• A-Rod Is Not Clutch……

    Posted by on May 26th, 2006 · Comments (6)

    ……at least this year, so far. Some Alex Rodriguez batting stats to witness (via the Baseball Musings Day by Day Database) in certain game-score situations:


    It’s pretty obvious, in close-game moments, during 2004, Alex did an OK job with the bat. And, in 2005, in close-game moments, Rodriguez did a very good job.

    However, so far, in 2006, when the Yankees are down by one or two runs, A-Rod has batted like he was Al Leiter up there in the box. Granted, there’s only 33 ABs in this group – and Alex can improve on these numbers over the rest of the season. (Shoot, it would be impossible to do worse.)

    Still, based on the numbers, this season, when the chips are slightly down, Alex Rodriguez has been a no-show with the lumber (to date).

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    1. RICH
      May 26th, 2006 | 2:47 pm

      Then I suppose Arod should always be pinch hit (maybe with Stinnet?)for unless the score is tied or the Yankees are winning by one.

      Sheesh. I hate to think about things like this but sometimes I wish Rodriguez whould get injured so then there’d be no one looking at him under a microscope.

      Kind of reminds me how Democrats and Republicans treat each other.

      Or Heathers.

      It’s asking a lot of work from you but who are the clutch hitters on the Yanks (compared to 2004 and 2005) so far this year with 25% of the schedule completed?

    2. May 26th, 2006 | 2:52 pm

      Good question. Let me check.

    3. May 26th, 2006 | 3:12 pm

      Bummer. I can’t find a way to get the data without looking at every player, one at a time, for every season. So, that’s like 45 data mines for each game-score state. And, I don’t have 6 hours to spend on this. Sorry Rich.

    4. RICH
      May 26th, 2006 | 4:05 pm

      Thanks for at least considering it.

      Here’s an unrelated rhetorical question:

      I realize the team with the most runs wins (duh) but if good pitching shuts down good hitting why do so many people cry about average offensive production when mediocre pitching is just glossed over?

      Enjoy the holiday!

    5. May 26th, 2006 | 4:23 pm

      Studies have shown that good pitching beats good hitting just as many times as good hitting beats good pitching.

    6. RICH
      May 26th, 2006 | 6:21 pm

      I get the impression from the media that an Arod strike out with the bases loaded is worse than a grand slam given up by a Yankee pitcher.

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