• Hey, It’s Baseball, Right?

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    And, they play the games on the field, and not on paper, no?

    So, maybe Cliff Lee implodes this evening or the Yankees just find a way to beat the Rangers ace. And, maybe A.J. Burnett throws a gem in Game 4 as well. Anything can happen, etc., etc.

    Hope springs eternal. That’s why we love the game.

    Or, is it pretty much a done deal that the Yankees have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel? What do you think?

    Good News, Bad News, Yankees Fans

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    The good news is that the 2010 ALCS is now a best three of five and you have the home field advantage.

    The bad news is that A.J. Burnett is slated to start one of those games for you – and you will have to face Cliff Lee at least once, and perhaps twice, in those five games.

    Gris Gran Octava

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    Tonight reminded me of this.  You just  don’t see top of the 8th inning rallies in the post-season this large, everyday, do you?  Wow.

    Top 8, Down By 3, No Outs, Bases Juiced, A-Rod Up…Do We Have A Ballgame Here?

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    Bang. Two ribbie single.
    Yup. This one is now on and hot!

    The Great Pumpkin Sabathia Pulls A Rock

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    I’ve got no issue with Big CC wanting to play dress-up and doing the trick-or-treat thing. I’m sure his big bones ache for such holidays.

    But, did he have to do it so early? And, worse, did he have to decide to go as A.J. Burnett? Really.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of this game…well…do I have to say it?  Granted, I type this in the top of the fifth inning and things can change…

    Drawing Party Lines In The 2010 ALCS

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    We know that some of these guys will be very interested in the outcome of the 2010 ALCS. But, will all of them be interested? And, for those not involved in the games, which one of their old franchises will they be rooting for?

    Alex Rodriguez	     John Ellis
    Alfonso Soriano	     John Kennedy
    Aurelio Rodriguez      John Wetteland
    Bernie Allen	     Kenny Lofton
    Bill Skowron	     Kenny Rogers
    Bill Sudakis	     Kevin Brown
    Bob Tewksbury	     Marcus Thames
    Bobby Bonds	     Mark Teixeira
    Bucky Dent	     Marshall Bridges
    Cecilio Guante	     Mickey Rivers
    Chad Curtis	     Mike Kekich
    Claudell Washington    Mike Pagliarulo
    Cliff Johnson	     Mike Stanley
    Dale Long	              Mike Stanton
    Dale Mohorcic	     Oscar Gamble
    Doc Medich	     Randy Velarde
    Dock Ellis	     Ricky Ledee
    Don Slaught	     Roberto Kelly
    Doyle Alexander	     Ron Hansen
    Elliott Maddox	     Roy Smalley
    Eric Soderholm	     Ruben Sierra
    Frank Fernandez	     Ryne Duren
    Gary Ward	              Sandy Alomar Sr.
    Gene Woodling	     Shane Spencer
    Goose Gossage	     Sparky Lyle
    Harry Bright	     Steve Hamilton
    Hideki Irabu	     Steve Howe
    Jay Howell	     Steve Karsay
    Jeff Nelson	     Steve Kemp
    Jeff Robinson	     Toby Harrah
    Jim Coates	     Todd Zeile
    Jim Leyritz	     Tom Sturdivant
    Jim Mason	              Wayne Tolleson
    Jim Spencer	     Xavier Hernandez

    Source: Complete Baseball Encyclopedia.
    [Note: This is not a complete list of those who fall into this bucket – just some of the more notable ones.  Also, sure, some of these guys go back to D.C. days. So what? And, lastly, yeah, I know some of these guys are now deceased.  And, if that’s the case, just pretend that they were still with us and apply the question.]

    Enjoy the games!

    2010 A.L.C.S. Prediction

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    The first team to win two games in the ALCS this year will go on to win the series and advance to the Fall Classic.

    You read it here first.

    So, if Sabathia wins Game 1 and Lee wins Game 3, that puts all the pressure on Game 2 – and Phii Hughes for the Yankees and Colby Lewis for the Rangers.

    Yeah, by Sunday morning, we’ll know which team will be representing the American League in the World Series.

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