on to hit at the exact pace he did last year from June 19, 2009 – the end of the 2009 season, his numbers don’t look as bad :

    94 Games from 2009 + 67 games from 2010
    729 PA
    628 AB
    168 H
    38 2B
    3 3B
    29 HR
    105 RBI
    86 BB

    Sure, it’d be an off year for him. But it wouldn’t be the Rico Bergman-like numbers he’s putting up now. You should also keep in mind that this excludes Tex’s hottest streak of the season, which was from May 2, 2009 – May 31, 2009. Since we know he is capable of an outstanding month like that, lets take a look at Tex’s current numbers and add in that hot streak :

    26 Games from 2009 + 67 Games from 2010
    425 PA
    357 AB
    22 2B
    0 3B
    23 HR
    72 RBI
    49 BB

    If Tex goes on a tear like that for the next 26 games, he’d put himself in a pretty good position to finish the final two plus months of the year with his usual numbers. Hopefully this isn’t “just a different year”, and Tex can live up up to his annual numbers.

    June 18th vs. The Mets

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    What a horrible, horrible game. Granted, I like what the Mets have done in terms of getting pitching talent from the far east, but this was rediculous. The Yanks attempted late rallies in both the 8th and 9th innings, but couldn’t get the job done. If you missed this one, be glad.

    MLB needs to sit down with the umpires after this season and discuss the horrible job they’ve done. Last night with a 3-1 count, the umpire not only called a low strike on Jorge Posada, but he punched him out. If the umpires don’t know what the count is, we’re in trouble.

    The good? Javy Vazquez flat out dominated the Mets. The one run that the Mets did score came quick off a David Wright double and Ike Davis single. Other then that, Javy gave up 1 hit and 3 walks over the final 6.1 IP. Rough that he gets the loss in this one, but we all know that Javy is back to pitching like he should be and that’s what matters.

    The Best Division In MLB

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    I find it amazing that there are exactly three 40-win teams in major league baseball right now, and all three of them reside in the AL East. Add in a Toronto Blue Jays team that has good starting pitching and is hitting way over their head, and you have far and away the best division in the game despite the Orioles.

    Tampa is 4-3 against Boston, and 3-2 vs. the Yanks.

    Boston is 3-4 against Tampa, and 3-5 vs. the Yanks.

    The Yanks are 5-3 against Boston, and 2-3 vs. Tampa.

    It’s pretty even, with no real domination by any 1 team. And with the ability to completely change the complexion of their teams via their financial might (or in the Rays case, the might of their prospects), it’s hard to say how the teams will play against each other in August and September. Somebody is going to have a really horrible fall after a fantastic summer.

    As an aside, I want to say that I’m not a Lakers fan. I am a fan of a Boston team losing, however. So congratulations goes to the Lakers for winning the NBA championship.

    June 13th Vs. The Astros

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    Ah… first place. Feels good. Being that the Yanks have a doctor’s appointment Tuesday night, I’m really glad that they swept the Astros.

    It wasn’t as pretty of an ending to a game as Hughes has been used to, but Hughes recording his 9th victory which is tops among AL starting pitchers (And any pitcher not named Ubaldo). After giving up only 1 earned run going into the 6th, Hughes lost it in the rain. Giving up four runs with two outs in the 6th inning, including a homer by Kevin Cash. You have to figure Cash had the edge because he caught Hughes last year. He doesn’t go 2 for 3 with a walk against Hughes, otherwise. Still stung though.

    Posada continued right where he left off from yesterday, hitting his 2nd grand slam in as many days. The Yankee announcers said that the last time that was done by a Yankee was by Bill Dickey. That’s a long time ago. Cano extended his hitting streak to 7 games with authority. He’s just as hot now as he was back in April, and it’s awesome.

    With a day off today, the Yanks prepare to host the somewhat slumping Phillies. Hopefully they can take advantage.

    June 12th Vs. The Astros

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    Consider the following Yankees starters statistics since May 12:

    1) 2-2 5.21 ERA 4.62 FIP 38IP 11 BB 42 H 7 HR 35K .275/.323/.471

    2) 4-1 3.58 ERA 4.01 FIP 37.2IP 7 BB 39 H 3 HR 37K .262/.295/.383

    3) 4-1 2.83 ERA 4.53 FIP 41.1IP 11 BB 32 H 6 HR 28K .219/.263/.397

    4) 2-3 4.38 ERA 4.92 FIP 39IP 15 BB 38 H 6 HR 28k .262/.345/.455

    5) 5-2 2.93 ERA 3.83 FIP 40IP 12 BB 25 H 5 HR 38K .181/.248/.348

    Take a second to try and guess who’s who. The answer after the break.


