• Jeter’s Contribution To The Yankees Franchise

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    Well, here’s one way to place a number on it.

    And, of course, this doesn’t factor in all those jerseys and T-shirts sold with a “2” on the back of them since 1996…

    One SS List Jeter Will Never Make

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    Here it is.

    Hey, Derek can’t make them all, right?

    And Phil Hughes Makes It 157…

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    Here’s the other 156.

    Enjoy the game tonight!

    Is Yankees Line-Up Full Of Strikeout Batters?

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    Yup, pretty much. So, how is this different from last season?

    Here’s 2010:

    Rk Pos   G PA SO 6
    1 RF Nick Swisher# 150 635 139
    2 1B Mark Teixeira# 158 712 122
    3 CF Curtis Granderson* 136 528 116
    4 SS Derek Jeter 157 739 106
    5 LF Brett Gardner* 150 569 101
    6 UT Jorge Posada# 120 451 99
    7 3B Alex Rodriguez 137 595 98
    8 2B Robinson Cano* 160 696 77
    9 DH Marcus Thames 82 237 61
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 10/5/2010.

    And, here’s 2009:

    Rk Pos   G PA SO 6
    1 RF Nick Swisher# 150 607 126
    2 1B Mark Teixeira# 156 707 114
    3 C Jorge Posada# 111 438 101
    4 LF Johnny Damon* 143 626 98
    5 3B Alex Rodriguez 124 535 97
    6 SS Derek Jeter 153 716 90
    7 DH Hideki Matsui* 142 526 75
    8 2B Robinson Cano* 161 674 63
    9 CF Melky Cabrera# 154 540 59
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 10/5/2010.


    Looks like the delta here is the call to go with Granderson, Thames and Gardner over Damon, Matsui and Cabrera.

    How Many Times Have Yanks Won This Season Without Homering?

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    Here’s the answer.

    Why Is Bernie Williams Showing Up In Derek Jeter’s Crystal Ball?

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    Here’s the answer.

    A-Rod Closing In On Babe, Tex Closing In On Both

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    Read all about it.

    My money is on Teixeira.

    It’s A WAR In The A.L. East This Season

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    Read all about it.

    Man, it’s a killer to see Ian Kennedy’s name on this list…

    Derek Jeter: The 100/10/10 King

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    Hey, not all records are very sexy. But, I’m sure this one will be mentioned, at least a bit, when D.J. makes his way to Cooperstown.

    Three A-Bombs For A-Rod!

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    Today, Steve Finley…tomorrow, Joe Carter!

    The Babe, Sammy & A-Rod

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    They’re the top three in terms of most HRs in their first 2,267 games.

    So, in the end, what do you think – will A-Rod’s legacy be more like that of the Babe, or, more like that of Sammy Sosa?

    The A-Rod HR Stat That Says It All?

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    Well, if anything, these numbers show that it’s not 2007 anymore…or even 2005…

    Posada’s Milestone 1,000th RBI

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    Need some context?

    Here it is!

    Another Record Mariano Can Shoot For…

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    Like he really needs another pelt on his belt, right?

    Jeter & Bernie Among All-Time Worst Fielders?

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    Related to a feature that M.J. highlighted this morning, Andy at B-R.com’s Stat of the Day Blog takes it a step further and offers this nugget. Interesting stuff…

    So, what do you think?  Are these two modern day Yankees heroes among the worst ever, defensively, in the history of the game?  Or, were they just below average and played a lot because of their bats?

    How Bad Has Joba Been This Season?

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    Really, really, bad.

    Teixeira’s Last 28 Games

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    Yeah, I would say he’s hot now – wouldn’t you?

    How Ugly Is The Yankees Bullpen This Season?

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    It’s this ugly.

    Really Expected More Mo

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    Gotta say, I’m shocked to see Mariano Rivera make this list only as many times as Phil Hughes did…

    Well, Well, Well…

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    So, what do you think? Is this good news or bad news about the Yankees pitching staff this season?

    Putting Phil Hughes 2010 To Date In Perspective

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    You can read about it here.

    Yeah, Andy Hawkins…

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    I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw Andy Hawkins make this cut

    Unlucky #16 For Mo Rivera

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    In the last 15 years, Mo Rivera has pitched in 930 regular season games and in only 16 of those 930 games has he recorded just two outs or less while allowing 2 earned runs or more.

    An amazing stat, huh?

    And, of course, #16 came yesterday – on May 16th, no less. Go figure.

    Finding A-Rod? Yes, Cantu.

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    Looking at this list, I see that Alex Rodriguez, to date this season, has the same Slugging Percentage (.440) as Ichrio, the same number of Homeruns (3) as Carl Crawford, and the same On Base Average (just about) as Martin Prado.

    Imagine…some combination of Ichiro, Crawford and Prado as your clean-up hitter.

    O.K., that’s not as bad as having Jorge Cantu as your clean-up hitter…or, maybe it is?

    Cantu has an OPS of .769 so far this season…compared to an OPS of .801 for A-Rod. And, when you factor in that Alex plays in a hitter’s park like Yankee Stadium and Cantu plays in a pitcher’s park like Sun Life Stadium, those numbers are not that far off, are they?

    Where Have A-Rod’s Early Season Homers Gone?

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    The numbers on this one speak for themselves.

    So, what do you say Yankeeland? Anyone worried about A-Rod’s lack of taters to start this season?

    Have Hughes & Sabathia Just Been Lucky So Far This Year?

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    There are some numbers to suggest this may be true.

    Then again, maybe it’s just the Yankees defense playing well behind them?

    An Interesting List Of Batters

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    Check out this list.

    Note where some Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox fall on this leader board. Pretty interesting stuff…

    The Company Javy Vazquez Is Keeping

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    It’s a gang of 26!

    Terry Mulholland and Bob Ojeda in ’94? Was the Yankees 1994 season opening starting rotation really Jimmy Key, Terry Mulholland, Jim Abbott, Melido Perez and Bob Ojeda? Yes, it seems to be true.

    Back to Vazquez…what if his 2010 turns out like Mike Mussina’s 2004? If it does, that’s going to be somewhat uncomfortable, no?

    Javy Vazquez – The King Of Ordinary Starters?

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    I dunno? You tell me. Here are the numbers.

    So, You Want Jesus Montero To Be The Yanks Next D.H.?

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    Montero is currently 20-years old. And, as history shows us, in the big leagues, you just don’t ask a kid under the age of 24 to be a full-time D.H.

    If Jesus is going to play for the Yankees, full-time, it’s going to be at a position other than D.H. – once he’s ready for the majors.

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