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    Posted by on October 31st, 2006 · Comments (2)

    From Newsday

    The Yankees’ auction of Gary Sheffield has progressed to the point that general manager Brian Cashman has a potential deal in place if he wishes to pull the trigger, an official from another American League team told Newsday yesterday.

    But Cashman is not quite ready to make a trade. A person familiar with the team’s plans said “there is no urgency” to the process. The Yankees seem inclined to wait at least a little longer with the hope that the market for Sheffield improves.

    The Cubs and Phillies are believed to be among the most aggressive teams in pursuit of Sheffield, who is an attractive, more affordable alternative to free-agent sluggers Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Lee. Those players will land long-term, multimillion-dollar deals, but all Sheffield costs is $13 million for one season, with at least $4.5 million deferred.

    The Yankees have until Sunday night to officially pick up Sheffield’s option, and they are expected to do so shortly after agreeing to a trade, which now seems inevitable.

    The Yankees are open to all types of packages, an AL team official said. Cashman, who was unavailable for comment yesterday, is willing to accept a package of prospects, bullpen help or a starting pitcher, the official said.

    How about Sheffield for Brett Myers or Mark Prior? You know – the typical headache-for-a-headache deal?

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    1. baileywalk
      October 31st, 2006 | 11:31 am

      Getting Mark Prior would be like getting nothing — he’s hurt all the time, he’s not the pitcher he used to be, his velocity is gone, and the chances of him staying healthy are zero.

      I’d take Myers in a second, but you’re not going to get him. Not for one year of Sheffield. I don’t think Myers is “great,” but he is the fourth/fifth starter guy the Yankees have been looking for for years. He’ll grind out six or seven every fifth day, save the bullpen some innings, and even throw a gem or two along the way (if his curveball is working, he can strike out a lot of people).

      I assume all that bull about Myers hitting his wife in Boston (which apparently wasn’t true) is over now. If the Phillies were smart, they would lock Myers up right now to a reasonable extension.

      How about Gary Sheffield for Ryan Madson? I think it’s a pretty fair trade since Madson makes nothing. I know Madson bombed as a starter, but he is a good bullpen arm (not great or anything — he’ll never close — but good, and he’s young). I always liked his stuff. That’s a trade I would make in a second.

    2. November 1st, 2006 | 1:15 pm

      From what I have heard Ryan Madson is what the Phillies are offering. I know little about him but he is 24 and was a first round pick

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