• What, Robinson Cano Didn’t Make The Top Five?

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    He wuz robbed.

    Here Come The Judge

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    Yanks In 1st In A.L. East & Have 2nd Most Wins In Baseball

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    Facts are facts, after all.

    Winning six of their last seven, of course, has helped offset a 4-5 start.

    Can Yangervis Solarte, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Michael Pineda, Masahiro Tanaka and Shawn Kelley keep up their great pace? Can Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia, Brian Roberts and Brian McCann pick up their pace? Will Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and David Robertson not break down?

    You tell me.

    They Don’t Make UCLs In The USA Like They Used To…

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    Some interesting stats via Captain America -

    Since 1977 there have been 372 documented TJ surgeries in MLB… 345 (93%) have been performed on American players while 27 (7%) have involved international players… Since 2010 there has been 124 TJ surgeries and an astonishing 83 in the last 2 years!

    How do the numbers stack up proportion wise based on the MLB player constituency? Not even close. It fluctuates daily but over the past few years when the vast majority of TJ surgeries have occurred, MLB has been comprised of roughly 60% American players and 40% International…

    I still think there’s something missing here in terms of the stats. But, assuming that it’s correct that Americans are more likely to blow out their UCL in the majors, there’s got to be a reason, right?

    Pineda & Tanaka Have Been Outstanding…

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    …so far. But, then again, it’s only April 17th.

    And, it’s only been 3 starts each, for them, to date this season. And, the Yankees have only played 15 games this season.

    Remember Carl Pavano in 2005 and A.J. Burnett in 2010?  This is how they did in the Yankees first 15 games in those seasons.

    Rk Player Year #Matching W L ERA GS IP ER HR BB SO
    1 Andy Pettitte 2007 4 Ind. Games 1 0 1.93 4 23.1 5 1 7 12
    2 Carl Pavano 2005 4 Ind. Games 1 2 2.86 4 22.0 7 3 3 14
    3 Mike Mussina 2006 4 Ind. Games 2 1 2.67 4 27.0 8 2 6 23
    4 Chien-Ming Wang 2008 3 Ind. Games 3 0 1.23 3 22.0 3 1 4 11
    5 Masahiro Tanaka 2014 3 Ind. Games 2 0 2.05 3 22.0 5 2 2 28
    6 CC Sabathia 2013 3 Ind. Games 3 0 1.57 3 23.0 4 1 4 19
    7 CC Sabathia 2010 3 Ind. Games 2 1 1.66 3 21.2 4 1 8 19
    8 CC Sabathia 2011 3 Ind. Games 0 1 1.45 3 18.2 3 0 7 17
    9 Michael Pineda 2014 3 Ind. Games 2 1 1.00 3 18.0 2 1 3 15
    10 Andy Pettitte 2010 3 Ind. Games 2 0 1.35 3 20.0 3 0 9 14
    11 Andy Pettitte 2009 3 Ind. Games 2 0 2.53 3 21.1 6 1 2 10
    12 Andy Pettitte 2013 3 Ind. Games 3 0 2.01 3 22.1 5 2 5 12
    13 Andy Pettitte 2008 3 Ind. Games 2 1 3.38 3 18.2 7 1 7 9
    14 Hiroki Kuroda 2013 3 Ind. Games 2 1 2.87 3 15.2 5 0 5 12
    15 Randy Johnson 2006 3 Ind. Games 2 1 2.25 3 20.0 5 1 0 16
    16 A.J. Burnett 2010 3 Ind. Games 2 0 2.37 3 19.0 5 1 6 13
    17 A.J. Burnett 2009 3 Ind. Games 2 0 3.20 3 19.2 7 3 9 17
    18 A.J. Burnett 2011 3 Ind. Games 2 0 3.86 3 16.1 7 2 8 17
    19 Kevin Brown 2004 3 Ind. Games 3 0 1.29 3 21.0 3 0 4 14
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 4/17/2014.


    Welcome To The World Of Phil Hughes, Twins Fans

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    Via FOX Sports -

    For the third time in as many starts, one inning doomed Phil Hughes.

    In his season debut, it was the fifth inning. Last week against Oakland, it was the first inning. Thursday, the sixth inning got the best of Hughes.

    The new Minnesota Twins right-hander cruised through five scoreless innings Tuesday against Toronto before it all came crashing down in a five-run sixth frame. Four of those runs were charged to Hughes as he was on the hook for the loss in the Twins’ 9-3 defeat.

    “So far, three starts, three bad innings,” Hughes said after the loss.

    After needing 74 pitches to get through five scoreless innings, Hughes simply couldn’t get anyone out in the sixth despite holding a 2-0 lead. He surrendered a leadoff double down the left-field line to Munenori Kawasaki, and followed that up with an RBI single by Jose Bautista for Toronto’s first run of the game.

