• Good Luck, Mets

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    Via the Post -

    In less than two weeks with the Mets in spring training, Jose Valverde has emerged as the leader of, what the reliever calls, the team’s “Dominican Mafia.”

    The members include young pitchers Jenrry Mejia, Jeurys Familia, Rafael Montero and Gonzalez Germen, and meetings are held in a corner of the clubhouse near Valverde’s locker. Another veteran Dominican pitcher, Bartolo Colon, also presides.

    “It feels like we are brothers here,” Mejia said Tuesday.

    Valverde views his leadership of the “Dominican Mafia” as part of the job description, as he attempts to land a spot in the Mets bullpen, after signing a minor league deal with the club this month.

    Omar Minaya could not be reached for comment.

    Lucchino & Levine Are At It, Again

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    Via Sean McAdam

    The rivarly between the players on the field — save for an occasional Ryan Dempster target practice at A-Rod — has cooled. But as long as Larry Lucchino and Randy Levine are around, the Red Sox and Yankees will always be the Hatfields and the McCoys.

    In his annual spring-training meeting with the media on Friday, Lucchino seemed to take more than a little satisfaction in watching the Yankees spend more than a half-billion dollars this winter on free agents Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and Masahiro Tanaka, trying to play catch-up to the world champion Red Sox.

    “We’re very different animals,” the Red Sox CEO said of the Sox and Yanks. “I’m proud of that difference. I always cringe when people lump us together.”

    By contrast, the Sox continued the philosophy that brought them a championship, signing complementary players — like catcher A.J. Pierzynski and pitcher Chris Capuano — to cheaper, shorter-term deals.

    The Yankees, said Lucchino, “are still, this year at least, relying heavily on their inimitable old-fashioned Yankees style of high-priced, long-term free agents. And I can’t say that I wish them well, but I think that we’ve taken a different approach.”

    Well, you knew Levine — the Yankees’ president and CEO, who has tangled with Lucchino in the past — wouldn’t take that lying down.

    “I feel bad for Larry; he constantly sees ghosts and is spooked by the Yankees,” Levine said. “But I can understand why, because under his and Bobby Valentine’s plan two years ago, the Red Sox were in last place.”

    Well then.

    “[Boston general manager] Ben Cherington and the Red Sox did a great job last year winning the World Series,” continued Levine, “but I’m confident [Yankee GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi] and our players will compete with a great Red Sox team to win a world championship this year.”

    Lucchino and Levine are both blowhards who need to learn to stay quiet. Lucchino only talks when he team has done well and then he crawls under a rock when they tank. And, Levine needs to learn that playing the ghosts card died in 2004. On the whole, they both need to wake up and realize that they are not Williams and DiMaggio, or Fisk and Munson, or even Schilling and A-Rod, and no one wants to hear a couple of stuffed shirts trying to be macho.

    Brian Johnson

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    Brian Johnson is a prospect in the Red Sox chain. If he makes it, I wonder how many times he will be asked about this:

    Man, that was scary. Glad he turned out OK.

    The Idiots Are Back

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    Ralph Kiner Passes

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    Not too shabby.

    Do The Yankees Need RSN To Help Sellout Their Stadium?

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    If you look at the top five single game attendance crowds at the previous Yankee Stadium, they are Opening Day crowds against teams like Oakland, Kansas City, Texas and Detroit where they drew 56,000+ fans.

    If you look at the top five single game attendance crowds at the current/new Yankee Stadium, they are all games against the Red Sox from games played in July, August and September where they drew 49,000+ fans.

    So, does this mean the only way the Yankees can pack their new Stadium to the rafters is when Red Sox Nation comes to town and takes over the Bronx?

    Granderson Said What?

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    Via the Daily News -

    There is no going back now. Curtis Granderson not only put on a Mets jersey for the first time Tuesday, but he took on the long-suffering fanbase on his shoulders and the franchise’s new $60-million outfielder lobbed a salvo back across town.

    “A lot of the people I’ve met in New York have always said true New Yorkers are Mets fans,” the former Yankees outfielder said after being introduced at the Winter Meetings. “So I’m excited to get a chance to see them all out there.”

    True New Yorkers are Mets fans? Really?

    Red Sox Sign A.J. Pierzynski

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    Oh, this is going to be interesting.

    Congrats To The World Champion Red Sox

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    You can make a case that the only times the Cardinals won in this series is when the Red Sox made sloppy throws.

