• June 23rd vs. The Devil Rays

    Posted by on June 23rd, 2005 · Comments (7)

    From May 22nd through May 27th, the Yankees won 5 games in a row. Since that time, including the loss tonight, they’ve gone 10-14.

    Worse, many of those 14 losses came from teams like the Devil Rays, Royals, and Brewers. Guess what? Despite the recent series sweeps of the Pirates and Cubs, the Yankees have been a bad baseball club this month. Even more depressing, New York was a bad team in April (10-14) as well. So, this season to date looks like this:

    April: 10-14
    May: 17-10
    June: 10-11

    And, most of the credit for May should probably go to the bad play of the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners, more so than towards the positive credit of the Yankees. Obviously, whatever the Yankees are doing this season, it’s not working.

    Think about it. The highlight of this game was clearly Jason Giambi finally bunting for a hit against the shift (in the 9th) after what seems like years of everyone saying he should do it. This is what it has come down to – looking for scraps on the floor to find something that could be used for good. There’s an expression to describe this act. It’s called garbage picking. As Yankee fans, this is what we have been reduced to this year. Garbage picking for scraps that are signs of hope, etc.

    Lastly, am I the only one who noticed that Torre’s phone in his office was ringing during the post-game interview on YES? Any guesses on who was calling?

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    1. Don
      June 24th, 2005 | 2:49 am

      That was me calling Joe, sorry about that.

    2. Paul in Fairfield
      June 24th, 2005 | 5:32 am

      Or, it was Cashman asking if he wanted to ride with he and Womack to the unemployment office tomorrow.

    3. hopbitters
      June 24th, 2005 | 8:56 am

      I have dogged Giambi for a long time, but I’m willing to give him credit when it’s due. He did the right thing. It took him years to do it, but at least he got to that point. If everybody else (starting with Stein and working on down) would swallow their pride and do the right thing, we could have a team here.

    4. Jason O.
      June 24th, 2005 | 9:15 am

      As their song says, the Yankees had better:

      “Sweep the Mets, Sweep the Mets, step right up and sweep the Mets…..”

    5. phil
      June 24th, 2005 | 10:15 am

      you can throw any number you want out there- OPS, OBP, AT&T, MCI, RSWSNBAFB (Runs scored with someone named Bill at First BASE)….I only care about one.


      That’s it….GB.

      I’m giving up on all stat trends, ERA in the month of June on Tuesdays, how many tinmes Torre picks his nose in the dugout, Home Runs hit when an episode of Friends is on, all of that is thrown out my window.

      One thing remains important….GB

      We were 5 GB before the D-Rays, we are 5 GB after the D-Rays. As far as I’m concerned- this series never happened….we just hit fast forward and skipped a few games by accident.

      But the Giambi bunt….classic. Say whatever you want about the guy- you can certainly deny his ability, but can’t deny his desire to be the guy he used to be.

    6. Don
      June 24th, 2005 | 2:50 pm

      Phil, agree re: all these stats. Wins are the bottom line and as you say, GB.

    7. June 24th, 2005 | 4:56 pm

      Was I the only one thinking that he should have saved that move for a close game?

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