    June 11th Vs. The Astros

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    Pettitte continued his hot pitching last night, grabbing his 200th career Yankee win. He now needs 31 to tie 2nd place Red Ruffing, and 36 to tie the all time leader Whitey Ford. I’d like to see him do it, but that’s at least 2 more seasons worth of games so I doubt it. Plus I get a feeling like he’s going to pull a Moose after this season. We’ll see.

    I’m not even going to get into the offense, as I find it to be pretty bad when the New York Yankees cannot knock a pitcher like Brett Myers out in the early innings. There’s no excuse for letting Myers off the hook there, he was reeling after the 1st.

    But, hey, the Yanks won. Can’t complain too much about the game right, right?

    One thing that I can complain about, however, is the Yankees official web site. Please test all site modifications on all browsers guys. It’s currently not rendering properly on the latest version of fire fox. (That’s a big pet peeve of mine).

    June 10th @ The Orioles

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    Man, this game was a hard one to watch. It may look like a close 4-3 game, but it definitely didn’t feel like it.

    This entire game had a vibe about it. From A-Rod coming out of the game after just a half of an inning, to having Moeller behind the plate with Burnett coming off a rough outing in Toronto. You see a lineup that ends up featuring Pena hitting 4th, and a 8-9 of Thames and Moeller. Throw an ice cold Posada in and the fact that it’s getaway day and you’ve got yourself a rough game.

    I don’t know if there was a glare or something coming in from center field, but both Moeller AND Cervelli looked horrible behind the plate tonight. Aside from the cross up that Moeller and Burnett had, the catchers flat out missed a few balls that should have been caught. At one point Mike Harkey came out and yelled at them.

    Speaking of Burnett, he needs to get his fastball under control. He couldn’t locate anything. On top of that, in total, Burnett hit 3 batters. Just so happened 1 of those HBP ended up being a K instead. Goes to show ya what kind of shape the Orioles are in. Bad AJ was out there, yet he kept them in the game through 6 innings.

    Offensively, other than Cano continuing his great first half by extending his hitting streak to 4 games, there wasn’t much to get excited about. They just couldn’t put much together against the rookie, Jake Arrieta, in his first major league start. Swisher hit the ball hard a few times but carried an 0-fer. Granderson got a triple that should have been ruled a double.

    June 8th @ The Orioles

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    Ok, so I’ll admit that I didn’t watch the entire game. I did watch up until the 7th, and here’s some thoughts.

    First, you can increment the quality start tracker for Hughes as he improves to 8-1. He may not have had his best stuff, but he grinded it out. He bent, but did not break. With that win, Hughes moves into a 3 way tie with Buckholz and Price for the league lead. The AL East youngsters have truly dominated this first third of the season.

    Then you have Swisher, continuing his bid for an all star selection. I don’t personally think he’ll make it since on the field he’s one of the lower profile Yankees, but I definitely think he deserves it.

    The other star of this game was Curtis “The Manderson” Granderson. Since coming back, he’s fashioned the following all star calibur slash line .324/.390/.595, with 6 XBH and 8 ribs in 41 PA. THIS was the droid we were looking for.

    But after the Yankees broke it open, I decided to turn to my recording of the Strasburg start. Wow. That kid can pitch. He AVERAGED a 97 mph fastball, hitting 100. He threw a devastating sinker at 96. His curve ball was 82, and his change up 88. All 4 pitches were nasty with tons of movement, and it allowed him to punch out 14 batters in 7 innings of work. I simply can’t wait to see him pitch against a major league team. It should be fun.

    Lastly, watching that game on MLB network, just made me want to say that I miss Jim Kaat. Yankees brass, if you’re reading this, please get him back. Please.

    The Great Gazoo Returns To Earth

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    All of those bloops hits that fell for Cervelli in the first few weeks of the season have appeared to stop.

    Over his last 82 PA since May 9, ‘sisco has produced the following Jose Molina-like slash rates : .209/.300/.284.

    His overall season numbers may still look decent for now, but don’t be fooled.

