• May 13th @ The A’s

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    This is now three games in a row for Moose where he’s won, and, more importantly, it’s the 3rd time that he’s been able to give the team 7+ innings. That’s big.

    Please, please, please, let this be a Giambi showcase that we’re seeing. A loud fly to the track and one base knock was good. Good enough to get Billy Beane hot and bothered? Let’s hope so……..

    I know this requires planning, and foresight, etc., but, it would have been cool if YES, on Womack’s 2-run triple in the 3rd, had a split screen going with Jeter scoring from 1st isolated in one half and Womack going home to 3rd in the other. Talk about a day at the races!

    And, while this has probably happened and maybe I just (heaven forbid) wasn’t watching, it would be nice to see – at least once, for me – where A-Rod makes a play going to his right…….either snaring a liner in the air or snuffing out a grounder-double that’s skipping down the line. Maybe it’s just me, but, I swear, this year, I’ve yet to see him make a play to his right that required any type of range at all. Maybe he’s playing off the line too much? I dunno.

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