• 1-7

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    The Yankees are 1-7 in the 8 games started by Michael Pineda and Luis Severino this season.

    The Worst Start Of A Girardi Yankees Team

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    Yes, 2016 is worse than last year. It’s worse than 2008. It’s worse by far than the slow start those years. In fact, it’s the only time a Girardi Yankees team has had a losing record at this point, starting the season.

    Now, it’s not his fault. Girardi didn’t build this team. However, we all know the person who constructed this roster will never be held accountable for this mess. He’s never had his feet held to the fire – albeit longer overdue.

    So, here’s the question: If it’s Memorial Day and this thing hasn’t turned around, will the Yankees lame blame and give General Joe his walking papers? He’s only got one year left on his contract after this season.

    Ben Gamel

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    At this point, I would call up Ben Gamel, cut Dustin Ackley – who serves no purpose, and have Gamel play right, move Beltran to DH and bench A-Rod.

    Hicks, Headley & A-Rod

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    Yeah, it’s early.  But, concerning nonetheless.

    Who Is Your Current Favorite Yankee?

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    My soon-to-be 14-year old daughter asked me that the other morning.

    And, for the first time in my entire life, I stalled.

    “THAT’S a GOOD question! Honestly, I do not know. Usually, I don’t even have to think about it! I really don’t have an answer for you now.”

    I guess it would be Andrew Miller. Mostly because he seems to have a great attitude.

    This used to be so easy.

    • From 1973 through 1979, it was Thurman Munson.
    • It was no one special from 1980 through 1982. But, there were many who I liked a lot.
    • From 1983 through 1995, it was Don Mattingly.
    • From 1996 through 2001, it was Paul O’Neill.
    • From 2002 through recently, I had Andy Pettitte, Mo Rivera and Derek Jeter.
    • Heck, even last year, I rooted for John Ryan Murphy.

    This year…I dunno?  Miller, for now…I guess?

    Pull That Peach!

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    A-Rod is slugging .394 so far this spring.

    Yeah, it’s only Spring Training. But, in the same Spring Training, Aaron Hicks is slugging .500. And, Brian McCann is slugging .484. Starlin Castro is at .657 as of this morning. Heck, even Austin Romine is higher than A-Rod, albeit barely, at .400.

    Oh, and, let’s not forget this is the A-Rod who slugged .383 in his last 227 PA of 2015.

    A-Rod has one job on this team: To Slug. He doesn’t play the field…at all.

    It’s sort of a wasted roster spot to have a guy who is only there to hit, and not field whatsoever, if the guy doesn’t hit, right?

    So, if it’s May 30th 2016 and A-Rod is slugging a sub four hundred, will the Yankees pluck him from the roster and say “Bye, bye!” to Mr. Rodriguez? After all, it’s about winning, no? And, you can’t carry dead weight on your roster and win.

    Los Yanquis?

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    I just read that, over the calendar year of 2015, the Yankees signed more talent from outside the United States — 57 players in all — than any team in baseball.

    I assume most of them were from Latin American countries.

    Pulse Check

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    Opening Day is not far away.  Are you excited?

    No, I don’t mean are you excited for baseball.  What I mean is…are you excited for YANKEES baseball?

    Does this current Yankees team and/or their chances thrill you?  Be honest.

    2016 James P. Dawson Award

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    Looks like no one wants this year, huh?

    Chase Headley

    Posted by on March 8th, 2016 · Comments (12)

    Nice guy.  Hard worker.  Bad fielder.  Not much power – in reality.  Under contract for 2 more years after 2016.

    Happy with this, Yankees fans?

    Masahiro Tanaka

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    He seems like a good guy.  And, I want to like him.  But, the next time he wins more than 13 games in a season and/or pitches more than 155 innings, it will be the first time he’s ever done it.

    Even when he was in Japan, he averaged just about 25 starts per season.   (Granted, over there, he only pitched once a week.)

    I really don’t know what to expect from him this season.  Do you?

    I’d Like To Thank The Good Lord For…

    Posted by on February 19th, 2016 · Comments (1)

    …making me a motivated professional?

    John Smoltz

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    I never thought that much about John Smoltz when he was a player – despite his Hall of Fame career.  (Although, his second half in 1991 really saved my fantasy baseball team that season.)  But, then, I read his book.  And, recently, I see A LOT of him on the MLB Network.

    That said, I would hire him in a heartbeat to be the General Manager of my baseball team.  Shoot, I might even go up a level and make him President of Baseball Operations overseeing the General Manager.

    Just wanted to throw that out there in case the Brothers Stein are listening.

