• August 26th @ The Angels

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    I’m guessing that the Yankees game was rained out today. I turned on the T.V. to watch it on FOX this afternoon, but, instead of seeing the current first place team from the A.L. East play a 5th place team from the A.L. West, I saw a replay of one of the games between the Yankees and Angels from the 2002 ALDS instead. Weird, huh?

    O.K., back to being serious, tomorrow is the end of the “21 games in 20 days Gauntlet.” Back when this journey started, I wrote:

    Personally, I believe, if the Yankees go 13-8 in the next 21 games, that would be amazing. And, it would probably lock up the A.L. East.

    Basically, the Yankees need to go, at least, 11-10 over the next three weeks – just to hold their ground.

    And, how have the Yankees done, to date?

    After this mess today, the Yankees are 10-10.

    I guess it’s now up to young Mr. Jeff Karstens to try and get New York to that 11-10 “hold your own” mark.

    The Yankees are very lucky that Boston stinks this season.

    Lastly, here’s a little fun fact for you in closing. Coming into this game, A-Rod was batting .283 for the season.

    But, he’s batting .165 (in 79 ABs) against the Devil Rays and Orioles, combined, this year. If you take out what Alex has done against Tampa and Baltimore this season, then Rodriguez is batting .307 coming into this game – with a slugging average of .565 (according to my rough math) against everyone else.

    I wish someone could tell A-Rod that he’s only stunk against the D-Rays and the O’s this season – and that, otherwise, he has nothing to be stressed about now. Maybe that would help him relax?

    Because, right now, Alex’s head is more messed up than Vlad Guerrero’s hair on game day. If Rodriguez doesn’t start to chill soon, he’s going to end up acting like Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys.

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    1. baileywalk
      August 27th, 2006 | 12:49 am

      Yankee fans should be past being surprised when the Angels beat us. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances, who they have pitching, who the better team is — they will win. We just have to admit they own us. We are their bitch.

      They constantly talk about how the Angels are the only team above .500 against the Joe Torre Yankees. What’s amazing is that they’re only a few games over. It feels more like they’ve been playing .800 ball against us.

      One of the great ironies is that A-Rod’s ten-RBI, three-home-run game was against the Angels (and Pavano started that game and pitched well).

      I fully expect to get beat tomorrow. Not because I don’t believe Karstens can get a win (Vlad will be blasting off on him, though), but because it’s easier going in expecting to lose. We’ll probably keep it close and then lose late — isn’t that basically what’s been happening recently?

      Torre’s bullpen management is normally atrocious, but today it just seemed random.

    2. JeremyM
      August 27th, 2006 | 1:47 am

      My God, the Red Sox do stink. I logged on fully expecting to see they won a game and were getting ready to make a run. Instead, they lose again? Wow. So the Mariners are guaranteed to take 2 of 3 from the Yankees and at least 2 of 3 from Boston.

      So what this means is the 5-game sweep, while fun, has been sandwiched around some God-awful baseball from the Yankees. And we really have no idea whether they’re any good or not at this point.

    3. August 27th, 2006 | 9:14 am

      Mike Scioscia owns Joe Torre.

      Everyone likes to talk about the Angels record “since Torre started” against the Yankees – but, it’s really about “since Mike Scioscia started.”

    4. August 27th, 2006 | 9:21 am

      I stand corrected! I just looked – coming into this season, Mike S. is 26-26 in the regular season vs. Joe T.

      It sure does seem worse.

    5. nysupremacy
      August 27th, 2006 | 1:44 pm

      One of the comments on here said that the loser Vlad Guerrero would blast off on Karstens. Though I know it will happen also, it’s not for the reason that Karstens is a loser or that he has average stuff or struggles with command, its for the reason that Vladdy the loser decides he’s going to show up against us. That loser couldnt hit Kyle Snyder because against the red sox, it just didnt matter to him. I dont know if you guys also watch red sox games, but i watch every red sox game too and though I’m surprised at the Mariners and Devil Rays play against them this season, it seems every team just lays down and dies against them and plays their hardest against us. Sorry for the venting, but how can the Mariners hit Randy Johnson but not David Wells when Wells couldnt throw an offspeed strike last night, yet every Mariner was to eager and willing to take his seat on the bench after swinging through strike 3. Ive gotta believe that the mariners understood that and couldve sat on Wells’ fastball, but they just didnt care. The point i was trying to make was Vlad had two chances to basically help his team beat the red sox but he just didnt care…he had a 2-0 count with two men on and nobody out in the 7th and i think the same situation earlier in another game and the result both times was an easy double play in which he wasnt even halfway down the line. One pitch was right down the middle at 91 mph and he just took a half hearted double play swing. But, against the yankees last year or in 2004..i think it was last year…he had bases loaded down 3 and hit grand slam to beat us and two men on down 2 and hit three hun homer to beat us, i think both against tom gordon. BASICALLY, vladdy loser daddy is nothing more than a worthless loser because just like the majority of mlb players, he tries vs us and dies from the disease redsoxitis vs them.

      Also, my personal favorite, up 6-3 against the red sox, good old Scioscia-faggot forgot how to manage. Why would you bring in K-Rod (i dont mean alex rodriguez) with the tying runs in scoring position in the 8th when all it takes is a bloop to tie the game (which it did). He hadnt used K-rod in a couple of days and couldve put of put him in to start the 8th to assure yourself a victory but faggot scioscia puts in shields (whos good but..) and doesnt even bother to take him out until after 3 runners have reached with no out (and i think he left him in for two more batters). WOuldnt it have been smarter to take him out after the ortiz home run or even after Manny reaches base, but no, he just didnt care and thats why they lost the game.

    6. Don
      August 27th, 2006 | 2:18 pm

      What a rant!

    7. Raf
      August 29th, 2006 | 11:48 pm

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