• Far From Perfect Now

    Posted by on October 5th, 2006 · Comments (4)

    When Randy Johnson faces Kenny Rogers in the ALDS tomorrow, will that be the first time that two pitchers who have thrown perfect games will face-off against each other in a post-season game?

    I believe the answer is “yes.”

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    1. brockdc
      October 6th, 2006 | 2:13 am

      I’d be more than satisfied with a quality start from Unit. Six innings of 3-run ball + BrunProcMo = House Money for Jaret on Saturday.

      Now if only “The Greatest Lineup in the History of the Universe” can muster a six spot off of Gambler…

    2. baileywalk
      October 6th, 2006 | 2:19 am

      It would actually be BrunProcFarnMo, but I hate the bullshit Mike Kay has brought to the Yankees’ bullpen’s nickname.

    3. Yu Hsing Chen
      October 6th, 2006 | 7:41 am

      Worest, pitching match up that features two perfect game pitchers ever!!

      seriously, both team’s fans will be holding a very very long breath tomorrow.

    4. mehmattski
      October 6th, 2006 | 8:55 am

      So far as I can tell, two pitchers who pitched perfect games in their careers have appeared in the same postseason game only once before: David Cone started and Randy Johnson finished the 1995 ALDS game 5 between the Yanks and Mariners. Sure, it was 4 years before Cone’s perfect game and 6 years before Johnson’s, but it’s something, right? If only Kofax had pitched longer, he might have faced Catfish Hunter. Same with Dennis Martinez, missed potentially pitching against David Wells by one year (Indians v Orioles, 1996).

      That’s my completely useless research for the day.

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