    Hanging In

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    Dude is not willing to quit.  Gotta love the attitude!

    Bryce Harper

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    Everyone assumes he will be a Yankee in 2019. (Then again, many assumed that Carl Crawford would be a Yankee after the 2010 season.)

    Harper may come to the Yankees when he can walk away from the Nationals. But, at what cost? Maybe four hundred million? Maybe more? At that price, is it worth it?

    Where Is The Yankees Great Past?

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    Billy Martin, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey, Roger Maris, Phil Rizzuto, Thurman Munson, Elston Howard and Casey Stengel are all dead.  Whitey Ford is 87 years old and can’t be counted on to be around forever.

    Derek Jeter, since retired, doesn’t make many Yankees related appearances.  Most Yankees fans want Reggie Jackson to make less appearances.  Don Mattingly seems more like a Dodger or Marlin these days than a former Yankee. Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson are not wearing Yankees caps on their Cooperstown plaques.

    Who does that leave?  Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Willie Randolph, Roy White, Bernie Williams, Graig Nettles, Jorge Posada, Paul O’Neill, Ron Guidry and Mel Stottlemyre? Someone else?

    For me, the gold standard will always be Ruth-Gehrig-DiMaggio-Mantle-Berra. They were great baseball legends…period. The only still around former Yankees that can get in that team picture are Jeter and Rivera. (And, for the record, Paul O’Neill and Andy Pettitte are two of my all-time favorite Yankees. There’s nothing that I don’t love about them. But, they are not in the class of Jeter or Rivera with respect to standing among baseball’s greats.)

    In reality, the Yankees great past has really taken a hit in the last 50 years or so.

    In 1965, sure, you could stand there and say “Just look at what the Yankees did in the last 44 years! That’s 29 pennants and TWENTY RINGS!” But, to be truthful, from 1965 through 2015, the Yankees were awesome twice – in the late 70′s and late 90′s. That’s it. That’s 51 years and 7 rings. See the difference?

    Granted, yeah, the playoff format is different. There was less rounds before 1973, yadda-yadda. But, still, seven for fifty one is a lot different than twenty for forty four. Right?

    Jacoby Ellsbury

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    He has a great swing and the talent is there.  Yet, the last three years his numbers have been trending in the wrong direction.  And, there’s no sense of urgency for him – as he’s getting a ton of money this season and in the three that follow.

    He’ll never be what he was in 2011.  Something was up that year.

    To be candid, I am not even sure he will play in 140 games in 2016.

    If he does bat .260 and misses 50 games this year, he’ll be a whipping boy…deservedly so.

    One Month Untill Yankees Pitchers & Catchers Report

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    In the last 3 years, the Yankees have won 85-84-and 87 games.

    That’s an average of 85 wins a season, over the last 3 years.

    Is there any reason to think this year’s team is going to be any better than an 85-win team, give or take 2 wins, either way? Why?

    Derek Cheater?

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    There’s no way Jeter would be this dumb. Of course, maybe I am wrong? But, given how protective he is regarding his image/brand, and knowing what happened with others, I just don’t see him taking a PED from this guy.

    Yanks To Trade Gardner To The Mariners?

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    Maybe, according to this report.

    On November 26, 1962, Bill Skowron was traded by the New York Yankees to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Stan Williams.

    That was probably the last time the Yankees traded a homegrown player with the resume and at the age that Brett Gardner has now. That transaction will be 53 years old later this month.

    File this under: You don’t see that everyday…in Yankeeland.

    Mets, Cubs, Royals & Jays

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    Be honest. Right now, these four teams are playing baseball at a level that the 2015 Yankees were never capable of reaching.

    One World Championship In The Last 15 Years

    Posted by on October 7th, 2015 · Comments (17)

    This all goes back to the end of September 2008. That’s when Brian Cashman should have been given his walking papers. But, the Yankees extended his contract, again and again, and here we are in 2015.

    Basically, if you are the usual age of a college senior, or younger, you have no actual memory of seeing the Yankees be a dominant, World Championship, type of team. (And, spare me the “What about 2009?” stuff. That was a gift. A perfect storm of things, including the chemistry or Anthony Bosch.)

    Until the Yankees actually get an astute G.M., nothing will ever change. In baseball today, you can no longer outspend everyone – which is Cashman’s secret sauce. Other teams have money and are willing to spend these days.

    Eighteen years of Cashman is enough. Need proof? Look at the last 15 years. Hey, look at the last NINE YEARS!

    In those 9 years, the Yankees have finished first THREE TIMES. And, they’re not going to finish first next year either. Just watch.

