• Yankees Are 97 % Sure To Make The Post-Season

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    That’s the number according to many of the baseball playoff odds sources out there, as of this morning.

    Now, keep in mind that the Yankees are 12-13 in their last 25 games and 4-7 in the last 11 games.

    So, how do you feel? Do you think the Yankees are a lock for the 2015 post-season with 18 games left to play – including 6 on the road, in a row, against the Blue Jays and Mets?

    Personally, I think it’s going down to the last week of the season. And, then we will see how the Yankees do against the Red Sox and Orioles. Boston is 16-10 in their last 26 games. Baltimore is 8-4 in the last 12 games. If they can continue to play well leading into that last week, things could be tough for New York.

    Lastly, without question, the Yankees MUST beat up on the White Sox when they play them this month. Anything less than winning 3 out of 4 is unacceptable. Chicago is 14-17 in the last 31 games.

    Where Will The Yankees Be On The Morning Of September 24th?

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    In 1st place? Or, having clinched the wildcard? Or, on life support? Or…dead and buried? Oh, the next 11 days in Yankeeland are going to be interesting.


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    Including tonight’s loss, the Yankees are now 20-19 in their last 39 games. That’s about one-quarter of a season.

    It’s no wonder why the Mets are taking over the town. Miss you, Boss.

    John Ryan Murphy

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    I  really want him to be the Yankees full-time catcher by 2017.  (Let McCann and A-Rod split DH duty by that time – maybe backing up Greg Bird at first…since Tex will be gone by that season.)

    Yankees, Rangers, Twins & Angels

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    It’s pretty much a lock that the Yankees have a wildcard slot this year, right?

    Tm W L W-L% R RA Rdiff SRS pythWL Luck
     NYY 75 59 .560 4.9 4.2 0.6 0.9 76-58 -1
     TEX 71 63 .530 4.4 4.6 -0.2 0.1 64-70 7
     MIN 70 65 .518 4.3 4.4 -0.1 0.2 66-69 4
     LAA 68 67 .504 4.0 4.1 -0.1 0.1 66-69 2
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 9/6/2015.

    Who pitches that game for the Yankees?  Tanaka, Pineda or Severino?

    What’s Left For The 2015 Yankees?

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    Still to be played:

    • 6 games against the Orioles.
    • 6 games against the Rays.
    • 7 games against the Blue Jays.
    • 7 games against the Red Sox.
    • 3 games against the Mets.
    • 4 games against the White Sox.

    That’s a total of 33 games.  Some should be easy – like the ones against Boston and Chicago.  But, some will be tougher – like the ones against Jays and the Mets.  And, some will be interesting – like the ones against Baltimore and Tampa Bay.  Those dozen games against the O’s and Rays may just be the ones to push the Yankees over the top or sink their chances at hanging on to a playoff spot.

    What’s the Yankees magic number here?  Is 17 wins (in 33 games) enough to hang on and make the playoffs?  Or, does the number have to be closer to 18 or 19 wins?  What do you think?

    April & July

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    Two months does not a good season make, does it?

    This Moment In Yankees History Brought To You By Robitussin

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    Cough, Cough…

    Via The Daily News

    For the first time in six weeks, the Yankees are looking up at somebody else.

    The run as the American League East’s top team came to an end Wednesday night when the Indians handed the Yankees (61-51) a 2-1 loss, dropping them to second place in the division as the Blue Jays (63-52) won their 10th straight game.

    The Yankees, meanwhile, have lost five straight and have seen a lead that was as large as seven games on July 28 disintegrate, relegating them to second place for the first time since July 1.

    Seven games in a span of about two weeks. Poooof!

    That’s pretty hard to do.

    And, George would never tolerate it.

    Prediction: Starting Tonight

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    The Yankees will go 17-20 in their next 37 games, including the one this evening. But, what do I know?

    If they prove me wrong, and win at least 20 of their next 37 games, then I will be convinced that they are a legit contender to make the post-season and do some damage in October.

    Ball’s in their court. Prove me right, or, wrong, Yankees.

    Now, watch…they will split the difference and win 18 or 19 of their next 37 games. That would be right on pace with how they have played in their last 73 games.

