• AL Does It The Stein Way

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    From the Dallas Morning News

    George Steinbrenner turns 76 on the Fourth of July. His legacy as owner of the New York Yankees is secure.

    The Boss made the American League into a powerful beast.

    In the B.S. era (before Steinbrenner), the AL had turned meek and out of date. In the A.S. era (Year of Steinbrenner), the AL has been a jungle.

    Follow the money.

    Steinbrenner freely spent on the Yankees, showering free agents with cash. Since 2000, the Yankees have had a total payroll of $1.07 billion. The rest of the AL had two choices: find a way to compete with Steinbrenner, or give up the ghost.

    Some, such as Minnesota and Oakland, turned into guerrilla fighters who showed imagination and ingenuity in the front office. A few fell into the abyss.

    And others spent at close to Steinbrenner’s aggressive pace.

    What Steinbrenner has wrought shows in the AL’s domination of the World Series, the All-Star Game and interleague play. The humbled National League suffers for never having a Steinbrenner.

    The AL has won 10 of the last 14 World Series, going 50-29 overall in that span. The AL has an eight-game All-Star streak, sandwiched around the 2002 tie.

    Maybe they should rename the league after George?

    The American League can be called the “Steinbrenner Super League” and the National League can be called the “Waiting For Mark Cuban League.”

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