    And, That’s A Wrap On The Yankees 2015 Season

    Posted by on October 6th, 2015 · Comments (17)

    Expect more of the same, or worse, in 2016. There’s really not going to be a lot of roster changes and/or movement among the position players.

    By the way, tonight was only the 5th time in history that the Yankees played a home game at Yankee Stadium in the post-season and had 3 hits or less. And, it’s the only time its happened to them in a potential elimination game.

    The 27-Time World Champion Yankees…

    Posted by on October 4th, 2015 · Comments (11)

    …back into home field for the 2015 A.L. Wildcard game.

    See you on Tuesday.

    A-Rod The Not So Great

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    Coming into the last game of the season, here is Alex Rodriguez’ BA/OBA/SLG line in his last 50 games played: .189/.283/.384 (in 187 PA).

    Yes, that’s a one-eighty-nine batting average over his last one-hundred-eighty-seven plate appearances. Basically, since August 7th, A-Rod has hit like a pitcher in the National League.

    As much as people want to give A-Rod credit for lifting the Yankees this season, they should also realize he is a huge reason why they tanked down the stretch as well.

    The Yankees Are In The Playoffs!

    Posted by on October 2nd, 2015 · Comments (4)

    The party is on!

    Will I watch them in the wildcard game? Of course! And, I will root for them and I hope that they win. (After all, I am a Yankees fan.)

    Do I expect them to play well and advance in the post-season? No, not really…not at all.

    I mean…have you seen them play?

    • They are 10-13 in their last 23 games.
    • They are 27-27 in their last 54 games.
    • Since July 29th, this Yankees team is 30-30.

    Heck, they have gone just 66-60 in their last 126 games. (That translates to being a 85-win team over a full season.)

    This Yankees team is a not a very good team. Yes, they made the playoffs. But, they lose as often as they win…for the last 23, 54, and 60 games. Sixty games is a huge sample size. That’s more than one-third of the season.

    There’s no way this Yankees team is going to win 12 games in the post-season. They probably won’t even win one.


    Posted by on September 30th, 2015 · Comments (10)

    Yankees are 9-12 in their last 21 games. Further, they are 25-25 in their last 50 games.

    What a way to limp into the post-season.

    Shouldn’t you play like a champion if you want any chance to be a champion?

    At This Point, Plan For Getting To Kansas City

    Posted by on September 21st, 2015 · Comments (3)

    The Yankees are not going to catch the Blue Jays. That ship has just about sailed.

    Luckily, New York has a pretty good footing in the wildcard race. It would take a historic collapse for the Yankees not to play in the 2015 A.L. Wildcard game at this point.

    That said, they should start aligning themselves to have their best players – including pitchers! – rested and ready to go for that wildcard game…aiming to win it…and then advance to the ALDS (where they would probably play the Royals).

    Trying to catch the Jays at this point is just futile.

    Astros, Angels & Twins

    Posted by on September 20th, 2015 · Comments (6)

    If you are the Yankees, which team do you want to face in the wildcard game?

    Of course, with Houston, you run the risk of having to face Dallas Keuchel. With the Angels, it would be Garrett Richards or maybe Andrew Heaney.

    The Twins don’t scare me. Besides, the Twins never play well against the Yankees – especially in October.

    Assuming the game is played in Yankee Stadium, the key will be keeping the ball in the park. And, the Angels do have some long ballers.

    For me, I would say the pecking order is Twins-Astros-Angels, in terms of best chances to win the game. And, I suspect it will be Masahiro Tanaka for the Yankees and then Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. And, don’t be shocked if Betances and Miller are asked to cover 3 or 4 innings.

    Yankees Are 97 % Sure To Make The Post-Season

    Posted by on September 16th, 2015 · Comments (6)

    That’s the number according to many of the baseball playoff odds sources out there, as of this morning.

    Now, keep in mind that the Yankees are 12-13 in their last 25 games and 4-7 in the last 11 games.

    So, how do you feel? Do you think the Yankees are a lock for the 2015 post-season with 18 games left to play – including 6 on the road, in a row, against the Blue Jays and Mets?

    Personally, I think it’s going down to the last week of the season. And, then we will see how the Yankees do against the Red Sox and Orioles. Boston is 16-10 in their last 26 games. Baltimore is 8-4 in the last 12 games. If they can continue to play well leading into that last week, things could be tough for New York.

    Lastly, without question, the Yankees MUST beat up on the White Sox when they play them this month. Anything less than winning 3 out of 4 is unacceptable. Chicago is 14-17 in the last 31 games.

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