• Who Are These Guys?

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    Johnny Barbato? Luis Cessa? Kirby Yates? Ronald Torreyes?

    Talk about being cheap.

    And, what are the odds that Hicks, Ackley and Romine do anything positive this year?

    Starlin Castro

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    Castro will be 26 years old next year and is owed like $41.4 million over the next 4 years. The Cubs have elected to replace him with a player who will be 35 years old next year and they will pay him $56 million over the next 4 years.

    So, the Cubs, over the next four years, are replacing Castro with a player who is NINE YEARS older and who will make $15 million more (over that span).

    Why would the Cubs do that? Sounds like they couldn’t wait to get rid of Castro…fast enough.

    By the way, Castro’s lifetime OPS+ is 97 (meaning below league average). And, his lifetime OBA outside of Wrigley Field is .318 in 1,935 PA.

    Granted, the Yankees did not give up much to acquire him. But, the question is: Is this their best option at 2B next year and beyond?

    Can Someone Tell Me Why Gary Sanchez Is On The Roster Tonight?

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    Can’t Tell The 2015 Players Without A Scorecard

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    As of today, here are your 2015 New York Yankees on Opening Day:

    Brian McCann
    J.R. Murphy
    Mark Teixeira
    Garrett Jones
    Stephen Drew
    Jose Pirela
    Didi Gregorius
    Brendan Ryan
    Alex Rodriguez
    Chase Headley
    Brett Gardner
    Jacoby Ellsbury
    Carlos Beltran
    Chris Young
    CC Sabathia
    Masahiro Tanaka
    Michael Pineda
    Nathan Eovaldi
    Chris Capuano
    Andrew Miller
    Dellin Betances
    David Carpenter
    Adam Warren
    Justin Wilson
    Esmil Rogers or Gonzalez Germen

    Girardi’s Binder may be the team MVP. There’s going to be a lot of mixing and matching required this season.

    Seriously, of the 25/26 players listed above, I would NOT be shocked if 14 or 15 of them spend some time on the disabled list at one point or another during the season. Basically, the names have changed, somewhat. But, 2015 in Yankeeland is going to be a lot like 2014 – sans the Jeter Farewell Tour spin that the organization can use to sell the season.

    Chris Leroux

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    I wouldn’t unpack, if I were him…

    Yanks To Add Two For Tuesday

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    Via Newsday

    The Yankees on Monday sent pitcher Shane Greene to Triple-A Scranton / Wilkes-Barre to reduce their mound staff to 12. With Cervelli going on the DL, that means two players will be called up Tuesday, including a catcher. The Yankees are expected to call up John Ryan Murphy instead of Austin Romine, who spent a few days with the club last week.

    For the infield spot, the Yankees could add former Oakland and Detroit player Scott Sizemore. The 29-year-old played two games in the majors in the previous two seasons because of injuries, but he is batting .344 in 10 games for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

    Or the Yankees could add corner infielder / outfielder Russ Canzler. The 28-year-old, who has appeared in the majors with Tampa Bay and Cleveland, is batting .276 in nine games at Triple-A.

    Infielder Corban Joseph, who appeared in two games for the Yankees last season, is another possibility. The 25-year-old is hitting .217 in seven Triple-A games.

    None of those players is on the 40-man roster. The Yankees could create room by moving infielder Brendan Ryan (back) to the 60-day DL.

    And, people thought that Slim Pickens died in 1983.

    Miguel Sulbaran

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    Traded twice before the age of 21.  Is that a good sign?

    Austin Romine?

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    Seriously, that’s the best move you can make to replace Teixeira?

    That’s a sad state of your 40-man roster…

    Solarte Over Nunez

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    Oh, solo mio Noonie!

    For the record, it’s pronounced Yahn-HUR-veese Soh-LAHR-tay.

    Son Of A…

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    Well, they can also have this as their claim to fame…

    Ervin Santana

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    Good things come to those who wait?

    Rakuten Golden Eagles Sign Sergio Mitre

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    It’s only a matter of days now until Brian Cashman posts for him.

    Gritty, Gutty, Going Nowhere For Five Years

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    Via Bob Klapisch

    Remember all that off-season chatter about Brett Gardner being traded, especially after the Yankees signed Jacoby Ellsbury as a free agent? You can forget the subject was ever raised, as Gardner agreed to a four-year contract extension worth $52 million Sunday.

    Even though he wasn’t eligible for free agency until after the 2015 season, the Yankees had no intention of letting Gardner slip away, giving him a huge raise over the $5.6 million he’s earning in 2014.

    “The numbers worked out for both sides,” general manager Brian Cashman said. “Brett is tough, and has really developed into a solid, everyday major league player.”

    Gardner’s willingness to forego free agency might’ve seemed odd considering how much outfielders are currently earning, including Ellsbury’s $153 million, seven-year deal. But as much as Gardner was “intrigued” by possibly testing his value on the open market, he also said he was “scared” of free agency.

    That, along with his desire to begin and end his career with one team, moved along negotiations that began a few weeks ago and ended with Sunday’s announcement.

    Where Gardner fits in 2014 largely depends on several other factors, including how many times Derek Jeter is used in the DH spot. If the captain is healthy, Gardner will be in left field every day, especially at home where he and Ellsbury, with their speed, will be especially suited for the Stadium’s vast dimensions in left-center. But if Jeter can’t play more than 120 games at short, and instead needs to increase his DH at-bats, the Yankees might be forced to use Alfonso Soriano in left more than they’d like. The Bombers would like to use Soriano as the primary DH and limit his exposure to right field, where he has never played.

