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    Posted by on August 25th, 2005 · Comments (4)

    I was just reading about Mike Mussina being a free agent after next season. Should the Yankees consider re-signing him?

    Well, first of all, Moose will be 38-years-old in the first year of his next contract. That should scare away anyone. But, the Yankees have shown that they’re not afraid to throw money at old-timer hurlers. So, is there anything else to consider?

    In terms of relative career pitching performance and opportunity earned, and age, the pitchers that best line up to Mussina, since 1900, are Stan Coveleski, Kevin Brown, and Curt Schilling – in my opinion.

    Coveleski was cooked by the time he was 38 – but, he pitched during the 1910’s and ’20’s. So, Brown and Schilling are probably the better “comps” to look at here.

    Brown actually was a good pitcher at age 38 – and we saw how he was at 39, last season, in the Bronx. Schilling is 38 this season. And, we also know how his year has been for Boston (to date).

    I’m not seeing anything that says Mussina will have some pitching life left once his current contract is up with the Yankees. Therefore, if they were to ask me, I say let him walk after the 2006 season. And, don’t even think twice about it.

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    1. Don
      August 25th, 2005 | 2:41 pm

      I mentioned this a while back regarding Mussina. 2006 should be his final season as a Yankee. I believe there’s a $1.5 million buyout for the 2007 season.

      In the meantime, Derek Jeter has become a mediocre offensive player. He needs a new approach at the plate, similar to what Cal Ripken did during his career.

    2. Shaun P.
      August 25th, 2005 | 4:14 pm

      You can never have enough pitching. If Moose is willing to come back in ’07 for say $3 or $4 million, and the Yanks don’t expect him to be more than the 5th starter, why not give him a shot?

      Steve, you make interesting comparisions with Brown and Schilling . . . those two had major past injury problems (back and ankle), which hurt them more than anything else. Moose has no such injury that I know of.

    3. August 25th, 2005 | 4:34 pm

      FWIW, Moose does pitch with less stress than Brown and is in better condition that Schill. Those are good points.

    4. Nick
      August 25th, 2005 | 5:07 pm

      Exactly how has Jeter become a medicore offensive player? His numbers are still very good for a short stop. He’s not the Jeter of 1999,but his .315/.390/.450 line is fine by me, and his defensive actually has been improving the last 2 years.

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