• Mad Dog

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    This was awesome:

    Maddux. What he did from 1992 from 2002 was amazing. Probably need a better word for it than amazing.

    I always remember how bad Stick Michael want to sign him for the Yankees after 1992. And, I wonder if his career would have been any different if he had signed with the Yankees. (Not that it hurt him, in any way, not to pitch for the Yankees.)

    Clemens, Seaver, Unit and Maddux – easily the best starting pitchers in modern baseball history.

    Cashman Speaks!

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    It’s a good read. Unless, of course, if you are Tyler Austin. Cash doesn’t seem too high on him.

    Clint Frazier

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    When Ginger Frazier gets called up to the Yankees, the ladies and kids are going to love him.  Remember Nick Swisher? It will be something like that…right on the sweet spot for the Millennials and younger. Lots of personality, swagger, tweets, etc.

    But, anyone who thinks he’s going to be the Yankees’ Mike Trout is mistaken.

    At his worst, I think he can be an Eric Byrnes at his peak: a 20-20 player with an OPS in the high 700’s. And, that’s a very useful player. But, it’s not Andrew McCutchen…at least not in terms of the OPS.

    Since 1973, the Yankees best right-handed batting outfielders have been Rickey Henderson, Dave Winfield, Roberto Kelly, Jesse Barfield, Lou Piniella and Gary Sheffield. And, that’s it. So, you can make a case that the Yankees don’t exactly have a history of bringing up young right-handed hitting outfielders and seeing them have a lot of success.

    Remember Hensley Meulens, Juan and Ruben Rivera, Gerald Williams…? Some of them turned out to be useful big leaguers, in time. But, no stars. Heck, maybe the last time the Yankees had a young right-handed hitting outfielder come up and be a star for the team was Hank Bauer?

    Maybe Frazier can be that guy? I just hope the hype and expectations are not his downfall.

    1B, RF and The Last Two Rotation Spots

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    Those are the only real question marks for the Yankees in 2017, in terms of not knowing for sure who is going to fill those roles.

    But, what about the positions that we do know about?

    Up the middle, last year, Didi Gregorius (OPS+ 97) and Starlin Castro (OPS+ 93) where below league average offensive performers. And, per the sabermetric stats, neither one of them was a league average defender. (Castro, in fact, was very bad.)

    At third, Chase Headley was very much improved (compared to 2015) with the glove. But, he also was a below league average offensive performer.

    As far as DH, well, Matt Holliday has to prove that he’s not washed up.

    Don’t even get me started on Jacoby Ellsbury. And, Brett Gardner? He’s become a slap hitter who doesn’t run. This year could be anything when it comes to him – either he rebounds, stays the same, or gets worse.

    Lastly, in terms of hitters, while I hope Gary Sanchez has a great year, we don’t know for sure what’s going to happen there.

    On the pitching side, Tanaka and Sabathia have health/mileage concerns – yet, should be OK. But, does anyone have faith in Michael Pineda?

    For the last 4 seasons, on average, the Yankees have been an 84 win team. Even if everything works out with 1B, RF and those last two rotation spots, how can anyone be confident that the Yankees are any better than they have been since 2013?

    The Yankees 2018 Starting Rotation

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    Sabathia and Pineda will be free agents.  Tanaka can opt out.    Who does that leave for the season after this one?

    Big Hairy Monster Roll Call

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    Jesus Montero is now an Oriole. Peter O’Brien is now a Royal.

    Gary Sanchez is still in the house.

    I Would Trade Aaron Judge NOW

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    If he’s 275 pounds at age 24, pretty soon he’s going to be too big to move around on the field.

    Yes, I know he’s 6′ 7″ tall. Doesn’t matter. Still going to be too big.

    Plus, if you give him 600 PA in 2017, he’s going to strikeout 190+ times. And, unless he has an OPS of 850 or better, everyone is going to harp on those strikeouts – because players who strike out THAT MUCH look bad.

    Clint Frazier, Dustin Fowler and Mark Payton are not that far away. And, you still have Rob Refsnyder and Tyler Austin.

    Plus, Blake Rutherford might be coming fast. And, besides, everyone says the Yankees are going after Harper when he’s a free agent. (And, that would be a mistake, by the way.)

    The value on Aaron Judge may never be higher at this point. Trade him for Jose Quintana, Danny Duffy or Sonny Gray.