    For now, however, Gardner is happy with the deal and happy to be staying put. “Where I come from [Holly Hill, S.C.], this is a lot of money,” he said.

    That’s a lot of money for a guy whose lifetime OPS+ is 97 (in 2,228 big league PA). Of course, yes, that’s just the bat and you have to include Gardner’s glove into the equation as well.

    To me, Gardner is a lot like Lance Johnson. And, it would not shock me to see him have good seasons for the next four years – in terms of being a league average hitter with speed who plays very good defense.

    I’m not saying he will do that…just that he might/could do it.

    Time will tell…

    Also: What does this say for the state (and future) of Yankees outfield prospects, now that the Yankees have two runners locked up long term – and that Beltran will be around, contractually, for a while?

    Yanks Ink Andrew Bailey

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    Via CSN -

    The Yankees and Andrew Bailey have agreed to an incentive-laden minor league, Buster Olney tweets.

    Bailey had surgery in July to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder and the Red Sox were comfortable letting him walk. Bailey managed to record just 44 innings after being acquired by the Red Sox from Oakland in a 2011 winter trade.

    Following the surgery, Bailey likely won’t be ready to pitch until mid-May at the earliest.

    There were reportedly more than 15 teams interested in Bailey’s services, but in the end, the Yankees end up poaching their second Red Sox of the offseason. The Yanks signed Jacoby Ellsbury earlier in the winter.

    Born in New Jersey and went to High School there. And, he attended college on Staten Island. Expect the Yankees to work the local boy angle coming home to death…

    Consider this David Aardsma, Part II.

    Cashman specializes in this move – signing those who should be left for dead.

    Yanks Give No. 24 To Scott Sizemore

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    I really wish they would reassign #13 this spring too…

    Tanaka To Yanks For $155 Million

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    Via Paul White -

    Masahiro Tanaka is headed to the New York Yankees, who are once again spending money with the determination of years past.

    Fox Sports is reporting that the prize of this winter’s free-agent class has agreed to terms on a seven-year, $155 million contract with the Yankees, the latest move in a winter of wild spending for the club.

    Between outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran, catcher Brian McCann and now Tanaka, the Yankees have expended $438 million in an effort to return to dominance.

    That doesn’t include the $20 million posting fee the Yankees must pay to the Rakuten Golden Eagles, Tanaka’s team in Japan.

    And though Tanaka has never thrown a pitch in the major leagues, the Yankees did not hesitate to offer him the fifth-largest contract ever for a pitcher.

    Their agreement with Tanaka also comes less than two weeks after they had $25 million of 2014 payroll freed with 162 games of slugger Alex Rodriguez’s suspension upheld by an arbitrator.

    Is this Cashman/Afterman? Or, is this like the Soriano deal where it was Levine and others? The next few days could be interesting as the story unfolds.

    Bye-Bye Vernon

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    Matt Thornton

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    Just don’t let him face a righty.

    Hey, it could be worse. It’s not Felix Heredia, Damaso Marte, Buddy Groom, Gabe White, Billy Traber or a toasted Pedro Feliciano.

    Yanks To Sign Brian Roberts

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    Brian Cashman brings you the Roberts signing in the fine tradition that gave you Kevin Youkilis, Travis Hafner, Nick Johnson, et al as Yankees free agent pick-ups.

    Tigers Sign Joba

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    He rules!

    Yankees Sign Carlos Beltran

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    The story.

    No question, he is better than Vernon Wells.

    Yanks Re-Sign Hiroki Kuroda

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    Yes, he will be 39-years old next season and had an ERA of 6.56 over his last 8 starts this season. Just saying…

    Granderson Agrees To $60 Million Deal With The Mets

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    The story.

    Going to be an interesting day on WFAN at 1 PM this afternoon.

    Cano Agrees To $240 Million Deal With The M’s

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    The story.

    At that price, you have to let him go.

    Jacoby Ellsbury

    Posted by on December 3rd, 2013 · Comments (27)

    I just heard the news at 10 PM.

    Jacoby Ellsbury? My first reaction was to laugh out loud.

    The guy has basically had two great years, over the last six seasons.

    At the least, this has to mean than Cano and Granderson are goners. And, you know me: Always look at the bright side.

    Chris Stewart

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    Stewart was a horrifically bad hitter (or should I say batter?) for the Yankees last season. And, for a guy whose calling card is his defense behind the plate, he had a ton of PB+WP relative to his playing time. Also, to be candid, he’s a guy who has no business being a regular catcher at the major league level – and maybe not even a case as a often used back-up guy.

    But, he was somewhat easy to root for…sort of like seeing an everyday guy trying to play baseball at a high level. And, for sure, without question, no one could ever accuse him of using PEDs!

    He worked hard when he was here and I wish him well in Pittsburgh. And, as bad as he was, I would still rather have him over Cervelli.

    Jim Johnson & Doug Fister Trades

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    I like the Fister trade for both teams. Seems fair to me. But, the Johnson trade? Jemile Weeks? Seriously?

    Dan Duquette is doing a pretty good job for Baltimore. So, maybe he sees something that I am missing here?

    Phil Hughes To The Twins

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    He is expected to receive $24 million for three years.

    Remember when Brian Cashman refused to trade him to Minny?

    In any event, as long as he’s no longer a Yankee…that’s all that matters.

    Looks like the Twin Cities is the landing spot for former Yankees dough-boy starters. First Pavano and now Hughes.

    Yanks Sign Brian McCann For $85 Million

    Posted by on November 23rd, 2013 · Comments (31)

    The story.

    7-time all-star. But, he looks chubby to me.

    The Yankees Have Signed Yamaico Navarro & Antoan Richardson This Off-Season!

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    We are saved!

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