    Think about this:  In the last 35 years, the Yankees have 5 rings and now the Red Sox have three.  So much for the hammer and the nail…

    Now, the count-down begins…until someone in Beantown does something totally unclassy in their celebration of this win in Fenway.


    Who Will Trade For David Price?

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    According to everyone and his brother, it’s a given that David Price gets traded this off-season.

    Figure the Rays not to trade him to someone in the A.L. East.

    So, where does he go?

    This is just a gut feeling…but…I think it will be the Dodgers or the Tigers.

    If The Red Sox Win The 2013 World Series

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    This would mean, in the last 10 years, the Red Sox would have made the playoffs 6 times and won 3 World Series.

    Does that make them the best franchise in baseball over the last decade?

    For RSN

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    Do you like Low-Bah-Tone?

    Poor Manny Machado

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    This is going to leave a mark.

    Fun In The East

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    Does it get any better than the Yankees-Jays, Orioles-Bosox, Rangers-Rays games last night?

    Mo’s Farewell Ceremony At Fenway

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    It’s easy to say that the Red Sox did a great job recognizing and sending off Mariano Rivera last night.

    Heck, there are probably long standing and/or fan favorite Red Sox players who didn’t get treatment from the team the way the Sox had that ceremony and gifts for Rivera…

    But, there’s a part of me that does wonder if that was all for Mo, or, was a good part of that a way for the Sox to make themselves look good, on (Sunday Night ESPN) national TV?

    Seriously, was the whole front office on the field during that thing? Talk about overkill and a media grab…

    Yanks, Orioles, Changing Lanes

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    Via Steve Melewski

    Over the last 15 years, the Orioles have not won a season series once against the New York Yankees. They lost 13 times and tied the season series twice – going 9-9 last year against New York and 9-9 in 2007.

    That is a lot of losing to the Yankees over the years.

    The O’s are now 18-12 in their last 30 regular season games against the Yankees, but before that, they went 12-41 over a 53-game stretch. A lot of losing indeed.

    But if the O’s win just one of the three remaining games in this series – and they’d like to win a lot more than that – they’ll take a season series from the Yankees for the first time since going 8-4 in 1997.

    They lead the series this year 9-7 and one more win will clinch it. The last time the Orioles won 10 or more against the Yankees was in 1982 when they went 11-2.

    Well, the Rays are better than the Yankees these days…actually, for a while now. And, we just saw Boston. More so that the O’s, perhaps, now, the big question will be: How long until the Yankees are worse than the Blue Jays?

    The Showalter – Girardi Dust Up

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    I would love to know what that was all about, just a few moments ago, in the Yankees game.

    I have a ton of respect for both Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter. It’s hard to believe that one of them was doing something wrong. But, I suspect that we’ll know what’s going on soon…

    Huuuughes & Booooone

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    Sounded like boos tonight.

    Quintin Berry = Dave Roberts?

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    Maybe not…

    …but, he sure runs the bases better than Alfonso Soriano.

    Lucchino Ready To Rumble With Levine

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    Let the hair pulling and bitch slapping commence!

    Via WEEI

    The last time the Red Sox and Yankees met, on Aug. 18 at Fenway Park, Ryan Dempster drilled Alex Rodriguez with a pitch, leading to the players from both teams leaving the benches and milling about the infield.

    The teams are set to start a four-game series in the Bronx on Thursday night, and Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino knows the feud could continue, even though Dempster was punished by the league with a five-game suspension.

    During a Thursday morning appearance on Dennis & Callahan, Lucchino said he plans to attend Thursday’s game, and he has a plan in mind if the teams get into it again.

    “If it starts up, I’m going to look for Randy Levine,” Lucchino joked about his Yankees counterpart.

    On a serious note, Lucchino said he hopes the players put the incident behind them.

    “They’ve had some comments about the incident,” Lucchino said, referring to the Yankees’ condemnation of Dempster. “Baseball sort of has a way of allowing these things to perpetuate themselves. I hope [another incident] doesn’t happen. It’s a little different now, because each of these games matters so much. I don’t think anybody wants to ignite the other team.

    If Larry and Randy do square off, expect FOX to get the rights to it.