    At best, Judge is going to be Richie Sexson or Tony Clark. He’s not going to be Frank Thomas. Trade him now and take advantage of his prospect worth while he still has it.

    Gleyber Torres, Second Baseman?

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    Reportedly, a lot of scouts who watched the AFL this year feel that, in the long-term, Gleyber Torres will end up as a second baseman.

    This is interesting.

    The Yankees already moved Jorge Mateo towards second. Maybe he could end up as an outfielder with his speed?

    But, what about the Yankees future shortstop? They’ve already moved Tyler Wade into a utility type role. Kyle Holder, while 22, has yet to prove that he can even hit Double-A pitching.

    And, what about Nick Solak? Granted, he’s also far, far, away. But, does this push him to third?

    Of course, you still have Didi Gregorius for another three years. But, he’s yet to post a major league season with an OPS+ better than 97. And, the sabermetric stats tell us that he was not a great fielding SS last season. Don’t be shocked if he plays himself out of town next season or the one after.

    Yankees Prospects

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    Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, Gary Sanchez, Blake Rutherford, Jorge Mateo, and Aaron Judge.

    Luis Severino, James Kaprielian, Justus Sheffield, Chance Adams, Dustin Fowler, Domingo Acevedo and Jordan Montgomery.

    Tyler Austin, Rob Refsnyder, Mason Williams, Tyler Wade, Bryan Mitchell, Luis Cessa, Jonathan Holder and Ian Clarkin.

    Am I missing anyone?

    Pretty safe to say that the Yankees now have 15-20 legit prospects in their system for the first time in decades?

    Chris Carter

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    This has Cashman written all over it.

    BHM. (Big Hairy Monster.)

    Ten Kids

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    Is it possible that all ten of these players will be on the Yankees Opening Day roster in 2017?

    Tyler Austin
    Luis Cessa
    Nick Goody
    Aaron Judge
    Rob Refsnyder
    Gary Sanchez
    Ronald Torreyes
    Greg Bird
    Bryan Mitchell
    Dellin Betances

    My Rules

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    I keep reading that the Yankees are going to sign at least two “big free agents” this off-season.

    Boy…would that be a mistake.

    This stuff has to stop. In a perfect world, barring a Jeter or Rivera type situation which is far and few between, I wish the Yankees never had a player over the age of 35…AND…had no one on their payroll making more than $17 million a year.

    Old players and $100 million dollar contracts are a death sentence these days. The Yankees should have learned that by now. Of course, they still have Cashman as a G.M. as well. And, that means they don’t learn from mistakes.


    Somebody Has To Go, Right?

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    At the major league level, the Yankees have Gardner, Ellsbury and Hicks in the outfield next year. (Yeah, for some stupid reason, they love Hicks.)

    However, they also have Aaron Judge, Clint Frazier and Tyler Austin very close in the wings. (I say Austin expecting Bird to play first.) And, there’s more outfielders very close and knocking on the door. You’ve got Dustin Fowler, Mark Payton…and maybe even Mason Williams or Billy McKinney (although I am not too high on the latter two). And, don’t discount Blake Rutherford being a fast mover.

    I know the Yankees would love to unload Ellsbury. But, that’s not going to happen.

    Sure smells like Gardner is going to get traded this off-season, no?

    Sophie’s Choice

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    Full disclosure: I never saw the movie.

    In any event, the next 12 months in Yankeeland are the best possible time to finally get rid of Brian Cashman. If it doesn’t happen during that time, it’s probably not going to happen until the 2020’s. (Ugh!)

    For the LAST FOUR years, the Yankees have been an 85 win team. (The record speaks for itself – 85, 84, 87 and 84 is an average of 85, on the nose.)

    If they pull another 85 or less, that may be enough to send Cashman packing. You don’t have to pay a GM what the Yankees are paying Cashman to get an 85 win team. For sure, if they tank and put up a losing record, that should be “Bye-bye Brian!”

    But, if the Yankees do win less than 86 games in 2017, it’s probably the end for Joe Girardi as well. And, that would be sad. He’s a good man and a solid manager. In fact, if not for him, the Yankees would be more like a 79 win team each of the last four seasons. If anything, Girardi has saved Cashman’s bacon since 2013.

    WWHD? (What would Hal do?)

    If Yankee ownership had to choose between Cashman or Girardi to take the hit for a poor 2017, which one would get whacked?