    Adam Lind followed Bautista with a single to center to send Bautista to third. Edwin Encarnacion recorded the Blue Jays’ fourth consecutive hit to open the inning as he singled off Hughes to drive in Bautista and tie the game at 2.

    “It looked like the ball was still coming out of his hand, but he sure wasn’t making any pitches,” said Twins manager Ron Gardenhire. “They hit I don’t know how many balls in a row right on the screws. He was cruising before that.”

    Piney Lazarus?

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    Tony Blengino thinks Michael Pineda could be on the verge of doing something historic. Then again, he’d probably be happy to see the Pineda deal come back to haunt the Mariners.

    Very Phunny

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    Should Jeter Now Volunteer To Play First?

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    …assuming his quad is not that bad…while Tex is out?

    Or, maybe Soriano should play first?

    Pineda Tarda

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    Something tells me we have not heard the last of this one.

    General Joe really danced around it in the YES post-game.

    Brett Tomko

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    Brett Tomko last pitched in the majors back in 2011.

    He’s 41 now and pitching for the Omaha Storm Chasers. Basically, since 2010, he’s been hanging on in the minor leagues.

    But, he’s still at it…at forty-one. Dude must really love to compete.

    Dean Anna

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    Think he enjoyed being announced at Opening Day today?

    Drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 26th round of the 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft, for those scoring at home.

    What a thrill it must have been for him…

    FOX Ready To Buy Yankees?

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    Source: Going on nothing more than a recurring rumor from high places, FOX, now the majority owner of YES, is prepared to buy the Yankees.

    Now, wouldn’t that be interesting?

    And, while CBS was a bad trip, back in the day, I doubt this could be any worse than the Levine-Trost-Cashman run Yankees.

    Hideki Irabu Had An ERA Of 2.70 After His First Major League Start

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    It’s true. You can look it up.

    Maybe She Can Get A Gift Basket As A Consolation Prize?

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    The story.

    The Astros Did Lose 324 Games In The 3 Seasons Before This One, Right?

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    Either they got a lot better, or, the Yankees are really making them look good.

    It’s Only One Game…It’s Only One Game…It’s Only One Game…

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    …until it’s not.

    Teixeira & Sabathia Among Top 10 Highest Paid This Year

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    The entire Top 10 is as follows:

    1. Zack Greinke, Dodgers: $28 million
    2. Ryan Howard, Phillies: $25 million
    3. Cliff Lee, Phillies: $25 million
    4. Robinson Cano, Mariners: $24 million
    4 (tie). Prince Fielder, Rangers: $24 million
    6. Cole Hamels, Phillies: $23.5 million
    7. Mark Teixeira, Yankees: $23.125 million
    8. Albert Pujols, Angels: $23 million
    8 (tie). Joe Mauer, Twins: $23 million
    8 (tie). CC Sabathia, Yankees: $23 million


    Somehow, I don’t see them giving the Yankees $46 million worth of production this season. But, seeing Tex’s paycheck, now I know why I think “Roger Dorn” every time I see him open his mouth.

    Don Baylor’s Injury

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    Gosh, this was ugly – if you saw it on TV.

    Keri: Yanks To Go 84-78

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    Read all about it.

    Every where you turn, folks are predicting the Yankees to be around an 86-win team this year. The whole world can’t be wrong, can they?

    D-Rob Losing A Tick?

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    Via George King -

    Multiple scouts pointed out a slight dip in David Robertson’s velocity in the final days of spring training.

    “He was 88 to 90 mph the last time I saw him and he is usually 92 and a tick above,’’ a talent evaluator said of the Yankees’ closer. “His velocity was down a little bit. He can usually pop out a 93. I don’t know, he might have been working on something, but it was down.”

    According to Brian Cashman, he hasn’t been made aware of a slip in Robertson’s velocity and therefore isn’t concerned.

    “It hasn’t come up at all,’’ the general manager said.

    A check of Robertson’s velocity numbers last season indicates he throws harder as the season progresses. In early April he was at 90.5 mph. At the end of May it was 93.2. In the final days of June it was 92.4. At the end of July he was at 92 and at the end of August, 91.5. On Sept. 29 Robertson’s fastball was 91.8.

    So, while 88 to 90 might indicate a drop, its high side is only a half mph from what Robertson threw early last April.

    Hey, it happens.

    This is just about the age where Gregg Olson, another short-righty-curveballer, went south.


