• Damon: We Need To Have More Life

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    From the Journal News

    “We have to come back tomorrow and not play scared,” Johnny Damon said. “We have to believe how good we are. We’re the best team out here and we have to believe that. We need to have more life.”

    Next, Damon said “Hey, who are you guys and where’s Mueller, Millar, Bellhorn, Manny and Papi?”

    You know that Damon, Jeter, Matsui and Posada are going to show up today. That’s not the issue. Today, the Yankees need big things at the plate from Giambi and A-Rod. Just like the 2004 Red Sox could count on Manny and Ortiz, in a big game like today, Jason and Alex need to be the big men.

    Will it happen? We’ll know for sure around 7 pm ET today.

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    1. RICH
      October 7th, 2006 | 10:23 am

      Good pitching will be more important to the Yankees than which batters “show up”.

    2. MJ
      October 7th, 2006 | 10:35 am

      Good pitching will be just as important as good hitting. The Yanks need the pitching to stay in the game and to slow down Detroit’s momentum but they’ll need the hitting to win the game and to gather some confidence of their own.

      And, quite frankly, neither Giambi nor ARod will be up to the task. Giambi’s current excuse is that he’s hurting and that’s fine. But ARod just flat-out stinks when things matter most. Today will, hopefully, be his last game ever as a New York Yankee.

    3. jonm
      October 7th, 2006 | 11:03 am

      Okay, MJ. If today is ARod’s last game as a Yankee who’s going to play 3B next year? ARod has been terrible in the clutch this year, but, if you replace ARod with someone like Cairo, that means that the Yankees win 92 games instead of 97 this year.

    4. baileywalk
      October 7th, 2006 | 11:16 am

      I think the only big-name third baseman out there this off-season (if he doesn’t return to the Cubs) is Aramis Ramirez. He had a huge season.

      But I would want the Yankees to be more inventive than that. They need to find a lesser-known guy. Basically a Lyle Overbay who plays third. Not another superstar.

      Giambi seems to be getting lumped in with A-Rod. Why? Giambi hit a home run in game one, and has at least been getting walks and getting on base in the last two games. Verlander was tough and Rogers is a lefty. A-Rod is supposed to kill guys like Rogers. And he did nothing. At least Giambi has contributed in some way.

      At this point, is anyone convinced that bringing back Matsui and Sheffield is the reason the team is playing the way it is? I hate to blame those guys, but it seems like their reemergence sucked the life out of the team.

      It seems like we played with the “Yankees of ’06” team to wrap up the division early, but we’re playing with the “post-season duds of ’05” in the playoffs right now. I don’t think reinserting Melky and Guiel NOW would help. I think the tone changed as soon as Sheffield started playing first base and Melky was put on the bench.

    5. RICH
      October 7th, 2006 | 11:21 am

      I suppose I’m nitpicking but I consider good pitching to mean not giving up a lead. If you don’t give away the lead you can’t lose the game.

    6. jonm
      October 7th, 2006 | 11:39 am

      It is very doubtful that Ramirez will be available, so that shouldn’t be an option.

      Baileywalk, a Lyle Overbay-type who plays 3B is not an acceptable answer. That sounds like Aaron Boone circa 2003. Maybe, you could give the name of a real player?

      I’m tired of seeing Yankee fans calling for an ARod trade without having any conceivable plan for his replacement and any plan for how such a trade would work. ARod has a no-trade contract and the number of teams for which he would waive that AND who could afford him is very small. Baltimore would be a possibility, but you don’t want to trade him within the division. And you’d have to take Tejada back and I certainly don’t want Tejada. Perhaps, the Dodgers and Astros would be possible destinations, but I don’t see any fit there either.

    7. jonm
      October 7th, 2006 | 12:01 pm

      I thought of a realistic trade for the Trade ARod Chorus:
      ARod + $$ to the Mariners for Adrian Beltre and Matt Lowe

      When all of you ARod Bashers type in your hysterical pleas for an ARod trade, Adrian Beltre is what you should be thinking about. The Yankees aren’t going to do any better than that for him.

    8. baileywalk
      October 7th, 2006 | 12:21 pm

      It is very doubtful that Ramirez will be available, so that shouldn’t be an option.

      Maybe you should try to back that up with some facts. Why is it doubtful? Because you say it is? The Cubs stink, and Ramirez specifically put a free-agent clause in his contract to coincide with the length of Dusty Baker’s contract, and Dusty was let go. There’s a good chance, having hit 38 home runs, that Ramirez will test the free-agent waters. He can make a fortune and he knows it.

      While playing sparkling defense, Overbay quietly had a great year, hitting .302/.372/.508, with 46 doubles, 22 homers and 92 RBI. The Jays got Overbay for NOTHING. Cashman should have been all over that. When I say they need an Overbay TYPE, I mean they have to find a guy like him — someone who doesn’t get a lot of press or hit forty home runs a year, but is good with the glove and gives you a steady bat all year. I don’t know who that guy is, but Cashman and his boys need to push apart the grass and find him. He’s out there somewhere.

      Plenty of teams can take on A-Rod’s contract; the Rangers are paying six million of it a year. Your suggestion of Baltimore is an illogical one. Think Anaheim.

      And please don’t bring hysterical cries of “A-Rod bashing” into this conversation. We’re simply speculating on rumors that abound right now.

    9. brockdc
      October 7th, 2006 | 12:25 pm

      Benching Melky and not keeping Guile on the roster were both huge mistakes, and, yes, I told you so. Matsui is a superior hitter, but Melky is a much better complement to this lineup, no question.

      And, I realize how Michael Kay-ish this sounds, but with Sheff and Matsui, you really do get the feeling everyone’s waiting around for a three run homer that never comes.

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