    I suspect it would be Joe.

    Cashman, Trost and Levine have themselves dug in deeper than an Alabama tick and are super insulated. Plus, they have unity and Girardi is a man on an island.

    Cashman survived Meanwell. In fact, he had her “taken care of” faster than you can say “Vincent Foster.”

    Something big has to happen in the next 12 months to free Yankeeland of Cashman. Bigger than Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa or Javy Vazquez. Worse than Stephen Drew, Jacoby Ellsbury, Travis Hafner, Garrett Jones or Kevin Youkilis. It can’t just be another Cito Culver, Ty Hensley, C.J. Henry or Andrew Brackman. Cashman has proven none of that stuff sticks.

    I don’t know…what do you think it would take? And, if it happened, would it be Girardi or Cashman who would be let go when it happens?

    First Three-Shutout Skid Since 1975

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    Ouch.  Who’s the batting coach again?

    Gary Sanchez…Fastest To 19

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    Gary Sanchez, in terms of his OPS+, is now hitting like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Jason Giambi in their best seasons.

    Rk Name Yrs From To Age
    1 Barry Bonds 4 2001 2004 36-39 Ind. Seasons
    2 Mark McGwire 2 1998 2000 34-36 Ind. Seasons
    3 Gary Sanchez 1 2016 2016 23-23 Ind. Seasons
    4 Sammy Sosa 1 2001 2001 32-32 Ind. Seasons
    5 Jason Giambi 1 2001 2001 30-30 Ind. Seasons
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 9/22/2016.

    Maybe not the company you want to keep?


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    Com’on Yankees. Just give me four more wins this year. After that, you can do whatever you want.


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    This team has the potential to be really good in 2018. But, with Cashman and Company at the helm, I am sure they will screw it up.

    As far as the rest of this year, now it’s time to play spoiler and have some pride in doing it…

    Biggest 4 Game Series Of The Season Right Now?

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    Ya think?

    Going, Going…

    Posted by on September 13th, 2016 · Comments (3)

    …much like the Yankees chances now.

    The Kids Are Alright

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    Austin powers one! Yeah, baby!

    Yanks are now 15-9 since A-Rod left. (Just saying!)

    4 Back With 24 To Go

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    Yankees 7, Blue Jays 6

    Posted by on September 7th, 2016 · Comments (8)


    If two Martians landed today and asked “What’s baseball?,” I would tell them go watch THIS game. It’s a fun one.

    Sunday (9/4) = Must Win?

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    Pretty much, no?

    Masahiro Tanaka

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    Hands down the Yankees MVP this season?

    If not him, who? Didi Gregorius?

    The Last 10 Games Of The Season

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    Will that be the most important 10 games of the Yankees regular season?  What’s the magic number?  Have to win at least seven or more?  Or, will it come down to running the table?

    And, if the Yankees manage to get a home post-season game this year, do they have A-Rod come back and throw out the ceremonial first pitch?

    Yeah, I am kidding there…

    It Feels Like 1995…

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    It’s September 1st and the Yankees are 2.5 games back in the wildcard chase.

    I give much of the credit to Joe Girardi.  He never stopped trying to win games.  He never punted the season.

    Of course, they don’t have a snowball in hell’s chance in the post-season.    They are not Texas, Toronto, Boston or Cleveland.  Those teams have more talent.  But, just to be 2.5 back of a post-season berth now, after how the Yankees started this year, is a huge feather in the helmet of General Joe.

    Sanchez Rules

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    I hope that the Yankees, the media, and, the fans, learned from that Joba Chamberlain experience and don’t put expectations on Gary Sanchez, going forward, that are going to impossible to meet.

    I mean…if he plays 130 games next year and hits 20 homeruns and bats .280, PLEASE, be happy with THAT.

    Sammy Sosa, A-Rod, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Miguel Tejada, Melky Cabrera & Jhonny Peralta

    Posted by on August 21st, 2016 · Comments (2)

    I want to write “I really hope a guy like Gary Sanchez pays attention to guys like this and learns from what happened to them.” But, then again, they all made A LOT of money doing what they did, right?

    Anyway, Sanchez is in a good spot with the Yankees, having catchers like Joe Girardi and Tony Pena on the staff. I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be a jerk. I so badly want to root for this guy.

    Rob Refsnyder

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    They must really hate this kid. Haven’t we seen enough of Aaron Hicks already?

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