    Exciting, But…

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    It’s the morning of July 20th and the Yankees are in first place.  That’s exciting.

    But, they have gone 34-32 in the last 66 games (since May 4th). And, that’s just treading water.

    Something tells me that August is going to be make or break time for Yankeeland.

    82 Games Into The 2015 Season

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    I am actually amazed that the Yankees are in first place (at this point in the season).

    No question, Yankee Stadium has something to do with it.  The difference between their home and road records, to date, is huge.  They just hit so much better in the Bronx.

    Can they keep it up over t he next 80 games?  Time will tell.

    The Yankees Are 17-21 In The Last 38 Games

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    That’s May 12th through and including June 23rd.

    Their starting pitching is pretty bad, overall.

    Rk Pos Name Age ERA GS IP ERA+
    1 SP CC Sabathia* 34 5.65 15 87.2 70
    2 SP Michael Pineda 26 4.25 14 84.2 93
    3 SP Adam Warren 27 3.62 13 77.0 109
    4 SP Nathan Eovaldi 25 4.95 14 76.1 80
    5 SP Masahiro Tanaka 26 3.17 8 48.1 125
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 6/24/2015.


    Yanks Lose 13 Of 18 To Close Out May 2015

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    Does anyone think the start of June 2015 is going to be any better?

    One Of These Things Doesn’t Belong With The Others

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    Yankees have played 35 games so far in 2015.

    In their first 13 games, they went 6-7.
    In their next 12 games, they went 10-2.
    In their last 10 games, they went 5-5.

    Any guess on how they will do in their next 10-13 games?

    Rock On

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    Now, this is putting the pedal to the metal.

    Yankees To Finish Last In 2015?

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    That’s what it says here.

    What? No Suzyn Waldman As Wendy Peffercorn?

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    Rob Refsnyder

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    He’s playing like a man who knows Brian Roberts is toast.

    Trea Turner

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    Padres got him in the draft yesterday. He went high – as expected.

    For some reason, he’s the guy who interested me the most in this draft. I think he could be very good. Maybe not Derek Jeter. But, for sure, he’ll be better than Matt Bush.

    He’s a very exciting player – at least to me. I think he could be just as good as Jose Reyes, if things go well for him.

    Jacob Lindgren

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    BBA America had him at #89 in their top 200 prospects list.  Yankees took him at #55.

    Short lefty relief pitcher with a fastball-slider combo.

    At best, maybe he can be Billy Wagner or Ricardo Rincon. At the worst, he can be Joe Klink. In the end, he’ll probably be somewhere in between.

    So, It’s 11:46 PM On June 3rd, And, I’m Sitting Here Watching The Yankees Game On TV…

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    …and, the question is “Why?”

    From The Flip To The Foul

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    Somehow, I don’t think there’s going to be a line of Steiner Collectibles celebrating “The Foul.”

    The story via the AP

    Derek Jeter jogged nonchalantly down the left field line with the ball in his glove, thinking the play was over.

    For a star with a resume full of memorable moments, he then nearly made a blunder worthy of a blooper reel.

    Jeter’s rare mental mistake helped give Kyle Seager his second triple Monday night to go along with a homer and a double in the Seattle Mariners’ 10-2 victory over the New York Yankees.

    “I almost gave it to a fan,” Jeter said. “I thought for sure the ball was foul because I was in foul territory.”

    The play that confused the Yankees captain came in the fourth inning, when Seager hit a blooper down the line that bounced off the glove of sliding left fielder Brett Gardner. Jeter was also giving chase and had a chance to make the catch off the deflection, but couldn’t come up with it.

    With his back to third base umpire Brian Gorman, Jeter did not see the fair signal. When he corralled the ball in foul ground, he took several more steps toward the corner. He looked surprised when he turned, and his throw to third was too late.

    “It was a weird play,” Seager said. “I basically just kept running.”

    Yankees starter David Phelps (1-3) hollered “throw the ball!” as Seager headed to third. After the play was over, Jeter could be seen on television saying “I thought it was foul” as he walked back to the infield.

    “My emotions got the best of me,” Phelps said. “I was trying to scream at him to get his attention, hoping he didn’t throw the ball into the stands.”


    Actually, this “play” just may become the signature moment of this Yankees season. And, that’s very sad.

