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    Posted by on August 30th, 2005 · Comments (3)

    Thanks to the Baseball Musings Day by Day Database, I was able to run the following today:


    This tells us that, when the Yankees were going good before this month (meaning in May and July), they were just mashing the ball and out-slugging the other team. But, this month, the pitching has kicked in and performed the best this team has seen all season.

    If the Yankees hurlers can keep up this current pace through September and October, we might be looking at a cakewalk to # 27.

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    1. Bozo
      August 30th, 2005 | 6:51 pm

      Hey Steve, hows’bout posting the Sox numbers for a comparison, might be interesting.

    2. August 30th, 2005 | 7:56 pm

      Fair point! If I get some time soon, I will run them.

    3. August 30th, 2005 | 8:11 pm

      D’oh! I forgot that ESPN.com had these stats pretty handy…..here goes:

      Boston, M-b-M, R/G-ERA-W/L:

      April: 5.65/4.36/12-11
      May: 5.29/4.99/16-12
      June: 6.00/4.73/17-9
      July: 5.04/4.71/14-13
      August*: 7.04/5.44/16-9

      * thru last night

      it’s like most think: The Sox need to score 6-7 runs a night to be a winning team.

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