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    He’s Got A Wipeout Pitch With That Splitter

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    Nope, that’s not someone talking about Masahiro Tanaka’s splitter this spring – although it sounds like what you hear everyday this spring about the new Yankees hurler’s signature pitch. More so, it’s what they were saying about (then) Yankees “stud” import starting pitcher Jose Contreras in 2003:

    The knee buckled, the pitch knuckled and, in the stands at Yankee Stadium, Billy Connors might have chuckled. When José Contreras struck out the Orioles’ Jay Gibbons on a forkball in the seventh inning yesterday, it delighted Connors, the Yankees’ organizational pitching sage. This is what the Yankees had been waiting for.

    ”When he can pitch ahead, he’s going to have great success, because he can wipe you out,” Connors said. ”He’s got a wipeout pitch with that split.”

    Consider the Orioles wiped out. Making his first appearance for the Yankees in more than 11 weeks, Contreras dominated Baltimore for seven innings in a 7-0 victory. He allowed three singles and a walk, striking out five and showing the combination of power pitching and trickery that the Yankees found so irresistible last winter.

    Contreras threw fastballs that reached 97 miles an hour, but all of his strikeouts came on splitters. Or, more precisely, they came on the pitch that is now called the splitter. ”It’s an old-fashioned forkball,” said Mel Stottlemyre, the Yankees’ pitching coach.

    For the record, two years into his Yankees career, Contreras was traded for the immortal Esteban Loaiza.

    On The Field Of Play A.L. East Prediction

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    Another one showing the Yankees with 85-87 wins this season.

    You Can’t Tell The Players Without A Handwriting Analyst

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    Great feature!

    Greg Maddux is the worst.  You would never know it’s him.  And, I hate it when people change their autograph.  Andruw Jones is guilty of that one.

    CBS Baseball Writing Staff Predictions

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    Heyman likes those O’s!

    My Great 2014 Yankees Prediction

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    At best, third place in the A.L. East – but missing the playoffs.

    At worst? I don’t think they will finish last. But, I think it’s possible that they could be closer to last place than they are to first place, in terms of games in standings…again, at the worst.

    Why? The pitching staff – both the rotation and the bullpen – is far from a proven thing. Their infield is a wreck. And, their outfield is flawed…given Gardner’s lack of power, Ellsbury’s injury risk, and Beltran’s wheels and lack of defense. (He makes Bobby Abreu look good in right.) Plus, at DH, Soriano gets eaten up by right-handed pitching.

    There’s no stud batter on this team. There’s no proven set-up man in the bullpen. There’s age and uncertainty in the rotation. And, who knows that Johnson, Jeter, Roberts and Tex are going to produce…or if any of them will be there for the whole season?

    Anyone who thinks this team is a playoff contender is dreaming.

    It’s Still 15 Seconds Too Much

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    MLB: Only 15 seconds of intro music allowed in 2014.

    To this day, I still amazed that Mickey Mantle was ever able to hit a homerun without the aid of intro music!


    Durham To Wear R2-D2

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    Cool story, good cause.

    Yanks Willing To Eat Part Of Ichiro’s Contract

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    Via Jon Heyman

    The Yankees are said willing to offset a part of Ichiro Suzuki’s $6.5-million salary in the right deal, sources said.

    The Yankees would seek to receive a good prospect back but are said by rival executives amendable to paying down a portion of his $6.5 million salary under those circumstances.

    Ichiro, 40, only fits as a backup outfielder with the Yankees, as their starting outfield is stacked with younger stars Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and Brett Gardner. The Yankees also have Alfonso Soriano, who’s looked very good this spring — “better than before,” one scout said — so Ichiro, the international icon, will be an unusually limited role.

    Yankees general manager Brian Cashman declined comment about any possible trades talks, though there is no evidence anything’s hot at the moment. That could change depending on team needs. the Tigers are one team that suffered a loss in the outfield when the lefty-hitting Andy Dirks was lost for a few months after having back surgery.

    Cashman, however, said he had “no concern” about Ichiro taking to a role as a fourth outfielder after being such a worldwide star throughout his illustrious career. Cashman actually said Ichiro would make a fine fourth outfielder.

    “He’s a great defender and he can steal a base,” Cashman said. “He provides us with options.”

    Ichiro hit .262 with seven home runs and a .639 OPS last year, and he’s hitting .225 so far this spring.

    Ownership gave Ichiro a two-year deal two winters ago likely in part because of his popularity and maketability.

    How come whenever the Yankees have a bad deal on their hand, it’s “ownership” that did it (and not credited to Brian Cashman)? It’s black magic…I suppose?

    In any event, this one is just the appetizer. Mark your calendars. The Yankees will be eating some of Beltran’s, Sabathia’s and Teixeira’s money in 2016, some of McCann’s money in 2017. And, don’t forget that they will be eating a ton of A-Rod’s money some time in the very near future. (And, most likely, they will be eating some money on Ellsbury in 2018 or sooner.)

    They Yankees will be leading the league in eating money. The only question when it happens will be: Will it be pinned to ownership or Cashman?

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