• Bud, BALCO, and Bad News?

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    From mlb.com

    Commissioner Bud Selig has named former Sen. George Mitchell to head a full-scale investigation into the past use of performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball.

    The announcement came at a press conference at the Commissioner’s office on Thursday.

    The probe was spurred by recent allegations made in a book that targets San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds and Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees, among a number of other former Major Leaguers.

    All the players involved will be allowed to play while the probe is under way.

    What discipline Selig can hand out after the investigation is complete is a matter of conjecture. The union has a representational obligation to any of the players involved, Fehr said.

    “I hope nobody is making judgments about the inquiry before it’s done,” said Fehr, who met with Bonds at his Scottsdale Stadium locker for 20 minutes on Monday after the union’s annual spring session with the Giants players. “Bud will make whatever decision Bud makes and we’ll go from there.”

    The authors say Sheffield and Giambi were also extensive steroid users and link the pair to Bonds and his personal trainer, Greg Anderson, who was indicted in the BALCO case, pled guilty to reduced charges, and was sentenced to jail time. Victor Conte, the president of the now-defunct company, also pled to lesser charges and served a four-month prison sentence.

    If you ask me, Bud wants to get Bonds. But, to do that, he needs to ensure that Bonds is not the only one who goes down. So, if Bud does go after Bonds, I expect him to go after Giambi (for sure) and (maybe) Sheffield.

    If you take Giambi and/or Sheffeild out of the Yankees line-up for a while, it’s going to impact their won-loss record (considering who the Yankees have as present back-ups).

    This could be a mess. I don’t feel terrible for the Yankees – they knew the Giambi deal when they signed him. There’s no way that they could have not known he was using something. It was pretty obvious. But, they (Team Stein) chose to look the other way on that. (I’m not certain that the Yankees could have known about Sheffield.)

    Hey, on the bright side, this could be a chance for Kevin Thompson and Eric Duncan to show their stuff in New York. By the time the “investigation” is done, both Thompson and Duncan would have had a chance to get some Triple-A ABs under their belt. That could just be the additional seasoning that’s needed before helping out in the Bronx.

    If Giambi and/or Sheffield get suspended for a while as a result of all this stuff, the Yankees are going to need that help.

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    1. MJ
      March 30th, 2006 | 3:47 pm

      I wonder if suspensions are really going to come down from this.

      Certainly Congress has backed Selig into a corner where he now has to initiate this farce but I could also see Selig and the investigation being drawn out and stalled to the point that any findings might be reported after the season. Other than a few congressmen greedy for free attention, fans generally don’t care about this beyond the supermarket-tabloid level fascination with gossip and intrigue.

      At the end of the day, however, even if Big Stein knew what he was getting into with Giambi, he’ll have a legitimate bone to pick about unfair targeting of his players if Selig doesn’t take down the other 65-70% of the league that was (and still might be) using. He can start with his lapdogs in Boston — has anyone noticed the size of Varitek’s and Papi’s gigantic melonheads?

    2. March 30th, 2006 | 4:06 pm

      FWIW, if you told me that Manny and Nixon were using PEDs, I would not be shocked.

    3. baileywalk
      March 30th, 2006 | 4:43 pm

      This whole thing is such a joke. You have someone who works for the Red Sox AND Disney (which owns ESPN and is doing a show with Bonds). Wow, way to pick someone totally impartial and with no ties to baseball, Bud. Could Bud be more of a bumbling moron? Maybe it’s just a little paranoia, but I seriously do not like the idea of someone from the Red Sox running this investigation — especially since targets two and three are Giambi and Sheffield. I’m really sure this guy is going to be eager to tell the world Papi or Manny are on ‘roids if he finds that out.

    4. hopbitters
      March 30th, 2006 | 4:46 pm

      The Union would never let MLB suspend a player that didn’t actually test positive under the agreement. And, for once, they’d actually be right.

    5. March 30th, 2006 | 5:49 pm

      Gotta say, it is bothersome that a Red Sox FO person is leading this whole thing.

    6. JeremyM
      March 30th, 2006 | 11:57 pm

      This is such a crock. It’s cliche, but doesn’t the government have anything better to worry about? Isn’t there more salmon that needs protecting from terrorists? http://tinyurl.com/pzaxv Enough already.

    7. JohnnyC
      March 31st, 2006 | 12:49 am

      George Mitchell, of course, was also on that “blue ribbon” committee a few years ago which claimed that baseball was on the verge of bankruptcy because more than 50% of all MLB revenues went to player payroll. Uh, I guess the NFL will be history soon since they give over 63% of their revenues to player salaries. Good. We’ll be able to play the World Baseball Classic in late January ’cause there won’t be no more Superbowls. To be blunt, Bud Selig should just resign.

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