    Ding, Ding…It’s Yankees, Red Sox, In September…With Something On The Line

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    According to fangraphs, as of this morning, the Red Sox have a 99.8 % chance of reaching the post-season this year, via winning the division or getting the wildcard, whereas the Yankees have a 15.9 % chance.

    Starting this evening, the two teams face off against each other for a four game series in the Bronx.

    It will be Jake Peavy against Ivan Nova tonight – followed by Felix Doubront versus Andy Pettitte on Friday. And, over the weekend, it will be John Lackey and David Huff on Saturday with Jon Lester and Hiroki Kuroda on Sunday. (Figures, the game I will be going to, I pull Huff!)

    The Yankees have to win at least three of four in this series, all things considered, to continue their fight to make the playoffs this year.

    Even if Boston loses three of four, I don’t think it hurts their chances to play in October. But, I have to think that they want to win as many of these games as possible.

    The Yankees have won 12 of their last 17 games. The Red Sox have won 10 of their last 13 games. Both teams are “hot” right now.

    This all has the makings of one exciting four game series starting in Yankee Stadium today. Are you up for it? Why? And, what do you think will happen in the four games?

    Tommy John For Matt Harvey?

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    Matt Harvey is headed to the disabled list with a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament.

    The Mets will try and rest him before opting for Tommy John surgery.

    I wonder if Phil Hughes will now try and sign a one-year deal with the Mets for 2014, as a starting pitcher, using Citi Field to help his numbers, and then try and get a long term deal elsewhere after next season?

    One Of The Best Fights Ever Aired On MSG

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    Mets & Yankees, Which Team Will Be Better First?

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    Both the Yankees and the Mets suck this season. Between the two, which team will rise from the ashes and have a team capable of winning 90+ games and making the post-season? Why?

    Personally, I think the Mets may get there first. They have the young starting pitching that the Yankee lack. And, I think Sandy Alderson is smarter than Brian Cashman. But, the Mets ownership is a mess and lacks money. So, you never know…

    Yanks Stepping In It With A-Rod Suspension?

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    Buck showalter thinks so. Via Paul White-

    The longer Alex Rodriguez could be suspended, the more it could help the New York Yankees. And that infuriates Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter.

    Forget the money and drugs – it’s competitive imbalance that has Showalter steamed.

    Showalter, who managed Rodriguez on the Texas Rangers, says he has no interest in discussing the suspension possibilities surrounding the Yankees third baseman but is taking aim at how New York could benefit.

    Getting Rodriguez’s $25 million salary off their 2014 books would effectively reset a Yankees payroll projected to exceed a $189 million luxury tax threshold the club hoped to slip under. And if they’re freed from the $86 million owed Rodriguez from 2014 to ’17? Showalter fears Commissioner Bud Selig’s zeal to ban Rodriguez might turn the Yankees into free agent predators again.

    “If Bud lets them get away with that, they’re under the luxury tax,” Showalter told USA TODAY Sports. “If they can reset, they can spend again and I guarantee you in two years Matt Wieters is in New York.”

    According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the portion of a player’s salary that he does not collect while suspended also does not count toward his team’s payroll and the luxury tax threshold.

    Rodriguez is to be paid $25 million in 2014. Subtract that and the Yankees not only would have a better chance of staying under $189 million, but also might be able to afford to add players.

    In 2007, coming off a 52-homer season that netted him a third AL MVP award, Rodriguez opted out of a 10-year, $252 million contract originally signed with the Texas Rangers. The Yankees nonetheless re-upped Rodriguez for 10 years and $275 million shortly thereafter.

    Rodriguez’s decline began almost immediately. He needed hip surgery after the 2008 season, but rebounded to play a key role in the Yankees’ run to the 2009 World Series title.

    But Rodriguez’s on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) declined every season after 2007. A second hip surgery in January ensured he’d miss the first half of this season; the Biogenesis flap that broke weeks later put him in MLB’s firing line.

    Now, it may give his team a get-out-of-jail-free card.

    “They’re the ones who signed him to that contract,” Showalter said of the Yankees.

    Buck’s not shy to say what’s on his mind, is he?

    And, Yet, It’s A Game That No Yankees Fan Wants To Talk About The Day After…

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    Ralph Kiner

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    So, I have the Mets-Braves game on now (on SNY) – just killing time waiting for the YES coverage of the Yankees-Rangers game to start. (YES has the Bernie Williams Yankeeography on now.)

    And, SNY has Ralph Kiner in the booth.

