• June 30th vs. The A’s

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    If you had to sum up the Yankees 2007, to date, in terms of a one-game, nine inning snapshot, this game would be the ideal choice.

    Kei Igawa provided a decent start today. Not great, but, not terrible. Actually, in terms of what’s reasonable to expect from most fifth starters, Igawa’s performance was just about there. And, that was the highlight in this game for the Yankees today. How sad is that?

    It was the perfect day for a baseball game today in the Bronx – in terms of the weather. It’s a shame that the Yankees hitters and bullpen decided to do something other than play baseball today.

    Tomorrow should be fun. Yanks get to face Dan Haren and his ERA of 1.91 (so far this season).

    Man, the All-Star break cannot come fast enough this year, can it?

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    1. Santino53
      June 30th, 2007 | 5:39 pm

      An interesting exchange on the YES postgame from the clubhouse :

      Kim Jones..” Jorge, do the Yankees feel unlucky? ”

      Posada..” No, luck happens when you go after it and it seems like at times we just go through the motions and today was one of those occasions. ”

      Kim Jones…” It does raise a red flag when yu say ‘ just going through the motions’ .

      Posada…”That’s what it is and I think everybody knows what I am talking about.”

    2. June 30th, 2007 | 8:43 pm

      Thanks – I just saw that on ESPN news. I’ll do something on it now.

    3. brockdc
      June 30th, 2007 | 8:55 pm

      Man, when Jorge goes to the media about the lackluster nature of the team, you know they’re in trouble.

      I sort of disagree with your initial statement, though, Steve, about this game being a microcosm of the season. True, they pretty much sucked all around – and played boring baseball to boot. But as far as microcosms go, this game lacked the following 2007 hallmarks:

      -Ill-advised bunts by key hitters that end in either pop outs or double plays
      -Bobby A pussy-footing around the right field wall
      -Cano waving at strike three (which would have been ball four) with the bases loaded
      -“Past a diving Jeter!”
      -Posada going 3-4 with two doubles, a walk, and three stolen bases against
      -A-Rod with a late-inning go-ahead bomb
      -Johnny Damon: 0-4 with 3 pop ups and a strikeout from the DH slot
      -Godzilla: 1-4 with a single and three GDPs
      -Michael Kay calling Yankee fans something to the extent of “A bunch of spoiled brats.”
      -John Sterling calling a Melky popup to shallow right “An upper deck bomb.”
      -Joe yanking Igawa in the fourth because “We wanted him to leave the game with a feeling good about himself.”
      -Joe mixing and matching pitchers (including Pettite and Clemens) and hitters for the remainder of the game until the only two relievers left in the pen are Villone and Mo.
      -Villone giving up a go-ahead home run to the #9 hitter with Mo on the bench (it not being a save situation and all)
      -Yanks load the bases, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, down by 1. Torre pinch-hits Cairo for Andy Phillips. Cairo puts up a valiant AB before dribbling one to shortstop for the final out. Cue Kate Smith.

    4. Jen
      June 30th, 2007 | 8:59 pm

      I have an extra bleacher seat available for tomorrow.

      Email me: jen AT nosenseworrying DOT com

    5. July 1st, 2007 | 9:16 am

      ROTFLMAO brockdc!

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