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    John Nemo recently sent me a review copy of his new book – The King’s Game.

    I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of baseball fiction – even though I have enjoyed reading books like Man on Spikes, The Natural, Wild Pitch, and Double Play in the past. Nonetheless, The King’s Game kept my attention – from the start of the book to the end.

    It’s the story of a man’s life told as he’s pitching the biggest game in his career. And, yes, even though this format has been used before, I still found myself wanting to keep reading – to find out what would happen next. Nemo does paint a pretty interesting story for the main character in his book.

    It’s important to share that there’s also a strong Christian message throughout this book. Personally, I took it as being part of the story. But, if you’re the type of person who feels that such a message is an attempt at proselytizing, then this is not a book that you will probably enjoy.

    Basically, if you’re a fan of the movies “For Love of the Game” and “What Dreams May Come” – and you like reading baseball fiction – then you might want to consider checking out The King’s Game.

    I’m sure that the appropriate audience will find Nemo’s book to be a nice, quick, and fun read.

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    1. May 30th, 2006 | 9:28 am

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks for pointing it out – I’m always on the lookout these days for good fiction and good Christian fiction is a nice bonus (for me, at least).

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