• SNY Yankees Postgame Video

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    To watch postgame video from last night’s loss to the Red Sox, click play below:

    Berg & Reynolds Discuss Big Yanks Need

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    Ted Berg, of SNY.tv, talks to Harold Reynolds, of MLB.com and SNY, regarding the one thing that the Yankees need to do to stay in the race in for a post-season berth. Here’s the video:

    The Yankees starting pitching before the All-Star break allowed batters to hit .281/.340/.417 against them. And, since the All-Star break, batters are hitting .276/.331/.412 against Yankees starting pitching. So, the starters have been consistent – at the least. (As far as the Yankees bullpen, the numbers are: .229/.306/.366 allowed before the break compared to .241/.335/.398 after the break.)

    But, to Reynolds’ point, you don’t know what’s going to happen with Mussina over the next two months. And, losing Chamberlain hurts – and then some.

    Can Hughes and Kennedy…or…gulp…Pavano come to the rescue? Or, are the Yankees now at the mercy of the waiver wire?

    Hey, is that Hank Stein down in Tampa, walking around, and muttering “A Santana. A Santana. My kingdom for a Johan Santana!”?

    Murti: The Pudge Report

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    Sweeny Murti wraps up the Pudge Rodriguez trade from a Yankees perspective – along with some reaction from Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi. The video via SNY.tv:

    It will be interesting to see who takes over the “8th inning role” now – with Farnsworth gone. In the Yankees 107 games this season, to date, Farnsworth pitched in the 8th inning 30 times.

    Jose Veras and Edwar Ramirez have both pitched for the Yankees 14 times in the 8th inning, so far, this season. So, those two will probably get first crack at it…for now.

    Johnny Damon Nails It

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    A-Rod, Damon, Rasner and Girardi talk about the Yankees tough loss last night. The video via SNY.tv:

    Johnny Damon makes an excellent point. The Yankees offense does need to start showing up earlier in these games – and allowing the Yankees pitchers to have some room to work. Otherwise, the whole nut falls on New York’s pitchers to win the game – with little margin for error. And, that doesn’t work for guys like Ponson and Rasner…and sometimes Mussina.

    And, with the way the Yankees rotation is set-up now…with Ponson, Mussina and Rasner all lined-up in a row…the potential for more three-game losing streaks is there…unless the bats start scoring more runs during the first five innings of a game.

    Joba The Jukebox Hero?

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    Joba Chamberlain takes on SNY’s Steve Overmeyer in a game of Guitar Hero. The video via SNY.tv:

    I’m glad Overmeyer warned Joba about the Joel Zumaya thing because that’s the first thing that I thought of when I saw this clip.

    What’s next for Joba? Maybe he can challenge Nancy Newman and Bob Lorenz to a game of Twister or something?

    Murti, Jeter, Hanging Till The House Lights Go On

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    Sweeny Murti wraps up the All-Star game, from a Yankees perspective, early this morning – along with some reaction from A-Rod, Mo and Jeter. The video via SNY.tv:

    Speaking of A-Rod and Jeter. I’ve heard that Alex Rodriguez left the ballpark before the end of the game – whereas Derek Jeter stayed on the bench, rooting and signing autographs, until the winning run was scored in the fifteen inning.

    Would it have killed Alex to follow Derek’s lead on this one? Leaving early sort of implies that A-Rod feels he’s bigger than the game, no?

    Murti & Jeter Chat During ASG Workout

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    Sweeny Murti talks to Derek Jeter, yesterday, about all-things “All-Star.” The video via SNY.tv:

    Did you know that there have only been seven players to get a hit, as a Yankee, during an All-Star game at Yankee Stadium? Here’s the list: Willie Randolph and Reggie Jackson (1977); Bill Skowron and Mickey Mantle (1960); Red Rolfe, George Selkirk and Joe DiMaggio (1939).

    There’s never been a Yankee to get two hits in an All-Star game at Yankee Stadium. It would not shock me to see Derek Jeter to become the first to do it this evening.

    Pinstripe Pancho Villa Day Post-Game Reaction

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    Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu, Joe Girardi, and Jason Giambi talk about the Yankees big win yesterday afternoon. The video via SNY.tv:

    I’m still not sure what to make of Girardi doing his post-game wearing a fake “Big G” mustache. Fun and unifying? Or, sophomoric and lacking dignity? Or, perhaps, all of the above?

    Murti: Lords Of The Rings Lead In Big Win

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    Sweeny Murti, Andy Pettitte, Joe Girardi, and Derek Jeter talk about the Yankees big win last night. The video via SNY.tv:

    All that’s missing in those post-game interviews is Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days blasting on a clubhouse boombox in the background…

    Seriously, a huge game for Pettitte last night. One of the ten best that he’s ever pitched for the Yankees.

    Now, today, with Sidney Ponson…well, we’ll see…

    Girardi, Gardner & Joba – About Last Night

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    Joe Girardi, Brett Gardner and Joba Chamberlain talk about the Yankees win yesterday. The video via SNY.tv:

    It’s nice to see some of the new and young faces becoming voices for the team. It reminds me of guys like Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Rivera, etc., starting to step up in the late ’90’s.

    Subway Series Pulse Check On Yanks & Mets

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    Today, Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog and I sat down with SNY’s Chris Cotter to discuss both Yankees and Mets fans perspectives on their favorite teams at this point in the season – as we head into another chapter of the Subway Series. Here’s the video:

    Hal Stein & Derek Jeter On Mets & Randolph

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    The video via SNY.tv:

    Jeter being Jeter.

    Hank and Hal Steinbrenner are the real life Julius and Vincent Benedict. In the words of Chandler Muriel Bing, “Could they be any more different?”

    Reaction To The Jose Guillen Homer

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    Via SNY.tv – Mo, Moose, Joe and Damon talk about the homer that cost the Yankees the game yesterday:

    Is it just me, or, is Girardi already starting to appear beat-up? In this video, it almost looks as if he’s about to cry. The last two months must seem like a year, already, for him.

    Jonathan Mayo On Yanks & Draft

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    Ted Berg, of SNY.tv, talks to Jonathan Mayo, of MLB.com, regarding the Yankees and the draft this week. Here’s the video:

    Gerrit Cole? Baseball America has him ranked as the 17th best prospect in the draft. He may not be around when they Yankees get to make their first pick. Besides, we’re still waiting for the last Yankees “first-round RHP from a California High School” pick to reach his “potential,” aren’t we?

    For me, when it comes to the first round, take the best bat available in terms of batting eye combined with production or the best college starting pitcher in terms of stuff and command. Those are the ones more likely to give you something down the line.

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