• May 9th vs. The Mariners

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    I had a business commitment this evening and could not pick up the game until the 7th inning when I tuned into the radio coverage from my car. I thought they were nuts to have Jeter bunt over Sanchez for Womack in the bottom of the 8th.

    Just goes to show what I know.

    I got home just in time to see the post-game on YES. Randy certainly looked pumped coming off the mound in the 8th (per the highlights that I saw). Even after all these years, the Unit lives to compete. That’s good. This team needs that kind of heart.

    As exciting as it is to finally win three in a row this year, it’s depressing as heck to think the Yankees are still so far below .500.

    I know, I know………you have to crawl before you can walk – and you have to walk before you can run. I’m just looking forward to when this team not only runs – but, also runs over some teams too.

    I was also going to rant some on Giambi today. But, I’ll save that for another day soon. Why ruin an otherwise nice Yankee win by bringing up the Yankee’s version of Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s “Morn”?

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