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    Posted by on June 29th, 2005 · Comments (5)

    From yankees.com:

    Mike Mussina left Baltimore on Monday morning, returning home to Pennsylvania to be with his two youngest children after they were admitted to a hospital for food poisoning.

    Shortly after arriving in Baltimore on Sunday night, Mussina called Torre to ask permission to go home for two days to be with his kids. Torre granted Mussina’s request, as the pitcher had done his between-starts work on Sunday in New York.

    Mussina’s children, 6-year-old Brycen and 2-year-old Peyton, were released from the hospital on Tuesday. Torre said that Mussina, who starts for the Yanks on Wednesday night, was scheduled to arrive back in Baltimore either late Tuesday night or on Wednesday morning.

    “He was very relieved today, because they finally kept some food down,” Torre said.

    As a parent, I know exactly how Mussina must have felt. And, I too would have rushed to my children. Luckily, Montoursville (PA) and Baltimore are only about 3 and a 1/2 hours apart. But, I have to wonder how this stress will impact Moose tonight.

    Will this be another lost series?

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    1. billyfrombelfast
      June 29th, 2005 | 12:06 pm

      Poor Moose, glad the kids were released from hospital.

      (What is it with baseball players and wacky kids names? “Brycen”?)

    2. June 29th, 2005 | 12:09 pm

      Baseball wives. I always blame the names on the wives.

    3. phil
      June 29th, 2005 | 1:48 pm

      I dont think it wil affect him- esp since they appear to be OK. if they were still hospitalized- I think that would be a different story

    4. Jason O.
      June 29th, 2005 | 2:36 pm

      Let me state the obvious: It had better not f****** affect him.

    5. Raf
      June 29th, 2005 | 3:34 pm

      who cares…

      family before work

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