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    Totally missed this one. I went to see “Live Free or Die Hard” tonight. (If you’re a fan of John McClane, you’ll like this one.)

    When I got home, my dad (who was watching the kids with my mom) filled me in on the game – including giving me the low-down on Farnsworth’s fit.

    Time for Torre to give Kyle the Dallas Green to Stanley Jefferson “Look in the mirror, big boy” speech…if you ask me.

    It’s great that the Yankees won. And, it’s great that Mussina went seven. But, let’s face it: New York barely beat an Oakland team tonight (by a score of 2-1) – an Oakland team that had lost 10 of their last 16 games coming into this contest.

    The Yankees had 9 hits in this game – off of the likes of Joe Kennedy and Dallas Braden – but one-third of those hits came from Alex Rodriguez.

    Like I said, great to win a game…but, it’s not like the Yankees just took the best pitcher on the best team in the league and pounded him for 15 hits and 6 runs. I have to see more before I’m ready to pronounce the Yankees as being out of their current rut.

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    1. snowball003
      June 30th, 2007 | 1:05 am

      I have to see more before I’m ready to pronounce the Yankees as being out of their current rut.
      It’s enough to pronounce them out of their current losing streak, which is enough for me, as I am leaving for another part of the world tomorrow.

      Even though they didn’t score many runs, the team (minus Farnsworth) was pretty together defensively. And that’s enough of a good note for me to go to another country with.

    2. baileywalk
      June 30th, 2007 | 1:36 am

      Um, who exactly are you schooling that this wasn’t a special win?

      It’s pretty obvious that tonight was a nice win, but not a game the Yanks should be proud of. The only good thing about the game was that they actually won a close contest. Mussina looked okay, but the A’s can’t hit. Kennedy is not actually that bad, but once again they never had the big inning — and Abreu sunk further into a hole by grounding into that double play. Kennedy seems a tough matchup against a team so lefty-heavy (Flash pointed out that no left-hander has had an extra-base hit off of Kennedy all year).

      People are making waaaaay too big a deal out of the Farnsworth “fit.” He has no right to complain about being taken out of the game, but so what if he was pissed off? You think this guy wants to have to hand the ball over in the eighth? He’s been bad all year and he knows it and he’s showing frustration. Big deal.

      And on this subject: why is Farnsworth still being used as the setup man? It’s the same routine: Farns comes in, lets men on base, and then Mo comes in.

      Why was it okay for Mo to pitch more than one inning tonight but not in Baltimore, when it was just as important?

      Meanwhile, Mr. Ramirez in AAA has seen his ERA slip down even further and struck out six in three innings of scoreless relief tonight.

    3. Don
      June 30th, 2007 | 1:59 am

      Have the Rockies not won a game since sweeping the Yankees? That’ll teach ’em!

    4. dereksTeam
      June 30th, 2007 | 5:51 am

      And let me remind you of another of my prophecies now being seen by the Boston baseball press: “The SAWKS lineup has averaged just 4.2 runs over the course of 25 games in June, a mark that ranked 21st in the majors and 12th among 14 AL squads this month….” “Though Lugo (and you thought Will Nieves was bad) — one of just FOUR players this decade to have 250 or more plate appearances and a batting average below .200 (decade, my friends, DECADE) acts as a lightning rod, his misery enjoys company.” That’s your starting shortstop, fer chrissakes. Imagine if Cash had shown the door to as many all star shortstops and settled on this dog.

      “After a sensational start KevinYoukilis (Mr. .340) is hitting just .272 this month. Jason Veritek (Mr. .311 in May) is at .247 for the month and Mike Lowell (Mr. .320, strained ligament in his right thumb) has managed just .210 for the month of June.” Alex Cora .360 in April, .294 in May .182 in June stands at .286, still 40 points over his career average. Would you really rather be rooting for this group of overperforming retards or waiting for Robinson Cano and Bobby Abreu to hit .396 in July and August? I’ll take the latter, thank you.

      The 11 game lead allows the team to view these problems with “concern rather than panic.” This latter comment attempts to veil the fact that for every Steve, our Yankee Zealot host, the Red Sox Nation has 8 or 9 ninnies who will begin bouncing off the walls like a spooked Siamese, when this lead withers to five games. Which dammit, it would have been had the 14 and 3 surge followed us on that road trip to Colorado and San Francisco and Baltimore where I had us at 6 and 3, not one and eight (excuse me 2 and 9 when the suspended game gets completed). But that, sadly, is one of my prophecies I tend not to highlight.

      Now all of these inflated performances, Steve has refused to regard at all. Nope, he says, the 14 now 11 game lead fades, it will be a SAWKS collapse. And said I, chopping another 6 or 7 games off this lead will be a correction, as simple as breathing.

      The SAWKS will wind up with a win record in the low 90s. And that’s giving them a correction from my original prediction of last years mid 80’s game finish. Sorry, but no cigar. Our resident YankeeLand Zealot still has these clowns at 100 games to beat us. Are you having any second thoughts YEEEEEEET?

      So while our lads are playng poorly, the lead didn’t lengthen to 16 games. The Rangers had runners on 1st and 2nd after Popplearm had given up an infield hit and hit a batter last night with Michael Young at the plate. So they had a shot at it. The sked favors Boston now. But the Tigers and the Blue Jays are on the horizon and there is always those pesky Rays who show up at Fenway and give “the Nation” a total conniption. Granted they do that to us, too. But it’s the timing here we are concerned with.

      All I want is 3 out of 4 from Oakland and 2 out of 3 from those damned Haloes. Actually I want to sweep those goddamned Haloes. I hate that team. Pooh pooh it all you like, but last night was huge. The A’s are a tough team and just because they didn’t do well against the Mets and Cleveland, don’t forget they took 3 out of 4 from Boston earlier in the month. I could easily see them taking 3 out of 4 from us. So Thank you, Moose. And if Igawa can take his last 4 inning outing and lengthen it to 6 or 7, let us rack up another W.

      “it’s not like the Yankees just took the best pitcher on the best team in the league and pounded him for 15 hits and 6 runs”

      If that ever happened to a Cy Young winner, the accomplishment is less yankees than the guy had an off day. That’s not “was watching” but “was dreaming”

    5. Tex Antoine
      June 30th, 2007 | 8:29 am

      That’s right..two in a row against an awful hitting team, after a 1-7 trip aginst the dregs of society. Rack ’em up, baby! And your crystal ball forecasts 7 dominant innings from a dog who’s shown no ability to get out of the fifth without giving up at least 4 runs.

      They should call you “Was Drinking.”

    6. June 30th, 2007 | 8:58 am

      dereksTeam – you’re really a Red Sox who’s just looking to stir the pot here, right? That’s the feeling that I’m starting to get from you.

      If that’s true, fine. We can handle that. But, it would just be nice to know, for sure – and take the guessing out of it. You willing to come clean for us? They do man-up in RSN at some point, and show their true colors at some point, no?

    7. rsn1
      June 30th, 2007 | 3:30 pm

      “Would you really rather be rooting for this group of overperforming retards”


      “you’re really a Red Sox who’s just looking to stir the pot here, right?”

      Come on steve. Every time I see a yankee fan act like an idiot on a message board everyone assumes it must be a sox fan stirring up dirt, and yes, we have our share. But so do the yankees.

      Dereksteam is yours. Embrace him. He needs love.

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