• September 17th vs. The Red Sox – Game 1

    Posted by on September 17th, 2006 · Comments (0)

    Shoot, it would have been nice to party in front of the Red Sox. With the Jays win, and this game, it’s just not in the stars.

    Hey, at least the Mets have failed to clinch for three days in a row. How cool will it be, in terms of bragging rights, if the Yankees clinch before the Mets do?

    Good effort from Wright this afternoon. And, nice catch by Melky today. Not so nice pitching from Villone. Actually, if you look at that bad inning for Villone today, and see who did the damage, it goes back to what I said last December – you do not want Villone facing RH-batters with the game on the line. I hope Torre gets a handle on this fact soon.

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