    This guy is starting to get exposed playing everyday, and I for one can’t wait for Posada to get healed up enough to return behind the plate full time.

    May 28th vs. The Indians

    Posted by on May 29th, 2010 · Comments (0)

    Well, I wrote out this entire post and before I could save or publish Fire Fox crashed. Guess I learned my lesson to use a text editor to write the posts and not the form…

    Anyway, I can’t write out the same post twice, so here’s a couple of bullets of what I originally wrote :

    • Tex’s defense makes him extremely valuable despite his poor offensive numbers thus far. (He is hitting decently in May, though)
    • Hughes dominated last night (except for the 4th where he got hit hard a bit, but escaped) including striking out the first 5 batters he saw
    • Cano’s tearing the cover off the ball again
    • The Indians are barely showing up to play these days and the Yankees have no excuse if they don’t sweep them. Here’s the Indians announcer talking about their club earlier in the month.

    Josh Beckett Gets Yet Another Pass

    Posted by on May 19th, 2010 · Comments (11)

    For the second start in a row, Josh Beckett not only embarrassed his teammates, but he has embarrassed the game.

    For those who missed it, this occurred during last nights game against the Red Sox, in the bottom of the 2nd inning. There were runners on first and second, none out with Cervelli up to bat. Beckett deliberatly waited in the set position (trying to throw off the runners timing) for a long time and Cervelli called for and received time from the umpire. No big deal, right? This is almost the same set of events that ticked Beckett off on May 7th. Beckett then proceeded to start walking toward the batters box with his arms stretched out at either side barking at Cervelli. Now, either Beckett was doing his best Bret “The Hitman” Hart impression, or he was telling Cervelli something along the lines of get your butt in the box before I nail ya with a pitch. I thought Beckett was going to throw at him then and there, but he didn’t. Cervelli ended up grounding out, and on his way back to the dug out yelled a few choice words at Beckett that was caught on the YES camera.

    A-Rod ran across the mound and it’s a national story. Beckett continuously shows a lack of respect toward his opponents and the game and it’s not even mentioned locally. Will it take Cervelli getting nailed before someone says something?

    May 14th vs. The Twins

    Posted by on May 15th, 2010 · Comments (7)

    You just don’t intentionally walk Mark Teixeira to load the bases to get to A-Rod. That’s just asking for it. I know the Twins wanted to set up a double play. But, Rodriguez deposited one in left center for his 19th grand slam of his career.

    For Rodriguez, it was his 587th of his career passing Frank Robinson on the all time home run list. Whenever a player nears a milestone in home runs, I feel like it takes them a little longer to get past it. The player can press a little bit and end up going on a home run drought. I’m not making excuses for Alex, but perhaps passing Robinson was a big deal to him. Either way, Rodriguez always hits the Twins so it could just be that.

    Despite the win and how fun it is to see Gardner playing his best baseball, I come out of this game with a bad taste in my mouth. Swisher’s arm is definitely hurt, and he might see some time on the DL. This means that, unfortunately, we’re going to be seeing a lot of Winn and Thames. If I was Gregg Golson, I’d be ready to prove something here.

    May 13th vs. The Tigers

    Posted by on May 13th, 2010 · Comments (2)

    From The Lohud Yankees Blog :

    “We’re just not getting hits,” Derek Jeter said. “Every season it’s the same thing. There are periods when it seems like you get a lot of hits and other times it seems like you can’t find a hit, but that happens every year. If you could figure it out, then nobody would ever struggle.”

    I don’t think I could put it any better. Over the course of 162 games, every team goes through a rough patch. To get through it as a fan, I always remember the old baseball axiom, you’re never as good as your are when you’re winning and you’re never as bad as you’re when you’re losing.

    That being said, I didn’t watch this game because I was at work. Since I didn’t see the game, I won’t regurgitate the box score since I’m sure everyone reading this has already peaked. I will say this though, I really hope that Jeter doesn’t miss any time due to a Verlander HBP to the hand because a lineup that features a 6-7-8-9 of Thames-Golson-Winn-Pena is the formula for an extended losing trend.

    May 9th vs. The Red Sox

    Posted by on May 10th, 2010 · Comments (6)

    Hey Mr. Hyde, long time no see. What can I say about this one? Really, they’ve been winning so much, I feel it’s better to say hey we won a series against the Sox than lament over this game. Can’t win ’em all.

    Hopefully, Mitre can keep us in it tonight against the Tigers.

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