    I’m sorry, and I know this is probably not PC, but, is this really necessary?

    Kiner is 90-years old and sounds like he’s 120-years old. You can barely understand what he is saying.

    Do Mets fans actually like this, when SNY has him in the booth?

    Citi Field

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    Rob Neyer doesn’t like Citi Field.

    O.K., I’m a Yankees fan – so, you have to consider what I say here from where it’s coming.

    I went to the original Yankee Stadium back in 1973 before it was knocked down for renovation. That was my only time in that park. And, I was pretty young at the time. Therefore, I only have flashes of memories from that park.

    The last Yankee Stadium, however, I went to…more times than I can remember. And, I have been to the new/current Yankee Stadium 23 times (to date) since it opened in 2009.

    And, I actually went to Shea Stadium a few times.

    When the Yankees played there in 1974 and 1975, I went to a handful of games at Shea. And, because of work functions, I actually saw a couple of Mets games there around 1999-2000. And, at least twice, I went with a friend – who is a Mets fan…as payback for him going to a Yankees game with me.

    Citi Field? I went there once last year and once this year – that’s it (so far in my life). Both times I went because my son participated in an on-the-field clinic before the game.

    That all said, from my perspective, Citi Field is a MILLION TIMES better than Shea Stadium. It’s not even that close.

    Further, Citi Field has its advantages over the new Yankee Stadium too. To me, it feels more like a ballpark and is just easier on the eye, than Yankee Stadium (which is too big and has too much concrete showing). Citi Field is sort of like Camden Yards, in a way. Also, I believe that Citi Field has more character than the new Yankee Stadium. I like the way that the field and stands are shaped there. Also, I like how you can sit in the picnic areas behind the bullpens at Citi – and totally see into the pens. And, even things like having the Shea Bridge visible…compared to how the Yankees have hidden “Monument Cave” (where you cannot see it on TV during the game or from the stands when in the park).

    I’m not saying that I would want to trade Citi Field for Yankee Stadium. After all, I am a Yankees fan.

    But, if I have to be honest, I would say that Citi Field doesn’t stink. And, actually, it’s pretty cool.

    Now, I get the Mets fan’s lament about it having too much Dodgers stuff and not enough Mets history featured. And, if I were a Mets fan, I would be really pissed about it.

    How about you? If you’ve been to both the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, what are your thoughts on each one? And, which do you think is the best of the two new ballparks in New York?

    Bud Annoyed That Rays Don’t Draw

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    Via the T.B. Times

    Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said his patience is running thin in his latest ominous-sounding assessment of the Rays’ ongoing attendance and stadium issues.

    “It is beyond disappointing,” Selig said Tuesday. “You cannot ask a franchise to continue, when they have been so competitive and really, really done a marvelous job, in a situation that is economically not tolerable.”

    Selig offered no solutions or deadlines, saying he will continue conversations with Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg, but took a double-barreled shot at the Tampa Bay situation.

    He called the Rays’ attendance “very disappointing and very worrisome,” citing their average 17,791, which ranks 29th in the majors (ahead of only Miami) and well below the overall average of 30,268.

    “Look at their club in the major leagues and it’s competitive, and is averaging 18,000 people a game,” he said. “That may have been okay in 1956, but it’s not okay today.”

    And Selig said Tropicana Field, where the Rays are in the 16th season of a 30-year use agreement, is a major issue.

    “There’s no question there’s a stadium problem,” Selig said. “There’s no debate about it. The question is what to do about it and when to do it and where, and those are conversations Mr. Sternberg and I will have.”

    Selig, speaking to the Baseball Writers Association of America, made it sound as if those talks with Sternberg will become more urgent.

    “I have a very high level of frustration,” Selig said. “I think my patience is running as thin as his, if not more so. I don’t know what will happen with that; he and I need to have a lot more conversations.”

    Selig said he would discuss with Sternberg the possibility of a visit to talk with Tampa Bay area officials.

    How annoyed is Bud? Is he annoyed enough to tell the Yankees and Mets (and Phillies) “Suck it!” and then allow the Rays to move to New Jersey?

    José Lobatón

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    I just like saying his name.

    In fact, do you know the old WFAN joke of “Do you like Inge?”

    Well, my son and I have a thing going, for kicks, of “Do you like Low-Bah-Tone?” Drives my wife and daughter nuts.

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