• May 5th @ The Devil Rays

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    We Play Today, We Lose Today, Dassit.

    Is there someone out there who can explain this new math to me? I’m having a very hard time understanding how 29,893,567 is better than 205,938,439, three times out of four.

    As of this moment, I am convinced that this team had the life sucked out of them in the 2004 ALCS and until they receive a spark to reanimate them, we’re not going to see anything different from what we’ve been seeing this year.

    From 1989 to 1992, the Yankees averaged 90 losses per season. Since that time, they’ve never lost more than 74 in a given year.

    Their magic number is now 57. If the Yankees lose 57 more games, that would give them an all-time high loss mark since 1992. In order to not lose 57 more games, they must win 4 out of every 7, from now until the end of the year. It’s possible. But, first, we need that spark.

    Quick, everyone start cutting out pictures from old Yankee yearbooks, put on a rally cap, and sing with me……..

    From my heart and from my hand
    Why don’t people understand
    My intentions . . . . Oooh, weird . . . .

    Weird science!!

    (Weird science)
    Magic and technology
    Voodoo dolls and chants
    Electricity We’re makin’

    (Weird science)
    Fantasy and microchips
    Shooting from the hip
    Something different
    We’re makin’

    (Weird science)
    Pictures from a magazine
    Diagrams and charts
    Mending broken hearts (and makin’)

    (Weird science) Something like a recipe
    Bits and pieces . . . . Bits and pieces . . . .

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    1. Phil
      May 6th, 2005 | 12:21 pm

      I really thought the 3 HR game from A-Rod was going to be the spark

      then I thought Andy Phillips would be the next Shane Spencer/Kevin Maas…for a few months.

      Then I thought the lineup change would do it.

      at least I don’t hear many arguments these days about the yankees sepending too much money and how it is so unfair.

    2. May 6th, 2005 | 12:32 pm

      Groucho Marx said “The money’s not important – as long as I get it”

      And, for the non-Yankee fans, the money is only important when the Yankees win.

    3. JJay
      May 6th, 2005 | 3:28 pm

      They’ve had “sparks” but they’ve just fizzled out. As mentioned there was A-Rod’s 3-homer game. Or how about Sheff getting swiped by the fan? Or the 19-8 win over Tampa Bay? Or Womack’s bottom of the 9th game-winning single?

      But then they come out looking like crap the next day.

    4. May 6th, 2005 | 3:46 pm

      I’m thinking spark like a new MGR or player.

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