    Yankees Gave Out A Bunch Of Bats Today…

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    …they should have kept some for themselves.  Well, that, and, they should have prayed for rain after 8 innings.

    I was at this one today.

    Other than getting some nice seats cheap on StubHub, having my son get a free bat, not much positive to say about the trip.

    When I saw the line-up, I thought “This is a major league team?”  I got my answer once they started playing.

    We Play Today, We’re Insipid Today. Dat’s it.

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    Via Wally Matthews -

    The Yankees did not pitch well, they did not hit well and they did not run the bases well in their 6-1 loss to the Minnesota Twins at the Stadium tonight.

    But playing poorly was not the worst of their sins; even the best of teams can have a bad night now and then.

    In this one, however, the Yankees weren’t just bad. They were boring, and that is a lot worse.

    How boring were they? In the sixth inning, down by just three runs and with Ricky Nolasco, a pitcher with a 6.12 ERA still in the game, what was left of the announced crowd of 42,245 began doing the wave.

    Not just once and not just twice. At least four times, the silly shouting and raising of hands circled the ballpark. Clearly, the crowd had no further interest in watching a game that on the scoreboard at least was not close to being out of reach.

    On the field, however, it was a different story. The Yankees had nine hits, and three of them were timely — Jacoby Ellsbury’s RBI double in the third, Derek Jeter’s single in the fifth that looked like it would score a run but wound up turning into a soul-crushing, inning-ending rundown thanks to the arm of Twins right-fielder Oswaldo Arcia and a rare baserunning mistake by Jeter, and Yangervis Solarte’s single in the sixth, that looked as if it would score Roberts — until a rifle shot from Arcia nailed him at the plate for the final out.

    But it seemed as if the crowd had come in with little faith in the Yankees’ ability to score runs tonight, and with good reason. Time and again, their big hitters failed in clutch situations. Three times, Brian McCann came up with runners on base, twice with a runner in scoring position. He made an out all three times, ending the inning twice. He did manage a two-out single in the eight, which went nowhere when Brian Roberts flied out. Roberts also got picked off first after leading off the second inning with a single.

    The sad fact is that right now, every team but the Yankees is taking advantage of their homer-friendly ballpark. Arcia hit a long solo homer in the second. Josh Willingham hit a longer solo homer in the fourth. Two batters later, Trevor Plouffe hit the longest homer of all, into the mesh above Monument Park, to give the Twins a 4-1 lead. All of them came off Vidal Nuno, who took the loss.

    Meanwhile, the Yankees — formerly known as the Bronx Bombers — rank eighth in the AL and 17th in baseball with just 47 home runs, and have no player in double digits. (The Toronto Blue Jays lead the pack with 80).

    “This is not a lineup that’s filled with a ton of power, so we’re going to have to put hits together and hit doubles and steal some bases and do some things like that,” Joe Girardi said.

    The manager then launched into a bizarre justification in which he ridiculed people who said the Yankees were too reliant on home runs in previous seasons. “Now we’re hitting singles and now we’re not hitting home runs and I’m being asked why we’re not hitting home runs,” Girardi said. “I was thinking back a couple of years, people were asking me, well, all you do is score runs with home runs. What are you going to do when you don’t hit home runs?”

    Girardi’s team provided the answer tonight: Lose. And lose boringly.

    On the bright side, Tanaka is pitching today.

    Kendrys Morales To The Yankees?

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    Here’s one story that says it could happen.

    No idea how big or hairy Kendrys is…?

    Have The Twins Fixed Phil Hughes?

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    Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants?

    She Throws A Lot Better Than 50 Cent

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    Yanks Have Won 8 Of Their Last 12

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    Is this the start of something big?

    The Yankees Are On Pace To Win 85 Games This Year

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    Worse, there’s only been three times this season where they have won more than 3 games in a row.

    Maybe they should be renamed “The New York Yawnkees”?

    The only ring this team is going to win is the “ring” at the end of “Bore-ring!”

    #Season2Watch …NOT!

    Time For The N.L. To Adopt The D.H.?

    Posted by on May 20th, 2014 · Comments (3)

    Or, they can just enjoy those Bartolo Colon At Bats.

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